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I was not interested in this game when it released on PS4. First, there were more interesting games around and second it was an old title. I choosed Metro 2033 rather than it while Destiny releases. #44
Congratulations to Nintendo. Wii U is not the best of Nintendo and still is surviving slowly. Once Zelda and Metroid is released, things will improve.

Interesting that Microsoft's console is third once again. First Xbox was a disaster, Xbox 360 ended third and X1 is third. #13
It was not a hack, everybody knows it was a DDoS attack and Sony confirmed they could not access their network or stole any private information.

This is not rocket science. #9
I'm still confident and believe PS Plus offers the best value right now in any console. #21
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I will only buy a Wii u when a new Zelda or metroid game is released. #6
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Hype level increased #12
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Im amazed by the Wii U. This is Nintendo with a terrible console, imagine what can they do with a good console.

The x1 still looking bad. I doubt Halo will make any difference. #23
Now, N4G must BLOCK any article from those websites. We all know they are garbage. #20
I think the line up is OK considering Destiny will launch in September 9th and no one will pay attention yo anything else.

September is for Destiny. #42
For me:

Rime #21
The same Phil that goes publicly saying that frame rate is more important than resolution goes to Blizzard and Bungie to make sure personally that they have 1080p resolution. #29
I'm curious to see an analysis performance of Destiny X1. I have a feeling they did some sacrifices to reach that resolution. We will see. #15
Wow, what an impressive story of trust, honor, humility, sincerity that turned into loyalty.

Sony didn't went out bragging about this, we come to hear about this because of the developer. This tells me Sony did it to really support the developer on not just to make a big good appearance publicly.

This is the kind of stories I like to hear about the company I choosed to support and for me Sony deserves to be the king of the console market and I'm prou... #6
The PS4 has succeed only in its strengths. Imagine what will happen once the big gun exclusive games start arriving. There is no sign of stopping the PS4, once Share Play, PS Now, Morpheus and the big exclusive games arrives, is going to be like a second wave of power for the PS4, it would be like the PS4 becoming super sayien level 2. #24
Outlast, Limbo, Journey, Flower and many other games has no combat and still they are very good.

Only a fool can say or insinuate that this game is not good just because there is no combat.

Also, this is one of the reasons I prefer Sony, because they have diversity and take risks with artistic and different type of games. #14
You got to be a fool to think that the PS4 has reached 10 millions just because of hype, for real.

Sony has the most powerful console at the best price. That is a winning combination. Most of the time the most powerful console in a generation is not the cheaper.

Also, the PS4 has been praised by the developers community for his power and easy structure to develop games.

Sony has also made a hit with social and streaming features such as the... #50
The Order will be a success and will move sales for the PS4 despite the haters. #36
I don't why but I have a feeling CD Project will never allow the PS4 version to have higher resolution than the x1 version. If the x1 is 900p then the PS4 version has to be 900p. I'm pretty sure the PS4 can easily handle 1080p but they will not allow it in order to maintain parity.

And this is the same developer that says that they look to provide the best experience in each platform, yeah right. #12
Well, the x1 is already buried in the shadow of the PS4. It is not like the PS4 needed the update to do that. #62
This is not official information and just a guess based on a comment. It would be wise to wait for official information before making a comment of allegation based on this. #17
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