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Only this would pass as news on N4G.

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It was only bound to happen.. I honestly don't see a Wii 2, or 3DS been much of a success see most causals will not fork over money to buy an upgrade.

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So of the chicks on this site make me wonder.

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You sound incompetent. Let me broke it down for you. You pay for 56 weeks of PS + or in your terms 12 months if I'm correct? The PSN has been down 2 weeks that means you paid for 54 weeks of PS+? Now add in your 4 free weeks that would make 58 weeks. So basically your only getting 2 extra weeks added to your membership once your membership runs out if you subtract the 2 weeks PSN been down.

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than you need to get a life. Shit I am 28 and I only play on the playstation but just because it has the sony name on it doesn't mean I buy and support everything sony.

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I totally agree with you. If N4G wasn't made up of 14 year old PS fanboys who buy, and eat Sony they would see they're getting robbed.

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About time the PSN goes back online it will be two weeks. I'm I pissed yes.. Half of the credit cards on file were that of Qriocity, and ps + members. Why not give PS plus members 1 free month, and non ps plus members a two week trial.

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Here is to a taking a 30 odd 6 to all hackers. Let's see if they can hack that.

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It's 80* outside where I live who wants to be worried about if the PSN is down or not? Yeah it's bad I can't play Socom 4 but really it's the just too nice out to worry.

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I posted a video a few weeks ago about the hacking and my credit card being on the PSN most N4G'ers laughed..

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Now your accussing me of having two accounts?

Oh wait I forgot I was dealing with the review police.

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When is any gaming video news?

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I have to agree Socom 4 graphics were made for PS 2.5 not 3.

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All I know is I'm playing games with my PS move.. yeah Socom 4 what are your playing on the kinect?

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Anonymous is failing every step of the way it's almost desperation now..

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Where do you get your numbers?

It took the game nearly 2 years to sell 3 million, and it sold 90K in first month.

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Damage control from anonymous..

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PC Gaming, lol.. This is more a come over to PC pitch.

You guys ever wonder by Crysis 2 is now on consoles?

Fact is other than graphics your last place so deal with it.

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The must have just crashed.. lol

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@Ocelot_X If you would have read it you would have noticed the writer himself is tired of the Anonymous vs. Sony stuff so he is trying to point out who wins/ who loses so we can finally get past this garage but that is the problem with half of N4G now of day no reads articles. Don't hate people who submit the stuff we're just trying to get points.

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