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That statement makes you look like an idiot!! SMFH #3.2
He's just mad he can't play it on his XBOX LOL!!!! #3.1.2
Is this coming to PS4?? Man i hope so lol #8
Wow! I need this now!! #2
Scared???? lol #1.4.1
YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! #25
I will be buying this MASTERPIECE again!!!!! I would go crazy if i can play the multiplayer on the PS4!! LOL 1 of the most underrated multiplayer games out there IMO!!!! #85
Congrats well deserved!! Great game!!!!!! #7
Make sense lol #6.1.1
Why does xbox1 sale so poorly in EUROPE?? #6
Really a dying sport?? Yet Floyd Mayweather is the richest athlete in the world!!!!!! He makes more money in 1 fight then the biggest UFC's fighter make combined in a year!!! But yea Boxing is dead haha!!!! #2.13
Love Bruce Lee but EA is reaching here!!! Lmfao there hoping for the Jordan effect that NBA2K had when they introduce him to there game a few year back! Bruce Lee in a UFC game doesn't make sense at all IMO! #17
Actually only IDIOTS are worried about SONY not delivering games!!! LOL #3.1
Just proves review scores are becoming irrelevant! #5
PS4 is making the XBOX1 it's bitch at this point!!!! Lol damn Sony is smashing the competition at the moment! Wow #13
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Good!! #18
So there you have it, you so called insiders or journalist it had nothing to do SONY!!!!!!! People act like making videos games is the only thing they have or want to do!! They do have families! and other goals in life!!! And i really hope his son gets better!!! PRAYERS Oh by the way whoever disagrees with this article or my comment really needs to grow up!!! #22
At this point I think EA an Dice can care less about this game! It's been an utter disaster since day 1 and it hasn't been fixed yet?? That just makes me believe they are focused on BF5 SMFH #2
Damn only after a few days that it's been out?? Wow very impressive indeed #44
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