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Looks good actually, going back to the Most Wanted route

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The first game had one loading screen at the beginning and then none... i played the whole game in one sitting.

Thank You Naughty Dog, for showing just how great the PS3 was so early in its life

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you mean 360 owners don't want to get stuck with Yoda, PS3 owners don't really have yoda DLC as a main priority in the game as 360 owners do with Vader

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"konami pushing sony to release trophies?"

dude your source on this was PlaystationLifestyle, they were the only ones who ever said this bull$h!t theory.Not to mention the bogus release date on June 10th...

Konami has never stated anything about trophys, Rockstar on the other hand has, and they have yet to deliver

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at least you get it bro... what smoker wants to work out with a Wii after toking up?? working out at a home gym is diff, myself, i like to play GTA4 and go on shootouts while smokinn lol

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thanx for the replies dudes... +bubbles for the "online shooters" example, it actually made sense

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can i ask RPG lovers a question... why do you like playing for over 100+ hours on one game. I mean, i love gaming and i have played my share of RPG's like FF, Persona and even Elder Scrolls, but i have yet to really get into the story enough to finish it.

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good luck to anyone who actually wants to lay down note-by-note charts just because Activision can't handle DLC that Rock Band provides.

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well does this car overheat? at least it would give you the Red Engine Lights of Death to tell you its dead...

and if space is an issue, this car would be optional 1 person seating

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wait what?! Loco Roco is on the PS3?... i been so outta the loop.

i did in fact enjoy Loco Roco for the PSP so much, the singing made my day =)

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how the hell do you RENT a Mobile game?

you guys need to learn to read, seriously

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is anybody else exited about this? Patapon was easily the best game for the PSP in my opinion.

it was only 20 dollars too, what a bargin!

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thank YOU for the reminder

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i disagree but i didn't click, RPG would be good for RPG fans, and im not a fan of RPG's myself. Just my personal opinion of course.

what would be cool is a totally new genre of gaming. Kojima invented the Stelth genre. Imagine a new one...

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@ co_ray:

stop being so damn close minded, why does HipHop and R&B HAVE to be 50cent and Akon??

have you ever heard of DeLaSoul, The Roots, RUN DMC, or even Nas? they used to use Drums Guitar and Bass to make beats. Go look up the song "Roots 2.0"

all the poeple screaming "omg moar Led Zepp, Metallica, classic rawk!!" are getting old and repetitive. I like them alot too but if its coming its coming

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@ ChrisGTR1:

donde estavas escondido

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JoelR got it right...

its like a catch-22, PSP i def worthwile with the hacks

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"no Wii for you Mr.!"

"i'll teach you, i'll teach all of you"


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yeah ok, and i was emulating Grand Turismo on my drive back from work

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