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Not a bad game but nothing special IMO I got bored really quick with it but that's me! Maybe I'll finish it 1 day lol! #11
HELL MF'N YES!!!!!! Sony please bring back a true Socom game on the PS4 and my life will be complete lol #4
EA just continues to put out shitty products LMFAO!!!!! #8
Lmfao!!!!! Dear, EA please stop #3
Thank God I'm not the only 1! This has been happening to me lately it's very annoying! Hope this works! #4
No shit "Sherlock" NBA LIVE is dead EA needs to stop embarrassing itself already!!! #2
Damn Microsoft why you so salty? It's funny how the tables turn huh? LMFAO #29
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It's funny that the girl is trying to hide her face LOL!!!! Maybe she's actually embarrass that she bought one!!!!!!! LMFAO #9.1.3
lmfao!!!!! #8.1
Damn the #Vita had a pretty nice section compared my #gamestop crazy! But that's embarrassing for Microsoft though!! Wow #5
Damn bro you must be really #Salty LMFAO!!!!! #18.1
Is that real?? Bc if so that's truly embarrassing for Microsoft no way around it wow!!!! #2.2.1
Man that is funny AF!!!!! Lmfao #19.1
Man i love the Hot Shots Golf franchise especially the ones on the PS2,really looking forward to this game!!!!! #4
Very impressive for a re-master! Congrats to ND and Sony now bring on a sequel ASAP lol #6
I think it has to do more with the game bc let's be honest this game doesn't appeal to most Xbox owners no matter how hard they try to say it does, and before the disagrees just take a look at the pre orders for the game it's very low! So people are probably skipping this bundle for the Cod bundles! #5.1
Really looking forward to playing this on my PS4!!! #3
Let's see how tough they're behind bars LMFAO!!!!!!! #23
Tried to tell folks the multiplayer is insanely good!!!!! Cant wait to try out these new maps!!! #5
No surprise really! This game is a MASTERPIECE and many people who owned 360's didn't get a chance to play it until now!! Congrats SONY,ND well deserved!! #5
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