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3419d ago

What no FLOPS?

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Go play your Flops and the one out in February.

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Bu bu bu blu-ray
Bu bu bu Killzone2
Bu bu bu Sony will own 09

Hahahahaha hahahahahaha

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I can't see any difference from COD4 except Killzone 2 is a complete rip off only thing going for it is Graphics so I'll stick to COD4 its way better.

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Not bad now all you have to do is get rid of the ps3 and join me we'll make a good team fighting Sony....What you say?

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Who they mean(all players) I for one aint getting the game it smells of a ps3 game which i don't won't no ps3 smell in my house.

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And what am i suppose to do?

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3420d ago

So it's a flop.I better get on the phone and cancel my order.

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Yes definitely Xbox360 is a successful story which one day even i can tell my grand children while i'm sitting on my rockin chair.

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Metal Gear Solid 5 Who would have guessed it would have gone Multi-Platform I guess Kojima realizes his mistake and wants to amend his ways by making his game on Xbox360. Anyway i'm looking forward to MGS5 on my Xbox360 it's the Console of choice.

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Alan Wake it'll be the best-looking game ever made so true.

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Awesome i love the word EXCLUSIVE.

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Xbox360 version will be the superior version to get and you don't need to be a Rocket Scientist to work that out.

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I guess they have no choice since it flopped in japan they have make their money somehow.

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Errr o.k

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I'll guess i will skip getting this game i've already heard bad reviews about it.

Well apart from the graphics upgrade it's just a COPY of COD4 which is way better i won't be running out to buy a ps3 and Killzone 2 just for that.

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That's a stupid Question since when has a Xbox360 game ever Flopped. Now if we were talking of ps3 i could name quite a few.

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Looks Awesome and to top it up it's EXCLUSIVE. Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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