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Damn this looks so crisp and smooth!! Can't wait till 2morro I'll be playing all day lol!! #7
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Totally agree with you this is my favorite multiplayer of last gen and will be my new fav on the PS4!! LOL This multiplayer is so underrated!! #1.1
Damn that's scary! #11
Anybody else think BF Hardline will get canned?? It just seems that the game had little interest from most people and the pre orders were really low. Maybe EA realized that is was going to fail big time and just said it was delayed just to see if interest will pick up?? #2
Are you butt hurt?? LOL #1.1.1
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Damn! Is 10 million possible with the PS4 version as well? If so that's insane! Congrats to ND well deserved! #4
Man i can't wait to play this online again!! Me an my cousin spent 100's of hours playing this and we will do the same when this comes out LOL!!!! Not to mention i completed the single player about 8 times lol such a great game!!!! #20
Jaw-Dropping wow!! #13
Looking at all those disagrees just proves how great this game is LMFAO!!!! #7
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A very long time! And yes its the best game i ever played! What's your point?? Oh let me guess if its not Mario,Zelda,HalfLife etc it can't be that good?? Believe me TLOU is 1 of the greatest games ever period! #9.1.1
Greatest game I ever played!!! And I'm counting down the days till i can this Masterpiece again!!! #9
Yep they were more concerned running there mouths about other devs when they should've been worried about making good games rather then over hyped games!! #1.1.1
For me it will be! lol #7
Your in for a treat, trust me this game is beyond amazing!! Hell even the multiplayer is really good if you give it a chance very unique imo!! #4.1.2
Wish this bundle had some special edition PS4 bc that would make me grab another PS4 like the white one that's coming with Destiny! #5
Man this game is shaping up to be something special! Can't wait to get my hands on it! To bad it's so far away!!!!! Nooooooooooooo!!! Lol #5
Not for me! #16
This looks pretty sick! Can't wait to see there new IP! GG getting a break from KillZone will help them IMO! #9
Most likely which is sad! My brother who's a die hard Halo and Xbox fan says this game looks and will be terrible yet he's never even tried it out!! SMH #11.1
Can't believe this fool is still acting like he's a real insider smh #18
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