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Yeah, and apparently Nintendo fans like to crow that their $hitty favourite company "won" E3...

All I know is... MS and Sony are getting significantly more games. From their own in-house studios, as well as from the likes of EA etc.

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Nintendards are such gullible tools for believing Nintendo's outright lies regarding the Switch's ample list of attached developers.

Yeah baby... Where's the third party support now?

I'm sure there'll be someone out there who is willing to defend their $ridiculously overpriced piece of plastic. All I can say is: Joke's on you for wasting your life in order to earn the necessary amount for buying s...

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Ha ha... Just another fanboy and a Nintenard tool. I seem to recall quite a few Jap developers making announcements for PS4 and XBox - and even PC. How many of them are coming to Switch?

Whoops... Mic drop. Now go back to school!

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"They also had the best game of the show in Mario Odyssey".

In your opinion.

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Pretty paltry list if you ask me. Is that like one game every 2 months? Where's the third party titles? Oh...

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Just goes to show how low the standards are for Nintendo fans...

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So a logo won the show? And Retro aren't involved?

Ooooookay.... Whatever man. Nice to know that the Switch is a glorified door stop in the meantime.

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Nintendo fans are absolute idiots... Glad they're going the way of the dodo.

"Yeah 3DS was amazing innit? Sold 60 million in 6 years. Wow those are huge numbers".

Sony comes along and does it in 3.

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@ C_Ali88

"Read those AGAIN... Neither of those refer to profit but rather revenue and to get profit you must minus expenditures from that 1.9 billion".

Sony = "More importantly, gaming-related profit rose by an impressive 46.9 billion yen to 135.6 billion yen (roughly $1.1 billion)."...

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You're not refuting anything. Just resorting to insults and merely taking full credit for an IP (Pokemon) that Nintendo doesn't even wholly own. It is published by them, but they don't wholly own the IP - only a third. Therefore, their profit margin isn't as equal as to what a normal first party Nintendo developed and published title would generate.

You say: "Pokemon is a proper first party title".

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Also... Nintendo might have done semi-well with "$569 million in profit" (as you say).

But Sony's gaming division did "roughly $1.1 billion" in profit.


Pokemon wasn't the best selling game for 2016 and isn't even in the Top 10 -

If however, you decide to move the goal posts, as you clearly are doing, then one can argue that Pokemon isn't even a proper first party title. Nintendo only owns a third of a stake in the developer. So therefore can't take full cre...

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Forbes is a pretty reliable source. And above are "The Best-Selling Games Of 2016".

Pokemon isn't in it.

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That graphs says nothing new... Switch is doing as well as Wii and Wii U, which means that only the die-hard Nintendo fans are buying it.

Let's see what the sales figures are like after 6 months.

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GTAV has "destroyed" Pokemon... If only because the PS4 version came out in Nov 2014 and has already garnered 15.07m sales ( on a system that has sold 56m ( Pokemon X/Y came out a year earlier in Oct 2013 and has sold 15.27m ( 51d ago 2 agree18 disagreeView comment

@ C_Ali88

I don't know man... I did say use FIFA in my original argument (by which I meant AAA third party games in general)... But since you used Wiki, and excluding pack-in games, Overwatch or Diablo haven't needed Nintendo. And Pokemon isn't even a proper in-house Nintendo franchise.

The last time Nintendo had a proper first party hit, or a game that was typically associated with their system, and was not an pack-in game, was Wii Fit Plus i...

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I used Top 10 according to 2016. But you used VGChartz...

In that chart, Pokemon is number 1 (as a franchise title) and got 12million - on a format that has over 60 million users. But if we are talking about franchise title sales (across all platforms), and according to VGChartz, FIFA 17 on PS4 and XB1 (without taking into accoun...

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US figures... Pokemon isn't in the top 10.

By the way, we are talking sales figures. Not your opinion on whether a certain franchise is trash or not.

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"most beloved consoles ever"

Don't think so mate... If they were, people would have bought them in droves. Stop glossing over historical facts with your own biased prejudices.

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