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Why wasnt there a Zelda 20th Anniversary Special Collection like this

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Im British and it doesnt bother me much but a lot of people forget that the supposed "British" army was one third American loyalist who didnt want independence from Britain. Historys funny isnt it

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I missed read the article i thought it said 6 jaw -dropping gameplay moment from E3 2012 not just from assassins creed 3 because that looks cool

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Where there any ???

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No Date,No price,No games !!!

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800 Ms points is ridiculous for a mission that last about half an hour and with no achievements !!!

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And still no one cares !!!

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Metroid Prime 4 please !!!

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Liu is seeking 10,000 yuan (US$1,585) in damages.

$1,585 in damages it will cost ten times that in legal fees so whats the point.

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I just wish they would announce something worth while i wont to get a wii u i trully do but so far nothing but super mario mii and pikmin 3 stand out and there not officially announce come on weres metroid prime 4 and Mario Galaxy 3 maybe this is expecting to much but this is a new console release in a economic climate like this one you have to give reasons to buy your product

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oh how i dont care

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But which version will sell more i wonder (360 of course)

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Thats not far to those who carnt get online or carnt afford it being connected should always be an option

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They dont have my support sonic 4 episode 1 was poor

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Mario galaxy 3 on the Wii u as a lauch title would make the best sense.History has shown that a Nintendo console lauching without a decent Mario title have struggled at lauch the Gamecube and 3DS for instance

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I think CoD is just the same there is a general lack of creativity in most fps's these days esspecialy those made by the big publishers

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Just another modern day military shooter just like a dozen others nothing new here they should have left in set in WW2 there seems to be a void in that time frame of late this game could have capitalized on that or go crazy nuts creative and set it in the future but this is EA and they dont do creative with fps's plus the names rubbish didnt Ubisoft use that name like 5 years ago for ghost recon

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What the hell are Sonic and Tails doing to each other in the fourth screen shot !!!

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What the hell is The Elder Scrolls V: The Old Republic bit of a mix up there me thinks !!!

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Who the hell are Fury and Strife the other two horsemen are
Pestilence and Famine there just making stuff up im a bit annoyed !!!

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