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Oh man, that excites the hell out of me. If there's one thing I've been missing from recent FF games, it's awesome villains! :D

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That was te joke though. Since it is based in the same universe as the Alien films, it tried to replicate the same look of the technology used in the films. I thought that was a great little touch. It left the game with a funny sort of retro, but futuristic, feel.

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OVER BUCKS9000?!!!


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I think the reason FFIX didn't sell so well is that it came out just after the PS2 was released. So most people had already bought, or were planning to buy, the next big gaming console. And most gaming magazines (and early game sites) were hyping up the PS2 like crazy. So games that were released late into the PSone's lifetime (like FFIX) didn't get the hype or attention they deserved.

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Not gonna lie, towards the end of the game I just kept blasting it in the face with the flame thrower and running for my life, because I was so sick of having to hide every time it showed up.

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You only need to collect 100 coins per level for a star, but there are more than 100 coins in each level. This isn't counting the coins that are impossible to reach due to weird programming errors (like the one in this video).

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Yeah, Fontaine was obviously a smart guy and a brilliant conman, so it was a bit disappointing seeing him go all "moustache-twirling mwahahaha villain" after the twist. I guess some of that could be attributed to him finally deciding to use ADAM, but it would have been nice to see more of the manipulative, intelligent, wily side of him who is basically responsible for single-handedly bringing down Rapture.

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Tbh, I think the original Resident Evil game would make for a pretty decent horror film because it's such a self-contained story with a nice twist at the end. But it's probably too late for that now. The zombie genre is over-saturated, and audiences nowadays would probably roll their eyes at a typical "zombies inside a mansion" story.

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I think a lot of people were expecting an epic story-heavy game (like previous MGS games) that ultimately ended in players going through the plot of Metal Gear 2 and facing (and losing against) Solid Snake.

I think the more mission-heavy open-world aspects of the game, coupled with an ending that people might be upset with (not playing as the 'real' Big Boss), is why a lot of people were disappointed with MGS5.

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I genuinely heard one of Gwen Stefiani's early 2000s songs on the "retro" station at work the other day. Never ave I felt so old! lol

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Galaxy 1/2 and 3D World are great games, but they are more like a 2D Mario game set in a linear 3D world than a 'true' sequel to Mario 64.

One of the things that made Super Mario 64 so great was the large, expansive worlds and the ability to stumble across secrets, hidden areas, and other stars during your journey. It was more of a platforming adventure game than many later 3D Mario games were.

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I wear glasses so I'm basically screwed if they ever broke :(

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Haha. A+ reference!

Poor Wimbley. Forced to quit because nobody wanted to join the Garden festival committee :(

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Not sure why you're being downvoted for this. Maybe people just haven't played FFIX for a while, so they don't remember how slow the battle intro was? Because, yeah, it really was a bit unnecessary to introduce the same battle area EVERY time you encounter an enemy.

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Yeah, my first thought wasn't censorship. My first thought was that someone over at Capcom realized how dumb the jello-like physics look and removed it for that reason.

Granted, boobs generally don't sit completely still in a bra. But they don't roll around like a buoy in water either.

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Well, she was an evil murderous grandma, so I wouldn't have felt too bad about punching her in the face! haha

But I guess I just expected more than simply watching her die in a cutscene. Obviously she wouldn't have been able to beat Drake in a one-on-fight, but it would have been cool if she was SOMEHOW involved in a final 'boss battle' of sorts. Maybe have a gameplay sequence where Drake shoots at the brass urn's chains to d...

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Wasn't the Talbot boss battle a QTE fight too? I remember being disappointed by the end of U3 because of how anticlimactic the final boss fight was. There was so much lead up to the ending, and then Talbot dies after a short QTE fight, then Marlowe dies during a bloody cutscene! We didn't even get to take her on :(

But I really enjoyed the final boss in U4 because there was actually a bit of strategy to it. You had to watch and react to Rafe's movements. It kept...

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System Shock 2 is definitely the better of the two SS games, but it is recommended to play SS1 first to fully understand the events (and a certain 'twist' scene) of the second game.

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This x100. I don't care if the graphics are outdated or if it doesn't quite live up to the vision of the devs. I'll just be happy to finally have closure on the story, because that's more than what I thought we'd ever get before Shenmue 3 was announced.

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The devs have said that music still needs to be added to the levels, which is probably why the character noises seem so noticeable. :)

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