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Not really though. We have an R-rating, but games still get banned here if they are deemed too gory or too sexual for even an 18 year old. It's ridiculous.

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Her amazing writing is the reason I love the Legacy of Kain series so much. It's a shame the series never continued, though it would probably suck without her :(

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I always thought Rinoa was pretty popular in Japan, but I guess that has changed over time. She's definitely one of my favorite FF characters.

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I wonder how successful a gaming show on Channel 7 would even be? Channel 7 is all about reality TV, bland non-threatening dramas, and generic lifestyle shows aimed at middle aged and senior viewers. I can't imagine too many of their viewers would tune in for a show about video games hosted by two outspoken late-20-somethings.

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Personally I'm not a fan of either the Japanese OR English crying scene. The English one sounds half-assed, but the Japanese one was that horrible stereotypical over-the-top wail that so many female anime characters do. Nobody actually cries like that.

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I will never live down the moment my mom walked into the room while the LeBlanc massage scene was playing D:

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Except it doesn't make a lick of sense at all. She was an extremely traditional and religious woman who found out her entire belief and faith system was a lie. Everything she had strived towards and was raised to believe was pointless. Not to mention, her first love disappeared and she barely had any time to even say a proper goodbye. Most people don't just bounce back from that and do a complete 180 on their personality in a mere two years. That's not character growth. That...

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I don't think it would have made a huge difference for a game like this, tbh. It's already a niche title with very Japanese style, themes, and humor. People who aren't interested in that sort of thing still wouldn't play it even if it had English voices. It was never going to have mainstream appeal because it simply isn't a game aimed at mainstream Western audiences.

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I remember reading somewhere that the reason Kefka is so different nowadays is because Nomura or Kitase (can't remember which one) much preferred the English/Woolsley translation of Kefka (because it gave him a more colorful personality and more memorable lines), so they ended up changing his characterization for Dissidia so it's closer to the English interpretation.

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Remember the kid whose parents named him Sephiroth? He's ten years old now. Wonder how people react to his name:

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How is Yuna a damsel in distress? She's easily one of the most competent and strong-willed heroes in all of FF games. She went on a freakin' pilgrimage to defeat the evil of the world, knowing full well it would end in her death. The only time she was "in distress" was when she was captured by the Al Bhed, and that was only because they specifically targeted her to prevent her from completing her pilgrimage. Not because she was a woman or because she was weaker than the othe...

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I didn't mind Adel, though a bit more backstory would have been good to see. She was supposed to be a terrifying and oppressive ruler 20 years prior to the game, but that wasn't really shown with her brief appearance. It would have been cool to see a proper Laguna flashback that actually showed how scary it was to live under Adel's reign, showing Laguna fighting in the resistance group, and ending in a boss battle against her where he finally sealed her in the Sorceress Memorial c...

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I'm replaying FFVII now and had completely forgotten how many funny lines Cloud has in the game. I was nearly rolling on the floor when he is dressed like a woman and Don Corneo's men are coming onto him, and he reveals that he is a man with the line, "I ain't INTERESTED in a buncha scrubs like you!"

He could have said anything badass to reveal himself, but instead he went with that haha. Oh, how I love the goofy Cloud from FFVII ("Let's mosey...

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That's not poor mechanics though. Trico's animal behavior is deliberately programmed to be like that. Ueda himself said that it's going to frustrate some gamers because Trico isn't going to listen to them most of the time, and he acknowledged that the game isn't going to be for everyone because of this. If you don't have the patience for that sort of thing, that's fine. Not everybody will. But that's not a fault of the game.

Bringing attenti...

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Oh man, that excites the hell out of me. If there's one thing I've been missing from recent FF games, it's awesome villains! :D

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That was te joke though. Since it is based in the same universe as the Alien films, it tried to replicate the same look of the technology used in the films. I thought that was a great little touch. It left the game with a funny sort of retro, but futuristic, feel.

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OVER BUCKS9000?!!!

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I think the reason FFIX didn't sell so well is that it came out just after the PS2 was released. So most people had already bought, or were planning to buy, the next big gaming console. And most gaming magazines (and early game sites) were hyping up the PS2 like crazy. So games that were released late into the PSone's lifetime (like FFIX) didn't get the hype or attention they deserved.

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Not gonna lie, towards the end of the game I just kept blasting it in the face with the flame thrower and running for my life, because I was so sick of having to hide every time it showed up.

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You only need to collect 100 coins per level for a star, but there are more than 100 coins in each level. This isn't counting the coins that are impossible to reach due to weird programming errors (like the one in this video).

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