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Heh. Thanks. I was proud of the logo :p

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They're crying. When they have the upper hand, they sure do rub it in AMDs face.

We love the back and forth. In the end, it's great for consumers. I can't wait to see Intel get into the fray with Larrabee

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Yeah, we posted those in the story too. Thanks, Pandamobile :)

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We try our best. We're a serious tech and gaming site, but we're also a bunch of fun people ;)

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There are free tools to clean up your system. This is a giant, obvious shill for System Mechanic 9.

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I know, right? Never in my life did I think I'd put 1200+ hours into a single, non-MMO game.

TF2 did that, yep. That happened.

I've been playing it since the beta in 2007 and our community shows no signs of stopping. Valve has scored a major coup with the trickling out of free updates.

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You'd probably have a lot more people on your "side" if you DID post the proof of purchase, so that we could all see that you did indeed obtain the game legally at a local shop.

Scanning the receipt or even taking a picture of it should be quite a simple matter.

That would probably lay to rest many of the concerns people have, and look a lot more like "bullying".

The way I see it now, Microsoft asked several times for GGG to prove tha...

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There are only a small handful of reviewers I'll pay any attention to these days, and Ben is definitely one of them.

Great review. When I re-tweeted it, several people said one simple thing: "Thanks for saving me $60".

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