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Maybe because those smaller sites can actually see what this game is aiming for and whether it succeeded, while the bigger sites have been whining that this game wasn't as 'epic' as they were expecting, has outdated parts, or didn't revolutionize the platformer genre (even though Yooka Laylee never promised to do any of that).

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Yeah, it seems that people who were expecting a "Banjo Threeie" are happy with the game, while people who (for some reason) thought this revolutionise the 3D platformer are disappointed.

I don't know why the author thought this would "move the genre forward". It never promised to do that at all. It's always been marketed as a N64 styled Rareware game.

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Eh. Most critics seem to be giving it between 7/10 and 10/10 reviews. Anything that's 2/10 seems pretty unreasonable by comparison. It certainly isn't a broken game.

Though it's interesting that Jim Sterling gave it such a low score for having so many performance problems and for being outdated, when he gave Deadly Premonition a 10/10 despite having the exact same sort of problems (but on a much worse scale).

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Gamers nowadays don't actually like games. They much prefer to boycott upcoming devs and hope their games fail, than to ignore controversy and celebrate a new developer making a potentially good game

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That's actually a point made in the video. The environments and location designs were mostly done by Bioware, which is why they look fine. But the character models and animations were outsourced to a cheaper studio, which is why they look so crap by comparison.

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There's no point trying to explain it to them. They're probably too young to understand how businesses and professionals actually work when it comes to things like this. They'd rather blame the evuuul SJWs and call it "censorship" (even though nobody has censored Jontron at all) than actually open their eyes and see that any business would do the exact same thing if their employee started spouting the sort of stuff Jontron was.

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Amen to that. It makes me sad to see how many gamers have suddenly turned on Playtonic and who are now hoping their game fails AND hoping they go bankrupt. And for what? Over some stupid youtube "celebrity" controversy?

This sort of attitude is exactly what is wrong with the gaming community nowadays. Gamers seem more interested in creating drama and celebrating when certain devs fail than just shutting up and enjoying the medium they supposedly love.

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You hope a new developer fails over some shitty youtube "celebrity" controversy? People like you are exactly what's wrong with the gaming community nowadays.

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Holy shit, this guy has an annoying voice :/

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Yeah, I hope there's a good reason for Nadine and Chloe to work together in this game., because Nadine obviously didn't give a crap about the treasure OR getting paid by the end of Uncharted 4. She just wanted to leave the ship alive. So it seems unlikely that she suddenly got a craving for treasure hunting after such a horrible event.

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Weaboos gotta weaboo.

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Yeah, Tarkin from Rogue One is an example of 'uncanny valley'. This, on the other hand, is just....creepy looking.

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Yeah, I actually hate the 'Squall is dead' theory (and how many people believe it) because it essentially makes 70+ hours of the game completely pointless for no reason. It doesn't improve the story at all.

Honestly, I think the only reason Square even had Squall get impaled with the ice is because they wanted to include a similar scene to Aerith getting stabbed, giving gamers a brief moment of panic that another main character had just died, only for things to...

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No way, Triple Triad was amazing!

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I agree. It's sad to see how many Zelda articles have comments hating on this game just because it's a Zelda/Nintendo game. Can't people just be happy that other gamers are enjoying it? We're all gamers here - we should be thrilled that a new game is doing so well, not insulting the fans for enjoying it.

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Just goes to show how many people only read the title of an article and nothing else :/

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Dude, if you actually read the article you'd know it is just a bunch of artwork to advertise the game for UK audiences. It has nothing to do with the game's actual story.

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Apparently you can expand them while you play though. When you collect more Pagies, the worlds get bigger so there are more things to do and explore. IIRC, the difficulty also gets harder every time a world expands, too.

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Plenty of reviews have mentioned minor framerate issues and pop-ins, but nothing serious enough to take away from the enjoyment of the overall game. Especially since some reviewers are already calling this a major contender for Game of the Year.

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There's a whole list of games on Wikipedia that have been banned in Australia even after the 18+ rating came in (Hotline Miami 2, Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni, MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death) OR they have been edited/censored to allow an R-rating (e.g. South Park Stick of Truth).

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