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Thanks for reading! We try to use the entire 10 point scale though, so that's not as harsh as it might seem :) #1.1
Hey thanks for reading, but you missed a few key points from our review:

1. The review said it _is_ canon, not that it isn't canon...

2. Our "microreview" format is specifically designed to give a modern-day perspective on an old game. Sure it's important to consider context, but sometimes a game just doesn't hold up anymore, which is exactly what our reviewer thought happened with Portable Ops. We think if someone in 2015 is thinking a... #1.1
Haha! The Colonel's transmissions during that part are some of the best moments in video game history :D -Nick #1.1
Could be a good HoloLens showcase... #1.2
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Hey thanks for reading! If you go farther in, my problems with the game actually aren't from the length of the campaign- (remember, I spent 60 hours getting a 100% completion in all modes!)- but there are issues with the game's systems that I couldn't forgive, mostly with the way it handles checkpoints and discourages you from using major features like reflex mode. It's also more punishing than it should be in many spots, more than previous MGS games, which I think makes it le... #4.1
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We don't take how 'non-glitchy' a game is into account when we review something. We try to use More of the scale than most sites do :)

Thanks for reading! #1.1.2
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To access the Game of Thrones mod, you have to go through a special mods menu, where it then locks off the standard civs. If you load a save outside the mod however, the game will reinterpret the GoT Houses as the classic civs again (our Robb save was interpreted as Germany!) #3.1
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Haha, that part says "Witcher" more than any other scene in this trailer to us! #2.1
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Take note that Press Play's review scale tries to use more of the 10 points than other sites. A 5 is the average score for us :) #3.1
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What does everyone think of the recent interview, in which the creators say they want to make the game more accessible? How far do you think they'll go? #5
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Near the end of the interview with Roberts he talks about the state of PC gaming too. I'm glad people like him are really trying to bring back hardcore PC titles, since other devs seem to be OK with dishing out lazy console table scraps. #2.1
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What about the part about Leon having to kill the President? I'd consider that pretty controversial as well. #9
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Yes, don't doubt him. He's covered wars, ya know! #2
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