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Looks very promising. #11
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Pretty cool, like mix between Super Stardust type games and a first person shooter. #12
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This looks awesome. #15
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Something N4G users should love, debating. :D #34
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Why not? I like cats, although I prefer dogs because they have some weird undying loyalty towards their owner/pack leaders which I think is awesome.

Hairballs do scare me though when they cough those up, they also leave hair everywhere >.>, not that dogs can't but cats just get their hair everywhere and on everything it seems.

They can be kind of creepy sometimes also, I don't know why. My friend used to have this cat and it would always come to... #19.1
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Anyone remember Mister Mosquito for PS1? I loved that game, these games remind me so much of that core concept. #27
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Well main reason I don't play FPS too much anymore, I used to be all over them, they have been doing this far longer than any current genre of games I can tell you that. I been playing them since Catacombs 3-D and Wolfenstein 3-D.

Not that there aren't any good ones around now, I just get bored quickly of them since they are all so similar and rarely ever go outside the box in terms of gameplay. #25
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Nothing in my opinion, I was always on the fence about subscription services after being an Xbox Live user for so long, I questioned if Sony's version was even worth it but...

I couldn't have been any more wrong with my doubts, I have not regretted a single day of being a PS+ subscriber, every Playstation system I own is jam packed full of games. I don't know how Sony does it honestly, the only time I regret anything is when my subscription expires and I can't... #22
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Too funny, darn cats always so curious, knocking things over. They didn't come up with that saying for nothing. #19
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Loving this game on 3DS. #2
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Maybe it is short supply but I can't find the Bordlands 2 bundle anywhere in my city, it has been completely sold out. Even is out both online and in store, no store within a 100 mile radius has any.

See. All stores in my city don't have any online or in store.

Gamestop -

Bestbuy -

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They are expensive but there actually is a reason as to why, so one could argue against it especially Sony if need be.

To put it plainly, we all know why these cards are even around and it is a lot cheaper of course to use a format that has been around for some years now that are priced better. Sony makes memory cards, sure but the PS Vita's memory cards are pretty much specifically made for the PS Vita to combat hackers from hacking the system.... #1.2.5
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I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me this, amazing to actually get direct feedback like this. I will keep it in mind going forward, luckily I already have both those subjects covered when it comes to basics, still studying of course.

Kind of funny you say that as well because I really have a bad habit of trying to put too much on my plate if you catch my drift. So I'll make sure I learn how to walk before I try to run.

Thanks again. :D #28.1.1
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For sure, not denying that. #25.1.1
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Haha "back when "Pay-to-play" was about $0.25 a try." Loved that bit. #48
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Too funny I was literally just thinking about this before I went to sleep last night and then a developer talks specifically about it.

"On one side you have the super-hardcore to please, on the other a general audience that might not even notice small balance changes. When you need to decide how to invest your next 8 hours at the office these are things you need to keep in mind."

Was just thinking how important it is to appeal to everyone and not ju... #45
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Had no idea this studio went so far back. #50
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Hopefully my dog doesn't lose its mind again when the fireworks start going >.> #21
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Good luck everyone, I missed this cause my PS+ expired before I renewed it. I've heard only good things about this game though so here is to hoping I snag a copy.

I seem to be on a lucky streak, so far I got Escape Goat 2 and A Story About My Uncle. I have never won this many things in my life! #40
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Nothing naive about what I said, knowing what you're investing your money into should be important. It seems like it would be wise from a business perspective to know exactly what your money is going into so you can judge those trends better for future investments yourself.

What do I know though, I am not an investor or have that kind of money to be investing in things but if I did, I would know exactly what my hard earned money is going into. #2.1.1
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