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I'm so happy this game is doing well. I loved it on N64. #1
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I feel dumb. I had no idea he voiced Johnny Gat. #4
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Ouch. I was not expecting to see scores this low :( #3
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You don't need to keep capturing the fairies every time you reset to day 1. They ony re-spawn because you have returned to the time when they hadn't been captured yet. But if you have already got an upgrade from the Great Fairy, then you don't need to capture them again because you won't get any reward this time around.

You keep most of the major story-related items you collect in the game, but all the side-quests are reset when you return to day 1. You don... #1.1
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Nice to see Legacy of Kain getting some love. Simon Templeman was incredible as Kain. #6
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I dunno, Raven's Cry getting a 1/10 seems justified. The bugs and technical issues are so prevalent that some sites have said you can't even finish the game because it crashes before you can finish the story. D: #4.1
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Apparently you can't even beat the game. Some sites have said there is a bug that causes the game to crash before you can finish the story. D: #3.2
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@MiyamotoSon: Majora's Mask has a pretty slow start so I understand why you might have been put off by it, but once you get past the first three days, the world opens up and you can start completing the side-quests and temples. The first three days act like more of a prologue than anything.

And yep, you can reset the days an infinite amount of times. In fact, that's exactly how you're supposed to play the game! :D Once you learn some songs that let you slow down/r... #1.3
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Well excuuuuuuuuse me, princess! #1.1
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It would be awesome to see a remake of RE2 and RE3 as one game (since they're set around the same time). I miss Raccoon City. #4.1
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I love how the 3DS version looks, especially the eerie redness of Termina Field. But I'm not a fan of the moon's new design. It's wider nose and big eyes make it look kinda goofy imo. #1.5
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I'm surprised people still don't get that Jenova was Sephiroth's bitch in the game. It's like the watched the Nibelheim flashback and nothing else. Sure, the mistranslations can make certain parts of the game difficult to follow, but I thought it was made pretty obvious that Sephiroth (not Jenova) is the one in control.

Hell, Sephiroth spent most of the game destroying pieces of Jenova's main body (they were the Jenova bosses the player battled) and trying... #5.1
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I liked Sunshine, but I would prefer a Super Mario 64 sequel. I loved the controls, the open-levels, the exploration, etc. It would be amazing to see that sort of game nowadays, but on a MUCH larger scale. #17
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I kinda like the eye. Apparently all the bosses have Majora's eye on them now, so I think it's supposed to represent Majora's possession over the bosses.

A couple of sites have mentioned that the eye makes this battle a bit more difficult too, because it's a smaller 'weak spot' instead of Odolwa's entire body being a weak spot. Apparently all of the boss battles have been slightly altered so that they are more challenging and there is more strategy... #4.1
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Oh man, Nemesis scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. I remember almost having a heart-attack when I realized he could follow you through doors. #2.1
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My advice would be to avoid fighting as many zombies as you can, and conserve as much ammo and health items as possible. You're going to need them for the more difficult enemies that show up later in the game :) #3.1
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It seems to be showing up at the front of the store now. Though I was disappointed to discover we have to pay $30 for it :( #1.1
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Journey isn't a very accessible game for newcomers imo. The lack of a proper story or specific goals might be off-putting to people who already don't 'get' gaming. I've also found that a lot of non-gamers have trouble with 3D games because of the controls. They can't get their heads around moving their character through a 3D space AND controlling the camera AND performing multiple actions (opening doors, flicking through menu screens, toggling items, etc). It all becom... #16.2
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The new control system is great imo. It doesn't make the game too easy, but it definitely makes controlling the characters feel more natural, and there are less instances where you'll be trying to turn away from a zombie and accidentally run straight into it instead. #2.1
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If I recall correctly, Wesker will also leave health items and helpful hints around the mansion for Chris. Barry will leave health items and weapons around the mansion for Jill. #5.1.1
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