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I've been that guy; for years I wanted to play the scenarios depicted in 3DMark.. To actually play a Futuremark game rocks.

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I'm excited; last year's gaming area was nothing to write home about.

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This IS Futuremark, after all; they are known to be punishing on hardware.

I see this as a Crysis-like beast: The hardware to truly push the game doesn't exist yet. I'm thinking you'll need GTX295 or Radeon 5850-level hardware to play this game at a reasonable clip.

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"As any vista owner knows..." .. I really don't think you talk to a great number of Vista owners, because I can only count a handful out of probably hundreds of PC enthusiasts, overclockers, tweakers, modders, etc who actually used the pig that is Vista instead of "downgrading" to Windows XP after one performance debacle or another. Vista was horrible, mate.

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It worries me more that Domo-kun looks like a piece of actual poop in the article photo

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Seems like some of those blogs had quite a staff. I don't know if they got paid or not, but it stands to reason that it cost a fair bit to run that network of sites.

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This was written in a juvenile fashion; "look at how shocking I can be!". It's as if some editor thought "Ooh we're gonna push the envelope here and call women frigid cunts and talk about Jews and the holocaust! Tee hee!"

I almost hate giving this comment, because it makes the story hotter and thus more people will click on it, but I trust readers to make their own judgment.

I expect more out of Destructoid; this childish level of writing is usual...

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I am still saddened by the fact that grown adults don't have the full freedom to make their own decisions on what content is appropriate for them. Adult gamers in Australia need to sit up and make some noise; there are bigger issues than some guts in video games to address here.

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There was a rebuttal posted by another writer:

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And not ONE "resonance cascade" joke among them?

I'm totally ashamed of each and every one of you.

And you call yourselves gamers... tsk

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I was especially surprised at SF IV for $20 so soon. It really is a swank deal.

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So you're saying that you're okay with having to RE-PURCHASE all of your PSP UMD games?

You bought them all again? You paid twice for each game? You're okay with this?

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"this guy" is a highly respected hardware journalist, but.. whatever. You're entitled to your opinion :)

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Not sure what that has to do with anything...

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"Yo, Icrontic, I know you like Fermi, and Imma letchu finish, but Anandtech had the best Fermi breakdown of ALL TIME. All time"

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Now the question is: how will it stack up against current king-of-the-hill Radeon 5870?

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Nintendo is known globally by their iconic properties: Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Pokemon, etc.

Whether or not another system rips off their motion control has nothing to do with being a system-killer. The day a AAA Mario title is available on a console manufactured by someone other than Nintendo-- THAT's the day you can say Nintendo is dead.

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NVIDIA responds; essentially "we don't know where those questions came from. It wasn't us!"

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According to New Zealand will in all likelihood have no problems, since they have an 18+ rating.

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It's amazing that an almost three year old game is still pushing the very limits of graphics hardware in Q4 2009.

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