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Even better. It's coming out this year:

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All of them?

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I think it would be great if they could update the gameplay so it's more modern and fast-paced, but also allow us to control more than one character and strategize like you can in the original game.

I don't know if that would be possible, but I'll be happy as long as we don't end up with a battle system where we can only control Cloud and nobody else.

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Each Final Fantasy game (in the main series) is set in a different universe with different characters, so you won't be lost if you played FFVII first.

If you don't mind playing a retro game with outdated graphics, random battles, and some odd translation issues, then I'd definitely recommend playing it. It still holds up as an amazing RPG with memorable characters, a great story, and an interesting world. It's largely considered one of the best in the series and...

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It's hard to tell how serious the game will be based off a brief video showing Midgar though. The slums are a dark and murky place filled with pollution, poverty, illness and prostitution. So it makes sense that it will look dark and serious. A trailer showing the Gold Saucer or Icicle Inn might have looked different.

Hopefully Square won't get rid of too much humor from the original game. Part of it's charm was how silly and outlandish certain parts of the game w...

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It's good to hear they won't get rid of the silly/crazy elements of the game. HD-Cloud in a dress is going to be hilarious.

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I don't think Goldeneye has aged too badly, tbh. There are far more outdated FPS games out there that a new generation of gamers would have a difficult time getting into. I recently had a 4-player session with some friends who'd never played it before, and once they figured out the controls and which screen their character was on, they had a blast. I was pleasantly surprised by how much they loved it.

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Can't wait for this game! It's a shame Nintendo don't seem to be interested in marketing it much though :(

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If my random search on Google images is anything to go by, Cloud will make a very convincing girl in PS4 graphics lol...

It will be interesting to ...

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Oh man, if they change Cloud's personality to match his Advent Children personality, I'll be annoyed. I love the jokey, somtimes goofy, always-the-butt-of-jokes Cloud from the original game.

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Nintendo are like, "we own this very interesting franchise that belongs in a genre that it's not represented much on our systems.... lets hide that."

They did the exact same thing with Fatal Frame 4 and it frustrates me. What's the point of such a big-name company buying the rights to a series if they aren't going to advertise it at all.

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Hell, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are absolutely gorgeous to look at, and those games came out a generation ago on the Wii! So the Wii U is hardly to blame for Star Fox Zero's graphics.

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I can't wait to see Sephiroth's SuperNova.

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You bring up an interesting point,
-Gespenst-. The FFVII Compilation changed quite a few things in the FFVII canon (e.g. Genesis being at the Nibelheim incident, the existence of the original AVALANCHE team, Vincent's limit break being a WEAPON, Vincent's dad being a part of the Jenova project, etc). So I wonder if that stuff will be included in the remake, or if Square will just ignore it? Because it seems like they lost interest in coninuing the FFVII Compilation after Dirg...

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Seeing the world map and the various locations in gorgeous HD graphics is what I'm most looking forward to.

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I like plain boxart. It always stands out amongst the busier/messier boxarts on the game store shelf :)

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All of them?

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It's funny you mention that. Apparently a new Front Mission is about to be announced:

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Yes, please!

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I hope not :(

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