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Its a freebie what do you expect its the game that i want !!!

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But will it make it a good game !!!

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Low res textures dice carnt release this game now its just plain broken !!!

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It was made

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Bit late reviewing this game arnt they its nearly a year old still a good game.

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unfortunately the future for these independent game shops looks bleak anyway primerly from digital downloads if the next generation went DLC only (and it could happen)high street retailers like game would die over night

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Your money to waste i suppose

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I agree Game just carnt compete with supermarket and never really could because supermarkets a willing to make a lose on sales they can aford it shops like Game carnt case in point the newly relesed game Dead Island on the Xbox 360 is £39.99 from game but from Asda im told by a friend is retailing at £32

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Again charging for something that should be free i think they did this instead off having a subscribtion to play cod online because the public out cry would be huge and could hurt cod sales and we all know Activision love nothing more than money our money that is !!!

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Why bother sonic 4 episode 1 was rubbish every sonic game since 1994 has been rubbish sonic 4 episode 2 will be rubbish along with sonic generation ive given up on sega doing a good sonic game how hard can it be very hard it seems !!!

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In looks yes but in sales no !!!

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So there happy making crap !!!

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The price it should have been from the start !!!

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Im not paying for something that should be free they already up the price on CoD games and overcharge on the map packs !!!

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Pretty much comfirms no Beta.

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OK middle east(which we had i the first game) but still the same era !!!

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Ezio again i wanted a brand new charater set in early Victorian London running along smokey roof tops dodeging musket fire would be far more intereting than the Renaissance
Europe again for the third time !!!

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It couldnt be 100% 2D could it oh no it had to have 3d in there somewhere sonic in 3D hasnt worked for 10 years but they keep doing it and i carnt figue out why !!!

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Dont agree what was said about halo 2 except maybe the ending but the main campain i thought was good i like swiching between master cheif and the arbiter it was fun beating down everyone with a energy sword as the arbiter and then driving around in a tank as master cheif and the multi player was good just hope they do a HD remake like the rumored halo 1 HD remake !!!

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