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Damn 20 years!! Congrats SONY I been a fan since the PS1 and always had great gaming moments with the Playstation an can't wait to see what the future brings!!!! #10
I got a funny feeling that this is actually is Naughty Dogs next game and there basically telling us it is LOL!! And if so then My Gawd will this be amazing! #15
Yea that GTA V bundle will be massive this Christmas for the PS4! #40.1
LMFAO! Patcher what happen??? #6
I hope not I'll be pissed lol! #11.1
Please be Syphon Filter!!!!!! It's about time we get a new one!!!! #25
Yea but he's not the only 1 hyping it up though, so there's something there imo #11.1.1
Geoff Keighley tweeted last night "Games will Rise 12/5/14! Now that everyone is talking about it I may be actually something huge!!! Can't wait to see what it is! #11
I don't i want a new GOD OF WAR game!!! but it will be kinda funny to see this end up on the PS4 #2.1.5
Well no shit!!! The install base for the Xbox1 an PS4 are a lot smaller you JACKASS!!!! WOW this guy is an idiot! #12
If this is true then so much for reviews LMFAO!!!!!!!!! #22
Please give me Syphon Filter Sony I've waited long enough!!!!!!! #22
You and me both! I can't remember a time when I actually enjoyed a racing game as much as I do this one!! Can't wait for the weather update! By the way the graphics and gameplay are spot on IMO! #1.2
Poor Microsoft you just can't accept that your console is weaker then Sony's huh?? Before the disagrees if you think Microsoft didn't have a say in this then your kidding yourself!! #90
I thought Sunset Overdrive was supposed to be a huge system seller?? Pretty low pre orders imo, Im afraid that game is going to flop big time! People should know by now games like this don't sell that great on Xbox systems! This game might kill Imsomniac if this flops like FUSE which will be sad! #8
No way SONY doesn't bring back Socom imo! #7
I'm not into racers but i will say I'm pretty hyped for this game!! Good job SONY you've sold me lol!!! #5
Hey losers going outside once in awhile never hurt nobody!!! People really take gaming this serious?? That's pretty sad IMO who cares if it's down for a few there's a million of other things to do with your life besides whining about not being able to play online!! SMFH #17
Can't lie that trailer got me hype AF!!!!! LOL Will be getting this an "Aliens Isolation" tuesday!!!!! #24
That's pretty embarrassing to be honest LOL!!!! #1.1
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