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Nintendo could have ditched the Gamepad, ala XBone with Kinect, and have uncoupled it from the hardware. Lowered the price, and have gotten more units into homes. MS did this after they realised that the Bone was going to flop. They could then have really worked on getting developers on board, and this would have carried over into their NX.

Basically... Compound interest.

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Thanks for the glowing response... TBH: I doubt if I will buy an NX, and I write about this dilemma at

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May is going to be madness with Uncharted 4 and Doom both coming out, Glad Mirrors Edge got delayed.

And yes, Wolfenstein was unbelievably good - but let's remember that it was Machine Games behind the campaign, and they have a reputation for single player campaigns. iD however don't, and Rage wasn't exactly the best game on the planet - even if it was quite fun.

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I gave a comprehensive account of how the Wii U could have been turned around 2 years ago... It's pretty similar to this article, and it's interesting that the problems still stand. You can read it below:

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SNES is the only version I ever truly liked. All the rest are meh in comparison.

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From online reports, the game will have a campaign.

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I actually thought the article was about ISS (International Superstar Soccer). But yes, the title is inappropriate (and click-bait).

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SNES was an will always be the best Nintendo home console. Because that's when Nintendo were SUPER.

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As others have stated, this is a really poor article. Forget Gamergate, this is the kind of journalism that should never have made it out of 'Journalism 101' class.

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