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First of all, nothing is truly original in the world. Every idea, every product, everything comes from something that already existed. That is how the human brain works, it isn't necessarily capable of creating something from absolutely nothing, everything we do and make comes from something we already knew or have seen before that inspired us. We are learners, and as such we need things to learn from before we can teach.

Secondly, you people are so obviously pathetic, ...

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Omg.. I had to comment again, just read the comment section about this on Polygon... I knew most of humanity was pretty stupid, but wow... People never cease to amaze with their level of ignorance.

The first comment is someone complaining how they had to use a manual in order to turn the PS4 on, I can't even... Another complaining he had the PS4 for months before he figured out which buttons did what, two fucking buttons on the thing, and it takes you months to figure o...

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To call the system horribly designed because frankly, you're being stupid about it, that is just ridiculous. I'm not exaggerating either, but if my little sister can memorize two buttons, I really have to wonder about these full grown individuals who are still having trouble with such a simple concept. How they hell do they even play games, if they can't remember the placement of two buttons...?

I'm astonished at how many people retweeted that also, I guess ...

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As many disagrees as I'll get cause people would rather be fans than just be logical, I kind of do feel Nintendo really phoned it in with the Wii U.

The system took far too long to get the titles everyone buys Nintendo consoles for in the first place. Even now it still lacks so much in comparison to it's previous counterparts, and yes this can be said about other consoles too, but the Wii U is not exempt from this.

A lot of the titles on the Wii U, al...

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I don't know why people act like the Wii U had a better start than the PS4 and Xbox One, like are you serious people? If anything they were very similar or it could even be considered worse depending on how you look at it. I mean literally compare the launch titles of these systems, it isn't much different between any of them and they all had more third party titles than anything at launch.

I mean the best thing the Wii U had at release first pa...

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I agree to an extent, but to act like better hardware makes no difference with games is also kind of far fetched.

Could MK8 or Smash Bro's Wii U run on the Wii, I'm sure it could, but would it look and run as good as it does on the Wii U? No. So better hardware does make a difference, of course it is always up to the developers to utilize it properly.

But what I mean, is if better hardware did not matter at all, then I guess we'd all still be play...

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Not a fact.

Pokken Tournament is very clearly 720p, I own it, or lower at times, maybe even using some type of dynamic resolution. I'm not the only person who has noticed this, it's been said in reviews of the game as well and some people around forums have complained about why the res seems to drop when entering battles.

I bet you think MK8 is native 1080p too, right? Wrong.

I hate to break the news to you and inform you, but the on...

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The gamepad prototype looked nearly the same as the gamepad we have now, except it had circle pads like the 3DS instead of analog sticks. So yea, Nintendo can think of some pretty unnecessary things.


And as much as I'd love to believe this isn't real, I'm kind of on the fence about it. If there is anyone to do somet...

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I may not think comparing gay choices to incest is the best example per say, but in terms of equality, it is a very fair argument. That's another problem, equality is such a broad word that should cover everyone's rights, correct? But again, where is the line when it does become a real problem?

I mean technically we can never fully be free or equal. We can improve upon the areas that are more sensible, but for the areas that are not deemed to be, it would just drive s...

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"Not a 50 year old monster tricking an innocent child."

Actually, she is defending a 50 year old pedophile.
Look at the article she linked in her tweets, to dispute her argument, it's pretty bad.


And I can't but help think that she is only digging a deeper grave with some of he...

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It could've been 10-30 seconds of gameplay teases and I would've been happier with that direct.

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I still cannot understand why people think that's an excuse not to show any gameplay. People have every right to be disappointed in that direct, regardless if they knew how short it was going to be.

It doesn't change the fact they could've squeezed some gameplay in there, and removed a little of the fluff.

I mean, most of the direct was literally just the games evolution montages and watching people play Pokemon.

So yea, I still...

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*Trailer with no new gameplay*

I have to admit, I was kind of disappointed by that.

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The problem is you did not read what they said in the story or their updates, and you're taking things out of context from what they did say.

You said it was "CONFIRMED" to be fake based on the early confirmation provided from a parody twitter account, without checking where this leak actually came from. And you said that they had retracted the story.

Both of which did not happen. All they changed was saying that it was not officially confirmed,...

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No, it hasn't been confirmed to be fake yet, and the story is still on Eurogamer. So I don't know what you're talking about. Get your facts straight.


All that happened was a parody account was giving false confirmation of the leak and some sites were using it, but the source of t...

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I'm mainly a PC gamer, and my rig is plenty nice enough. I'll tell you the same thing in a heart beat.

Like it or not, the PS4 has some very nice looking exclusives. It was the same thing when the PS3 first came out, it gave PC's a good run for their money at that time until PC hardware started getting a lot better.

DriveClub is another good example of a game that always continues to amaze me graphically, as well. I have Project Cars on PC, and ev...

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Agreed, I personally think Ubisoft has some balls with all the crap they've pulled in the past and even now, to bother with this. Like I said, why don't they have the audacity to admit what they've done wrong before pointing fingers at others?

I'm still waiting for the day they own up to falsely advertising their games. Watch Dogs was one of the best examples of this.

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Is it that unrealistic to think it was an honest mistake? Developers work hard, and this could've happened to anyone who's been working on a game of this scale.

What happened to all the bullshit Ubisoft has pulled? Things that were completely intentional, things they've never owned up to. Yea, I keep repeating this subject, because I find it absolutely ridiculous coming from people like Ubisoft.

Maybe they should work on making their games look li...

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I could not agree more, I think Watch Dogs bull shots and The Division's bull shots are a much bigger deal in the scheme of things. False advertisement is just as illegal as stealing artwork, yet somehow, Ubisoft manages to get away with it.

Was it a mistake? Yes. Was it right? No. But when the people admit they made the mistake and say their sorry, let alone immediately fix the problem, that says more to me as a developer, than Ubisoft has done ...

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