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Northern westcoast, Little town by a lake, tourist attraction, single guy arrives by car, insane locals, dark night with flashlight...come one ring a bell? Well probably not the majoirty if you are xbox fans and have never even heard of silent hill for the original playstation one. If you had you would see this alan wake as a complete knock-off of storyline...typical american developers littel minds so they steal others ideas

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All fanboy comments aside, Will this game be any different on PS3 or XBOX360? I dont know which system to get it for.

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You'll get disagreees because you dont know the English language fluently! "U, R, UR, B" are not words. Did growing up in the ghetto prevent you from getting a proper education, dont they have hooked on phonics or something for you people? I can tell you live in the ghetto because you assume to get one thing you need to trade another. Maybe thats how it works in the "hood" but for people with money, we buy what we want, not trade. I have a ps3, not an xbox. I want GoW2 so...

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Why is N4G full of ten year old fcuking pussies who cant even take a joke? You make fun of them then youre banned? The creators and mods of this gay website must of been the ones that got their a$$ kicked in school and at home and cant even take a little insult

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anti-american belligerence? Pah-lease. Nothing I said was anti-american. What? using the word Yank is anti-american or telling that a greedy american company for what it is is anti-american? You have such a small little mind, the first glance at the word yank and you think someone is anti-american. Is that the way you think? Then you report wbat I said as offensive! Haha you must also complain about how offensive the New York Yankees are, afterall they use the word yankee, or are you assuming...

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Why would a price drop help? If you cant even afford a ps3 by now then you mind as well forget about ever getting one. What do people expect for the price to drop to $200? Sorry this isnt an xbox we're talking about its a high quality Japanese machine. PS3 is at its best price and value ever, sorry guy but dont wait for a price cut, just buy one for 3 bills

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Who cares about trophies, they are the most useless thing, they dont do anything, they dont account for anything except to tell all of how much spare time you have to waste, put your time into making money then you gain respect, you dont gain respect by making "trophies" whoa! how Fuc**** lame

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"it does nothing but blink red and laugh at me. "

Mine too but I can handle the red blinking light, makes for a good Christmas tree ornament, but when the system laughs at you...its just too hard to deal with ah boo hoo hoo :'(

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Haha yeah if the game ends up on torrent sites then we all know who's responsible haha

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Have you played it?

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You guys are idiotas! Do you work for IW? Are you buddy-buddy with the CEO's of IW? Did you know that IW has screwed over ps3 owners time and time again, first with map packs, delays, no rumble integration, and now no trophy support, or Ingame XMB to play music and such? Yet they are making 4 new game modes for the XBOX? IW is a POS company, get your head out of eachother's a$$ and stop following the masses, IW sucks and everyone knows this, dont comment on here if all you have to say is gene...

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A giant killer croc? You mean like ...umm what was his name? Leatherback from the old school ninja turtles? Will the batman croc also wear a hat and a vest and throw lobsters too? LOL

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Of course it can back it all up why you ask....because the PS3 is the TOWER OF POWER, whereas the Xbox is the TOWER OR COWER

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I think LBP is on the 21st. But I read that Fallout3 is available online? How big will the game be?

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You guys dont even know what youre talking about. Indigo Prophecy was ahead of its time as for games, it was THE most interactive and story driven ps2 game. The only reason they didnt sell well was because the market wants fast shooters or some other crap. IP is an amazing game, I couldnt believe how good it is, if heavy rain is anything like IP then it will be amazing. Most of the people on this stupid post havent even played IP so if you havent you cant use the fact that IP didnt sell well ...

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Give it up. No one forced them to do anything it was out of greed they released first because they wanted all the next-gen fans to buy their system first. It's a failure now they have scapegoat number 4,000,002 as to why their system is a POS. Take responsibility for your action MS you pushed the system to be released because you didnt care about down the road

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Wow you must be some athlete then, you spend your days in the gym eating high protein meals? I'd like to know, what is a "competive" gamer?

/end sarcasm

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