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Lol. This 'trick' has been around since CDs first existed.

It works...sort of. But it's a better idea to just get them professionally cleaned at your local DVD rental store. They usually do it for free anyway.

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Admittedly, Capcom DID ask for fans' opinions on the game. They asked for feedback and they openeded an official Facebook page for the game. They WANT to know what gamers think of it.

And when gamers responded, they were called whiners. wtf.

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Which makes no sense, since Dante was a teen (early 20s?) in Devil May Cry 3. And he already had his Devil Never Cry business and how white hair at that young age. Plus, the Dante in this game looks older than the Dante in DMC3. So surely it couldn't be a prequel to DMC3?

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Angel form? What the hell are you doing, Ninja Theory? :/

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My first thought was the awesome car-explosion scene:

Most games would make a scene like that into cutscene, but Uncharted made it made the player feel like they're inside a movie. It's small things like that which makes the game so memorable.

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I hate that there are so many articles that say things like "games should stop doing ....... and should be more like ......." Let developers create the game they want to create. There's nothing wrong with a cinematic game, just like there's nothing wrong with a game that has no cutscenes. They are just two different styles of games.

Also, I never thought I'd see the day when people were complaining that a game's cutscenes are TOO seamless. What does...

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Would Elena and Drake even want to have a baby at a time like this? Elena has a career, Drake is a treasure hunter who travels the world, they both do a lot of life-threatening climbing and stunts, they both probably have a lot of enemies who want them dead, etc.
It doesn't seem like a very good idea for Elena to get pregnant right now.

I could maybe see them settling down and having a kid at the veeeeeery end of the series. But definitely not yet. It wouldn't...

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Do the mutations from Parasite Eve count? They were pretty creepy -

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Doesn't mean she isn't cute though :D

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Dude, Naughty Dog have made two Uncharted games. How the hell is that "milking the franchise"?

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As long as they keep on making awesome Uncharted games, I will always want more!

Why stop when you have something so amazing? :D

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Oops, that was meant to say "DMC's gameplay is NOTHING like Legacy of Kain's gameplay."

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Um...why not recycle Devil May Cry's combat engine...since y'know...this is a Devil May Cry game!!

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Similar to Legacy of Kain? o.O
Not sure where you got that from, since DMC's gameplay is NOTHING like DMC's gameplay. They're barely even in the game genre. If I had to make a comparison, I'd say LoK's gameplay is more similar to Uncharted's (just not as fluid), which makes sense considering Amy Hennig was behind both of them. But yeah, DMC and LoK plays very differently.

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It might be a good game.

But it won't be a good Devil May Cry game.

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Strangely enough, he had no interest in playing the games. Maybe he just liked looking at the boxes! :D

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I can't remember the first game I ever played. But the first game I ever completed was Dracula: The Undead for the Atari Lynx (pictured). I was 4 years old and didn't really understand what was going on because I could barely read, but I eventually figured out that if I walked around each room and made a note about every object I saw, eventually I would win. hahaha

Years later, I realized there were only 4 or 5 things in the game I actually had to make notes about (li...

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Whatever you think they spoiled is probably waaaaaaaay off. SH2 has some pretty fucked up twists. Even if you know what's going to happen. :D :D

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IMO it's the exact opposite - The new voices don't suit the characters at all. They might sound more "professional" but they don't suit the characters' personalities.

Maria is supposed to sound both sexy and dangerous. She switches between being the sultry 'perfect woman' that James has always wanted, and the crazed mood-swinging psycho who can't stand James not being there for her. Her original voice was perfect for that.

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Hmmm...I know Silent Hill 2 doesn't have the best voice acting, but I actually think they made it WORSE.

Maria is the one that bothers me the most. The point of that scene is that is hints towards Maria not quite being what she appears to be. Not only has is she miraculously alive after being attacked, but she also keeps switching voices and moods, which makes the players question whether she really is Mary or not. The new voice doesn't really portray that. It doesn&#...

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