trolls are so sad
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well maybe before disagreeing,you could have asked me why i agreed with him,instead of baballing about why i did and didnt mention why i felt that way,and to be more precise i never said i agree with the score,i just said i agree,though i agree more with some of his points,and the reqason i mention fanboys being pissed,is because its true,you cant say anything bad about the last of us without fanboys getting pissed and angry about it,people act as if you hate the game for not giving it a 9 or...

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i fear for this guys life,giving the last of us a 7,the sony and naughty dog fanboys are gonna be pissed,imo though i can actually agree(please dont kill me guys)

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i dont know why everybody was so hyped for it,i wasnt hyped for it at all,i knew it wouldnt be better or add much to the franchise,it is made by a completely new team and it was a prequel people,and surprisingly i liked it,its not the best arkham game,but it wasnt bad,it could be alot worse,the only bad thing about this game imo was the glitches,and forcing the joker into it.

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not really,the game was actually surprisingly good for a prequel and i liked it,now i will say i am tired of the joker,i love the character,but for gods sake,hes in every batman game,batman has a lot of villains, give them a bigger spotlight next time i swear to god if the joker comes back some way and is the main villain in the next game im gonna do something very JOKERISH to WB

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videogame movies are bad as it is,a sonic movie which ill assume would be live action is just murder

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unlike shane i actually liked him

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true theres repetition,but i love this game because they did take some risk,and the story/character interaction was great,i mean theres a reason i really want a sequel to this,ubisoft could easily fix the repetetive aspect look at AC1 it was boring to me but i loved 2 because they fixed the everything wrong with the first,pop actually needs a sequel to because it ended on a cliffhanger

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I will always remember this game,its one of my top 5 favorite games of the generation,and one of my favorites of all time,i put it right on the same level as sands o time and the two thrones and the original,to bad we wont ever get a sequel since ubisoft wanted to only milk assassins creed,a sequel needs to be made to finish the story,hell this game actually deserves a sequel,imo i dont think i can get into another PoP reboot until this one is finished

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you know i usually love ubisoft characters,infact they have created some of my favorite characters of all time, the 2 princes,elika,farah,ezio,rayma n,altair,jade,etc....but i absolutely hated connor,he is by fa ubisofts worst character to date

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let me guess your one of those people that think cel-shaded graphics are childish

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nay, hollywood always finds a way to fuck everything up and turn it into some cheesy crap,the best videogame movies by far are tomb raider and prince of persia and thats not saying much,thats why im pessemistic about this rumored last of us movie,now i do think the ratchet and clank movie will actually be very good

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He got scammed Ed,edd,n eddy style LMFAO

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i want ubisoft to announce a new prince of persia but,yeah they treat that franchise how capcom treats megaman so that aint happening

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i agree that it isnt a masterpiece at least no to me, but it is a fairly decent game at best that i think can be improved with a sequel just like PoP08 but thats another story,on a sidenote i think ninja theorys worst game is either that shitty xbox game they made years ago or DmC

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i got my copy a year ago,lol im strike o luck

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for me its nolan north, david hayter, yuri lowenthal, michael ironside, and kevin conroy

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Actually people hate it because its a downgrade in every way possible,and because capcom and ninja theory talked so much crap,besides zelda fans cried over cel-shaded link,prince of Persia fans did the same for pop2008,tomb raider fans cried because Lara didnt wear shorts,sly fans cried because of a graphics change,DMC fans arent the only ones that cry over a change in appearance

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While not a bad game, it wasnt amazing,in fact its one of the worst reboot ive seen in gaming which isnt saying much,the only reboot that I like are the 2013 tomb raider,and prince of Persia 2008/sands of time trilogy those actually either evolved the story or gameplay in the franchise

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Bayonetta is to women as Dante is to men

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