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The game was released on the 26th in Japan right?? So there judging 3 days worth of sales now LOL!!! #10
lol #7
Man I cant freakin wait until 2Morro my PS4 is ready!!!!!!! #3
Just stop buying them and then they will stop shoving these games down our throats!!! Sony you really need to stop re releasing these games and give us new IP's!! #25
I'm a Sony and PS4 fan but enough with these remasteres! We've played this already give me something new! Smh #16
And I will be passing! Kojima is MGS imo #16
Only idiots actually believe GOW4 will be out this year!! As much as I would love for it to happen no way in hell Is a new GOW ready to be released this year!! #10
Watch it get criticized for being to long!! Lol!!! #21
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And free games!! Pretty concerning if your Microsoft IMO Bc they have no shot in beating SONY worldwide so you better win your home turf lol #4.1
Cant ignore those Massive PS4 sales anymore huh EA?? LMFAO!!!!! #9
KRATOS is coming to fuck some shit up and I can't wait!!!!!!!!! lol #6
Cool but when are we getting Friends Notifications?? #12
So Damn Beautiful!!!!!!! I need that! #10
My guess $199-$249 seems fair! #4
Wow that's gorgeous!!! I'm going to try an get this beauty!! I'm a sucker for anything MGS related lol!!! #4
Best gaming console i ever owned!!! So many great memories!! Happy Birthday old friend!!!! #15
Or once there's a price drop!!! Scary to think really! #1.4
Straight Global Domination!!!! Wow Crazy Numbers Congrats Sony!!! #14
I can't wait to try this out! Bc it looks insanely fun!!!! #2
This game is going to be huge!!! I can't wait! #12
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