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I didn't mind that Kuja was androgynous, but I hated his weird thong...dress.....thing. It's hard to take a bd guy seriously when his navel keeps staring at me.

I agree with you on Seymour too. I can look past the pretty face, the crazy hair, and even the voice....but it was hard to take him seriously in his oversized purple kimono that was knotted so low it showed off his happy-trail.

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I don't think it seems hipster-ish. I think it seems more like something written by some middle-aged executive trying to sound "hip with the kids".

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This x100. I loved Shenmue for the same reason I love games like Deadly Premonition and Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (I loved the story, the characters, the feeling of being part of a 'living' world, being able to help random people in their everyday lives, etc)....and yet so many people and reviewers hated those games for those exact reasons. They found them tedious, boring, busywork, etc. But oh well, I enjoyed them and that's all that counts.

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Anyone who thinks Aerith's death should be optional doesn't understand the game's story, the ending, or the importance of Aerith being half-Cetra.

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Did you actually read the article? It has nothing to do with playing games, but developing them. David Mullich has produced games that have won awards, that have been remastered, and that are on "top games" lists...yet he can't get a job in the game industry because developers consider him too 'old'. It happens in all sorts of jobs. Companies don't care about how experiences or talented a person is, which is a real problem once a person hits their 40s or 50s and sudd...

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In this era of gaming, it definitely isn't unrealistic to expect a game to look like its concept art. The image above isn't impossible on console's today....Especially with a developer as experienced as Inafune and a 4 million dollar budget.

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Yeah, I hated what they did to her character in FFX-2. I understand that she would have wanted to live a normal teen life after the events of FFX, but did Square really have to do a complete 180 on her personality? She barely even resembled the soft-spoken, brave priestess from the first game.

Also, Yuna (and most of Spira) had just lost their entire belief system. They had literally found out that the God of their world didn't exist, that their temples were completely ...

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To be fair, most people would be pissed about being replaced in a job they enjoyed...especially one you've been doing for so long. Hayter had every right to be upset about it.

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I don't know, I'd say being a rich kid who wants to prove himself is a pretty decent motivation. It might not make him the deepest character in Uncharted, but his reasoning made sense and his insane desperation after 10 years of searching made him a pretty intimidating villain. And his cold, empty eyes.....creepy!

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I know I shouldn't listen to Polygon, but it worries me that they say the soundtrack isn't memorable. That was one of the best parts of the original. I still get the tunes stuck in my head every now and then.

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Yeah, I wasn't too bothered by the stealth because I've never been under the impression that Drake was a stealthy or quiet guy to begin with. It's nice to have the option of taking some enemies down stealthily, but obviously an Uncharted game isn't going to allow you to take down every single enemy with no trouble like you're Batman.

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Same. I adore the Uncharted series (and am having an absolute BLAST with U4) but Uncharted 3 was rather..."meh" for me. I vaguely recall one of the writers mentioning that the set-pieces had been designed first so the story had to be written around it, and imo it shows. Jumping from set-piece to set-piece was dizzying, and the countless 'epic' moments in the game lost their effect after a while. I also wasn't too invested in Marlowe and Talbot, which is a shame because M...

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It's not shaved. It's just braided tightly.

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Yeah, the detail in the character models were amazing. Especially the lighting and textures.

It still looks really impressive even to this day, imo...
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Yeah, I wish the world was a bit more populated. Some of the best parts of the game was finding the secret areas like the Deep Sea Research Center or the Shumi Village. There should have been more of that, tbh.

It also would have been awesome if most of the world map hadn't been cut off in the final disc. If anything, the Time Compression should have opened up MORE areas on the world map (e.g. ancient towns that existed in the past, or futuristic towns from the future)....

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Die Dire Docks is an amazing theme.

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There's an option to speed them up.

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Yeah, that's what annoys me. It's not a huge deal that the box art is generic, but it sucks there are so many talented artists out there who can create amazing eye-grabbing art, yet they never get to show it because generic boxart like this is always used.

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Yes, please!

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It especially makes no sense, considering FFIX is coming out on mobile and Steam soon. Wouldn't Square WANT to promote the game to people who might not be familiar with it?

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