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RETARDERA and their ilk can cry me a river...

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"Is this okay?"

Yes, It IS ok. What is the point of working on something if it doesn't tally up with what you want? Also, those million-odd sales kind of prove the point that IT IS OKAY.

Also... Not everything needs to be "represented". After all, how many people want to be portrayed as obese plumbers who happen have porno moustaches? I certainly don't.

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You mean all of RetardEra?

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Probably a Day One purchase for me. Not.

But I'll buy it eventually. If only to piss of those losers over at RetardEra.

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You mean Retardera...


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Now imagine what could have been if Nintendo went all out on making Zelda on a console that was more of a PS4, and less of an XB360...

Power matters.

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Ha Ha!

People would say anything to justify paying £300 for a piece of rubbish console. And not have it look like they've got egg on their faces.

Tis like walking into McDonalds and paying the kind of money you have to pay for 5*.

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Exactly. £300 gets you THAT?


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EA are to the West what Nintendo are to the East.

Both hellbent on ripping off consumers with hidden sur-charges. EA do it through loot-boxes. Nintendo do it through shitty hardware.

You takes your pick and drink your poison.

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Meanwhile, the Switch can generate...

Nice to know where that £300-odd is being spent.

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Nintendo haven't done anything new for over a decade...

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Coming to a Nintendo console some time... "soon".

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Bethesda are pretty much my favourite publisher at this point... Hope the game sells enough to result in a part 3. I know I bought my copy... Day One.

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Well, it obviously sells enough to garner considerable more third party support.

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Meh... XBox still gets more games in a single week.

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Can't quite understand as to how MS have allowed this... Especially with the S costing almost half as much as the Switch.

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In terms of Nintendo console systems, I own a Wii U, Wii, N64, SNES.

In terms of contemporary gaming systems, I own a PS4, XBox One, and PC. I can honestly say that my PS4 is good enough for all of my home gaming needs.

In terms of contemporary handhelds, I own a Vita and a New 3DS XL. I never game on the go, so both devices just sit there collecting dust.

For the last few generations, I can hone...

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"The switch got the games that Nintendo gamers like."

Exactly. First party exclusives mean sweet F-A if one doesn't want to play them. And that comment goes across the board. Sony, MS, or Nintendo.

I don't like Nintendo games. But to suggest that I'm "missing out" is really the height of misguided arrogance by some quarters of the gaming scene.

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Not really... But that's the problem with Nintendo fanboys. Too many of you live in your own warped bubble. A bit like Nintendo. You argue that it makes you look like an individual. But really, your inane comments defending your gaming niche pastime makes one come to the realisation that you're all just a tad too sad.

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