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50 inch screen, money green leather sofa. Got two rides a Limousine and a chauffeur!

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This game is fun as hell.

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When the fuck did we get icecream?

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Fanboys always find a way to bring Sony into every Article. *sigh*

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Because ps3 couldnt handle those 8bit gfx

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Simple answer. NO.

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Where is Microsoft on that list buddy?

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Out of tons of multiplat games all you could find was 5? AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH +1 360.

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Chrono Trigger
Wild Arms 3
Breath of Fire 3

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Didnt Doom 4 get canceled? I thought i read an article on here with screenshots of canceled DOOM 4.

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All 3rd party games run better on xbox and have better support. Buy an xbox. This isnt rocket science people. QQ MOAR PS3 owners.

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Just buy an XBOX. Problem solved. durrrr

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This junk wont sell. Useless crap. Nobody wants to play mobile games on their tv....thats why they are called mobile games....cause your away from your REAL console so u waste time playing lame games on your phone.

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No it cannot.

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A "sick" gaming pc for $350? LOL. You can get a pc for $350 that will play some games on the lowest settings possible. You CANNOT get a SICK gaming PC for $350.

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Leave our big breasted scantily clad women in video games alone. We like that shit. If every game was PC then video games would suck. If you dont like the way a female is portrayed in a particular game THEN DONT BUY IT. Do you really want a more realistic gamer girl in video games? Im sorry but the majority of female gamers are UGLY. Yes, i said it.

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They have always been funny and they always will be funny.

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This article hit the nail on the head. Spot on. Anyone that doesnt agree is either an offended girl or someone that didnt read it. Thumbs up.

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Considering that each new COD release breaks sales records for the previous title, saying COD is dying is pretty retarded. COD is here to stay like it or not. Deal with it.

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