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Final Fantasy VIII's intro still wows me to this day. It's so well made and choreographed (is 'choreographed' the right word for CGI scenes?) and the music is amazing. #1.1
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Exactly. I've been wanting to play a new Fatal Frame game since waaaaaay back when Fatal Frame 3 was released. We've already been snubbed once (with FF4), I'm just happy we're not being snubbed again! #4.1
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Eh. Not really. I used to work at JB Hi Fi and most people who buy games are either casual gamers, or people who are buying for a family member or friend, or people who know little about games so they buy games solely on word-of-mouth or whether they like the cover. Most of them probably don't know who Hideo Kojima is so adding his name isn't going to massively contribute to sales.

It's just a nice little nod to Kojima and the fans who support him. #1.2.4
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I think characters like Garnet, Celes, or Balthier are far more under-appreciated and deserving of praise. #6
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Meh. I still call her Aeris. I just think it sounds prettier than Aerith. #1.2
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I wish RE3 and RE2 had been remade together, since they happen around the same timeframe and could arguably be considered two parts of one whole story. #10.1
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I'd be happy if they retconned anything regarding the Wesker Children, Alex Wesker, and Wesker's son. #4.2.4
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MGS1 is one of my favorite games too. I loved the later games in the series as well, but there's something about MGS1 that was just....perfect, imo. #11.1
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Not only that, but nostalgia does tend to warp peoples' memories a bit. The 90s and early 2000s had some great horror series like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Alone in the Dark, Clocktower, etc.....but there was a lot of crap too like Darkseed 2, D, Illbleed, Deep Fear, The Ring: Terror's Realm, and Night Trap (the latter was a fine example of the countless awful FMV horror games that came out back then).

People tend to forget that times haven't chang... #1.2
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FFIX isn't my favorite in the series, but it's a horribly underrated game imo! Such a great story, characters, and world. #8.2
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The same could be said of any interest or hobby though. Some people collect stamps, or teapots, or wrestling memorabilia. It might seem useless and pointless to most people, but the collectors get enjoyment out of it. Hell, many people think playing video games is a pointless past-time and a waste of money, but I'm sure most of us on N4G would disagree with that! #1.2
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To be fair, you can't really tell what a character will be like based off a single image. Hell, just look at Aerith from FFVII. She is a feminine girl wearing a pink dress, with a pink bow in her hair, who sells flowers and cares for her elderly mother. Based solely off her appearance, that doesn't exactly scream "strong heroine" yet she is one of the strongest, bravest, and most memorable characters in the whole FF series.

Who knows, Luna might end up bein... #11.1
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" Even you must admit that they dancing the same choreography as everyone else is at least a little over the top. Or should we believe that Squall actually took dance lessons? "

I don't think it's over the top. Considering its mentioned the Garden has those graduation dances every year, it's entirely possible the students have to take dance lessons for that exact reason. It would also come in handy if they are ever on a mission that required them to danc... #1.1.9
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Can't believe it's almost 15 years since FFX was released. Suddenly I feel old... #7
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I hope we get a psychical copy, but I'll settle for a digital release if it's the only option. I'm just happy we're getting this game in the West. After FF4, I was worried we'd never see a main Fatal Frame game localized again. #1.1
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I'm surprised they aren't remaking RE2 and RE3 as one game. They're both set around the same timeframe and feel so similar they might as well be two parts of one game. #5.1
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I don't really care about the game one way or the other. I just noticed there weren't many reviews on N4G even though the game came out recently, so I thought I'd post some. I'd happily post the positive reviews too, but there aren't many. #1.1
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It's true that Shenmue is a niche title. But FFVII definitely isn't. It sells well every time it is re-released, and most modern gamers are at least familiar with the characters from popular culture and spin-off titles (Crisis Core, Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts, etc) #2.3
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I sometimes wonder if Edea was originally supposed to be the main villain, but Square changed their mind during development when they realized it would be too dark for Squall and Co. to kill the woman who raised them. It seemed odd to give Edea such a detailed backstory that directly links her to the main characters...only for it to never really be utilized later on in the game. And Ultimecia's introduction at the end of disc 2 is so sudden and out-of-the-blue that it's almost bizarre... #1.1
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I often wonder if Squaresoft ran out of time while making FFVIII and had to rush the ending, because disc 4 seems so short and hurried compared to the rest of the game.

I loved the design of Ultimecia's castle, but it would have been cool to see what the world was like after Time Compression. Having all the towns blocked off was such a cop-out. I would have loved to see different time periods warped and mashed together into one setting (e.g. seeing Sorcerer Hyne's tim... #3.1.1
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