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@Sirk - MS kind of do release their first party games on other platforms. Namely Minecraft which nets them bajillions.

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Like GrimDragon, I absolutely agree. It's really sad that a leading company like Nintendo has been taken over by those who appreciate having fans who enable this sort of loser mentality and behaviour.

Yamauchi would never have allowed it. And as far as I am concerned, the minute he died was the minute the Nintendo that I loved ceased to be.

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According to the article, and if the install base is around 81million, then what purpose does Nintendo serve by bringing out ANOTHER system?

Surely mobiles/tablets and PS4/XB1 have catered to both sets of casual/hardcore gamers, and have extensive eco-systems and apps that make them multi-purpose gaming devices, and also offer the best of mobile/home gaming in terms of tech.

I'm just trying to wrap my head around what value proposition the Switch off...

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Like any product, a system deserves to fail if it doesn't meet the demands of market.

There are a lot of half baked ideas within the Switch that don't merit their inclusion, thus preventing the system from reaching its utmost potential. You'd realise this if you actually read the article...

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Not quite a statement, more a headline. It's actually a really good article if you take the time to read it.

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Still far behind PS4 and XBox...

Also unfair to compare the Switch to a dead system...

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You know... I'm kind of surprised that you get downvoted so often, and that this fact doesn't quite register with your own ability in becoming more self-aware. Surely the market (ie other gamers) must be telling you something... That maybe your opinions aren't as valid, and that you come across as a bit of a blind fanboy?

I've seen this happen with soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many of your previous comments, and am surprised that you haven't yet clocked o...

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"It wasn't until Wii that Nintendo intentionally started developing underpowered consoles."

Or until when Iwata finally took the reins. I don't want to imply anything bad regarding his death, but he was all-out bad for Nintendo... Whereas Yamauchi took a more power-centric approach, all Iwata ever did was revel in (short term) thinking that led to the gimmick-era Nintendo.

I was hoping that with Kimishima taking the reigns would prove to...

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I think they are playing the long game... Getting in early, and then riding the rest of the console cycle with lifetime sales.

Some people may argue that Switch can get by on indie and otaku Japanese support, but that didn't help the Vita. So yeah, whilst some people may care, they're only a niche.

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Mario Run on IOS says hello...

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I used to buy Nintendo home consoles expecting 3rd party support. Alas, the continuous lies that Nintendo perpetuated with the Wii U, together with how well the console fared in the marketplace, was the final straw that broke the camel's back.

Fool me once... Shame on you. Fool me twice... Shame on me.

I can definitely imagine previous Wii U owners, and those who never caved into Nintendo's extortionate demands for the Wii U hardware not buy into ...

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But will Nintendo allow Limited Print Runs on their platform? From my understanding, and from the below interview, Nintendo don't allow such a practice... Although Nintendo might have changed their stance since.

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UK resident here: I have mine on pre-order from BASE. I know that GAME and Amazon have pre-order bonuses, but I'm getting the game for £40 (and save £5 off as a consequence). Sooooo looking forward to the game.

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"the switch will be switched off on arrival"


Succinct and to the point.

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Why is the Wii U version so much more darker? It also seems to have considerably less detail.

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It's not the most Googled term. You can read the article or you can keep on living in your bubble. However, the facts don't lie.

Edit: for some bizarre reason, I can't actually respond to your comment.

You can insult my site all you want. As well as the "home-made graphs and old data". But these are just opinions. And not facts.

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The games market is a lot bigger now than the PS2 era. So the current 3DS beating the PS2 is hardly a major feat.

But if we want to talk about "current" consoles / handhelds, the Vita surpassed Wii U in September... And that situation is only going to get worse now that Wii U has stopped production.

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If Part 3 is coming to PS4, what are the odds of the first 2 games in the series also being re-released on PS4?

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Looks like a really interesting game... Will have to check it out.

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It's interesting to hear how the campaign is allegedly meant to be pretty good. I'm not into MP, but if the SP is as good as you say it is, then maybe BF1 is worth checking out after all....

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