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There is A lot of SALT in these comments I see😭😂

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With a $299 price drop coming and the introduction of the PS NEO Coming this fall SONY shouldn't have a problem hitting that number IMO

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But do PS4 owners care anymore at this point?

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Kinda like how Forza still looks a 360 game right?? Lmfao

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Sure Phil........ I bet you guys will start to care if somehow the Scorpio outsells the Neo though! Sony has destroyed the Xbox Brand so bad this gen that they claim they no longer care about sales when last gen that's all they cared about lol and also they are running to the PC crowd bc they know they can't beat Sony in any console war I'm afraid.

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When did Sony release any specs for the Neo though??? Lol

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Just the beginning folks..........

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This game looks really cool to me really looking forward to this!!!

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SONY sent a clear message last night! That they don't mess around when it comes to exclusives!!! 10/10 IMO

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WOW this looks really impressive!!

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Exactly they can now just sit back an wait for Microsoft to show their hand first

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This would be such a slap to the face to fans IMO I really hope this isn't true

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Wow this game is shaping up to be something truely special!! Day1 without A doubt!!!!

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DriveClub makes GTSport look like a PS2 game though lol! And DC was actually good IMO

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They want it out so they can sell PSVR units I'm afraid! I feel for PD bc they know this game is probably going to fail.

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