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"I'll admit your right"

And that's all I really need to know...

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Such a pathetic attempt at trying to bolster the Switch's already anaemic library. No third party support, and not many original first party games. Just rehash after rehash after rehash. Guess we all know as to what Nintendo has been doing for the last few years in terms of its development teams, and when Iwata talked about how many of Nintendo's first party development had shifted over towards the Switch / NX.

Don't know how Nintendo fans can continue to defen...

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Man, I feel sooooo sorry for MS this generation. And to think the company started out so strong with the OG XBox as well as the XB360. Such a tragic fall from grace.

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I remember interviewing one of the key chaps behind the game. Got absolutely slated for it by many, many internet communities (including Neogaf).

Here's the interview:

And Neogaf's response:

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Goes to show that you don't even need to release on Nintendo to thrive as a third party title.

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Return of the King... I guess pretenders like Nintendo can just step aside now.

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I saw my backlog for my PS4, as well as the prices Nintendo were charging, and thought the same...

I can definitely do without.

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Luckily, some people saw right through Nintendo's smoke-screen lies so as to not invest in the Switch.

I'm so glad I didn't invest in the glorified paperweight either...

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"do your own research, you want me to me to spoonfeed u sum mashed banana as well. I believe the actual figure was just under 4.2m."

Haha... Leads with erroneous BS statement. Makes BS excuse for why he can't substantiate argument with facts.

I've come to expect nothing less from Nintendo fans who make up any old rubbish to defend their favourite company.

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@ EddieNX. I don't want your hypothesizing. I want facts. Where did you get the 4.2m figure from?

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Where do you get the 4.2m figure from? All I see are stats detailing how the console is losing momentum to PS4 is Japan (a territory for where handheld machines are king). Eg:

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I thought the popular narrative espoused by Nintendo fans was that the Switch wasn't competing against the "competition". Funny how that argument (along with a whole heap of others) gets changed every so often just so as to fit the narrative for why Nintendo aren't a loser company.

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How about 11 best reasons to NOT buy a Nintendo Switch?

I can think of a couple...


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Shhhhh... you'll upset the narrative espoused by basement dwelling Nintendards.

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HA HA!!!

XBox One X is an iteration of the XBox One console. Switch is an entirely new platform. Talk about clutching at straws here, and making unfair comparisons. But then again, Nintendards are used to looking for reasons that paint their favourite loser company in a favourable light. Desperate much?

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Given your comment of "The Wii U GPU suposed offer something around 0.350 Teraflops and the Switch when docked should be around 0.400 Teraflops. So that's only a 15% improvement in raw power": Does that mean that in docked mode, which essentially means that the Switch is acting as a home console, that people are paying $300 for a machine that is essentially a "last gen" (where the Wii U was not that much more powerful than a 360), but at "next gen" prices (ie...

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Still a viable enough platform to get third party support - unlike Nintendo.

MS's major failing is the lack of first party titles. That won't be fixed for another 2-3 years...

But yes, MS are "generally" headed in the right direction. But the lack of first party content is hurting them mighty...

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