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Another Negative PS4 article?? Lol sorry folks no matter how hard the media try's to downplay everything Sony does with the PS4 it won't work! I guess that's what happens when your destroying the completion kinda like Apple everyone try's to complain about how horrible iPhones are yet they keep breaking sales records lol! Journalist need to understand they don't have the power they think they do! Lol #7
Yea bc Sony is just going to sit back and let Microsoft just win the holidays and not have there own plan right? Smh #18
Good deal but it's clear Microsoft is getting desperate now! There trying anything now to get these things selling lol!! #9
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I really hope this isn't the game Sony will announce in December! This franchise has run its course already imo! We need a Crash remake or Syphon Filter not another Ratchet n Clank! #10
Then wow is that an awesome feature!! #GameChanger imo that's insane!! #14.1.1
Wait so me an my brother can play NBA 2k15 together even though he doesn't own a copy?? #14
My brother showed me this when he had his Xbox and it kinda creeped me out especially those late nights LOL!! #17
Man can't lie NBA Live15 does have a Chance this year Bc 2k15 Is overrated! That game is basically 2k14 2.5 imo and not to mention its plagued with issues! #3
Damn 20 years!! Congrats SONY I been a fan since the PS1 and always had great gaming moments with the Playstation an can't wait to see what the future brings!!!! #10
I got a funny feeling that this is actually is Naughty Dogs next game and there basically telling us it is LOL!! And if so then My Gawd will this be amazing! #15
Yea that GTA V bundle will be massive this Christmas for the PS4! #40.1
LMFAO! Patcher what happen??? #6
I hope not I'll be pissed lol! #11.1
Please be Syphon Filter!!!!!! It's about time we get a new one!!!! #25
Yea but he's not the only 1 hyping it up though, so there's something there imo #11.1.1
Geoff Keighley tweeted last night "Games will Rise 12/5/14! Now that everyone is talking about it I may be actually something huge!!! Can't wait to see what it is! #11
I don't i want a new GOD OF WAR game!!! but it will be kinda funny to see this end up on the PS4 #2.1.5
Well no shit!!! The install base for the Xbox1 an PS4 are a lot smaller you JACKASS!!!! WOW this guy is an idiot! #12
If this is true then so much for reviews LMFAO!!!!!!!!! #22
Please give me Syphon Filter Sony I've waited long enough!!!!!!! #22
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