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I remember when in the face of superiority of indi games on PS4 the xbox fans were shouting

"we didn't bought a next gen console to play indies"

The irony #10
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Oh my God

The Order just did a "Eat Your Poison jutsu" to all the haters lol #10
Wow The Order

Proves that today's "reviews" are totally irrelevant. All that hate just make The Order more popular. At the end, the haters were giving free marketing.

Just imagine what Bloodborne will do... #10
Remember when people were saying: Sony must act now because the X1 is now cheaper.?

Not even being cheaper will help the X1.

I am pretty sure the PS4 will win again on NPD for February and March too because of Bloodborne. #23
After all those SDK updates and 10 percent gpu increase on x1 I though It would perform better.

anyway, not buying a battlefield game at launch ever again. #53
Today's gaming media is all about hate and creating controversy where is non in order to create traffic and clicks so I wouldn't be surprised at all. #26
I remember the dead silent on E3 when the x1 was announced to be $500 lol

BOOM #20
Anything to start a hate campaign huh?

It seems that hate is the food of the gaming industry these days. No hate, no clicks. #25
The game is not even out and they are declaring that is better than Destiny.

Can we have a little professionalism from the gaming industry please? #12
That technology looks good for PC stuff. I don't see it being a mainstream success on gaming. Just like kinect. #11
Many people will totally skip the xbox One as there is no reason to have it. Its games are going to be available on Windows 10 so why bother buying an x1. #11
I'm impressed with all the praise that Morpheus is receiving. Everyone who try it is writing very positive good stuff. It looks is going to be a hit if priced correctly.

Can't wait to play a Silent T Hill game type on Morpheus. #8
I have never played a Witcher game before but my PS4 is ready for this. I hope there is some "previously on the Witcher" stuff so I can learn about the world and what is going on.

Bloodborne and Witcher 3 are going to be my favorite RPG of the year. #13
Happy birthday to the king of consoles, the PS2.

What a generation it was. A lot of amazing memories. It was very good times.

Now the industry is all about hate and controversy. Bringing clicks are more important that passion for games. #13
I will join the xfans excuses making machine

let me see...

The PS4 is selling so well just because when they announced the console the planets were aligned so all those sales are just luck.

LOL #37
The black beast!

20.2 million consoles sold as of March 1.

Wow #8

It is the media and sites like Forbes that deserves to be untrusted. Spreading hate and negativity for a game just because you don't like it is very low. There are people who like the game and it has been topping the charts too.

We are getting tire of this immature industry that is all about hate, destroy, spread negativity and create controversy.

It is the media and the game journalists wannabes who deserve not to be trusted for try... #13
The disparity in today's reviews is getting bigger and bigger and it proves that you cannot trust reviews these days. The opinion of one person does not represent the experience that everyone else will get.

Look at The Order, it received more positive reviews than negative but the media focused on the negative and yet despite it the game has been a success and topping the charts. #15
I am not a loyal fan and I bought The Order because I simply don't trust reviews anymore and it was very obvious, very very obvious that some groups of people, specially xbox fans, were targeting this game because of its potential to prove that graphically speaking, the xbox simply cannot compete against the PS4 as it is superior.

The Order was a game supposed to be reviewed in line with its genre and other games on that genre (Beyond, Heavy Rain, strange world etc) b... #80
Bloodborne is the leader of March. Is going to be amazing. #28
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