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The scores are pretty consistent with the other Fatal Frame games though, so if you liked other titles in the series, then you'll probably like this one too. The series has never gotten amazing review scores (though i personally think it deserves more than a 5/10.)

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Do you mean the Midgar Zolom? I loved that thing!

There's a reason for it's existence that early in the game. Cloud and Co are no match for the Zolom and can be wiped out in a single turn, yet Sephiroth kills one with ease and displays its body as a warning. It was a great way to show how powerful the man you are chasing really is.

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I hated The 3rd Birthday, but really enjoyed Parasite Eve 2. It's more action-oriented than PE1 and was obviously influenced by the Resident Evil games, but I still had a lot of fun with it.

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I agree. I loved that Laguna and Raine's romance is subtle and never fully explained. We (as the player) don't even realize just how far their romance went until the very end of the game where Laguna visits a grave, and you assume it must be Julia's grave he is finally visiting, but it is revealed to be Raine's grave and she has Laguna's last name! So not only were they in a serious relationship, they were married!

It's one of my favorite moments in th...

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Shenmue sold 1.2 million copies so it was hardly a poor seller. The reason it was a "flop" is because the damn thing cost $40 million to make, so every Dreamcast owner would have had to buy the game twice for it to be profitable.

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Shenmue was actually a pretty popular game back in the day. IIRC it was the 3rd best selling game on the Dreamcast and sold over a million copies.

The main problem with the game was that it was on a console with a low user base, and the cost of development was so high that every Dreamcast owner would have had to buy the game TWICE for it to be profitable.

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Protecting Natalya in the control room is one of my first memories of gamer rage. I don't know how many times I attempted that level before I finally beat it >_>

I threw my N64 controller and almost broke the analogue stick. It never quite worked the same since! lol

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I forgot how gorgeous that place was until I saw the thumbnail.

FFVII's graphics might be outdated by today's standards, but some of the pre-rendered backgrounds are still quite pretty.

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This eel and the piano in the haunted house level scared the crap out of me when I was a kid.

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I think Drift Girls (the game in the thumbnail) is available in the West. I'm not sure about the others.

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Balamb Garden's training area was so ridiculous. I get why they have flying insects and angry plants for students to train against, but the freakin' T-Rex probably killed people who weren't prepared for it!

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Love the look of the Leviathan summon!

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Me too! This might sound crazy, but Deadly Premonition was one of my favorite games of last-gen.

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Final Fantasy VIII's intro still wows me to this day. It's so well made and choreographed (is 'choreographed' the right word for CGI scenes?) and the music is amazing.

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Exactly. I've been wanting to play a new Fatal Frame game since waaaaaay back when Fatal Frame 3 was released. We've already been snubbed once (with FF4), I'm just happy we're not being snubbed again!

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Eh. Not really. I used to work at JB Hi Fi and most people who buy games are either casual gamers, or people who are buying for a family member or friend, or people who know little about games so they buy games solely on word-of-mouth or whether they like the cover. Most of them probably don't know who Hideo Kojima is so adding his name isn't going to massively contribute to sales.

It's just a nice little nod to Kojima and the fans who support him.

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I think characters like Garnet, Celes, or Balthier are far more under-appreciated and deserving of praise.

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Meh. I still call her Aeris. I just think it sounds prettier than Aerith.

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I wish RE3 and RE2 had been remade together, since they happen around the same timeframe and could arguably be considered two parts of one whole story.

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I'd be happy if they retconned anything regarding the Wesker Children, Alex Wesker, and Wesker's son.

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