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I know that, that's why I pointed it out. I never said they had to take that away from the game, but the skating could still be more challenging and more realistic looking at least.

Especially in 2015, the animations shouldn't look like they came straight out of 1999. #1.1.2
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Please don't let this become the trend on N4G. It isn't that this doesn't deserve all the credit it can get, but christ, did I get sick of all those Skyrim articles on here. #4
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I completely agree. Skate is just so much more realistic of a skating game, pretty much everything about the game is more realistic than Tony Hawk's.

Which I don't mind so much, but what bothers me about this new one is that it literally looks like the same old Tony Hawk games in HD, even after all these years.

Even the animations look like the same old ones we saw when we were kids. I don't mind Tony Hawk having a more crazy approach to its game,... #1.1
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Cloud based consoles are the worst idea ever.

Internet reliability will never be at that point, where it never fails or has outages. Not including problems related to the actual modem itself that could also fail on you.

That isn't even including the caps used by most internet providers. Most people could easily hit these caps streaming a game for hours, almost every day.

It is not a viable idea at all. It isn't practical and nev... #3.2.1
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Lol.. I can't believe people thought those shroom jokes were that funny. I'd say far from it given your name.

What's really funny though, is that psilocybin has been proven to help repair damaged brain cells and regrow new ones. These are scientific facts with plenty of data to prove it.

Not that this comment was intelligent or something, but I just thought it was a funny coincidence is all. That everyone assumes shrooms make you stupid, when... #10.5
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Can some of you people seriously stop being so ignorant, as if Xbox Live has never had these issues. A simple google search will show you have no idea what you're talking about.

Xbox Live accounts get hacked just as often as PSN accounts do. Look for yourself if you don't believe me.

To be blunt though, I feel like anyone who stores their credit card information anywhere they don't necessarily have to, is kind of asking for it these days. It i... #1.9
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Sad state of reality in general. This extends far beyond the gaming industry.

So many companies take advantage of people. While very few actually acknowledge the fact, the majority just accepts it and continues to buy their products anyway. The rest of us more logical folk suffer in return.

In this day and age, we get ripped off with just about everything there is. No one cares enough, just like you said, so it will only get worse as time goes by. #1.3
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I've thought about it, with the amount of gas I've wasted driving from store to store because of this crap with Nintendo shorting retailers.. I could just buy figurines of much higher quality. Since I don't even use my amiibos, all of them are still in the box that I have.

I've just gone through this much trouble already, so no sense in stopping now I suppose. I probably won't bother after wave 3 unless they make a Zero Suit or Ganadorf.. other than that... #3.1.1
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This can't be true when their PR team literally just said the total opposite thing. I'm going to guess their twitter account has no idea what they're talking about.

To prove what I mean, I just asked them on the 1st and they said they aren't taking anymore pre-orders for Rosalina. Now they're saying this literally two days later?

I just got off their live chat also and they said the same thing their PR team did, that there are no more pre-... #6
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The Rosalina pre-order is an absolutely mess. Their PR teams says they sold out, then their twitter account says the pre-orders were just an accident more will be made available later...

Then again their twitter account says the opposite, saying they won't be taking anymore pre-orders... Then today they say more pre-orders for Rosalina will be made available this month when they just told me they weren't taking anymore pre-order and that people would have to wait t... #2.1
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Yay, I can't wait for Nintendo to send out only 4-5 of each for stock. So I can spend hours calling and running from store to store just to find 1. #3
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Nice, been wanting to play First Light. #11
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I'll be using this for Smash Bros. unless a better deal rolls around before then. #3
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Glad? Is this not normal?

When does CoD ever get bad reviews really? Declassified is an exception. Even people who review the game harshly still always give it a reasonably good score, while any other game suffers from the same deductions gets way lower scores...

Realistically everyone can always expect CoD to get good reviews, even when it's bad or like I said suffers from problems seen in other FPS with way lower scores because of that, it still ge... #3.1
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Stupid journalist these days, ruining gaming as a whole. This game is way better than a 4.

Also do people even take it into account this is a handheld game on top of that? People always want to discredit the Vita for not having console quality games, we get plenty of them but then we see stupid reviews like this that some poor saps actually believe.

If only people just tried out these games instead of listening to what everyone else says about them. They'... #21
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Loving it, still haven't completed the first enough to move to the 2nd. Plus I kind want to enjoy all the costumes, watching the cut scenes with them is pretty neat.

I really hope this game sells better than it did in Japan. Such a shame when games like this don't get the appreciation they deserve. #3
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I can't wait for the real Black Friday deals to start rolling out, just a little longer. #3
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Images are too small to even read for the most part. #1
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Common lucky number 13. *Rolls dice* #125
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I honestly don't care about GOTY titles, as nice as they are, they're no different than a persons opinion. Not everyone will think a game is worthy or not everyone will like the same games anyway. So to me, the reward is somewhat pointless.

Yet something else for moronic fans to bicker over. The game is good and that's all that should matter. #4
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