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My guess $199-$249 seems fair! #4
Wow that's gorgeous!!! I'm going to try an get this beauty!! I'm a sucker for anything MGS related lol!!! #4
Best gaming console i ever owned!!! So many great memories!! Happy Birthday old friend!!!! #15
Or once there's a price drop!!! Scary to think really! #1.4
Straight Global Domination!!!! Wow Crazy Numbers Congrats Sony!!! #14
I can't wait to try this out! Bc it looks insanely fun!!!! #2
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This game is going to be huge!!! I can't wait! #12
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The saltiness is real LMFAO!!!!! Sorry journalist it's just that gamers don't really give a rats ass about your opinion anymore I know I don't lol!!! By the way The Order 1886 is a really Good game!!! #18
The return of CJ!!!!!!!!!!! Please make it happen RockStar! #6
Don't worry Bc in a couple years reviews will become obsolete! Bc gamers are starting to open there eyes and see all this BS! I've always felt that these gaming companies should stop giving these so called gaming websites pre view copies early and let gamers try out a 30 min demo first so people can determine if its something they would want! #39
Oh my!!!!!!!! This game will be so awesome!!! #11
To late i already have 3 in my house lol!!! #6
The Hype isn't there?? Really bc the last few weeks all i ever see is articles about The Order 1886 and people talking about this game lol! So there's hype for this game trust me! #5.2
I can see The Order 1886 selling about 4-5 million in its lifetime which will be a massive success for a new IP but no way 10 million Patcher is an idiot! #14
Simple! Bc the media knows this is a huge PS4 title that can sell consoles and certain folks don't want that to happen,so there trying to deliberately kill this game b4 it comes out so that it looks like SONY has no great games! That's how the media works but the funny thing is even if somehow this game flops the PS4 will continue to dominate sales lol!! #2.3
I love seeing how many disagrees everyone gets when they comment on The Order 1886!! The hate an jealousy is real lmfao!!!!! #8
Wow that's pretty crazy! #6
Like I always said I will never buy a game based of reviews! This game can get all 0's and will still buy this game Day1!! Bc gaming websites and journalist these days are a joke!! Just like national Media! Nothing but Lies!! #8
Man i need this damn game now!!!!!!!!!!!! The wait is killing me!! #7
So they showed me nothing?? smh #9
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