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IDK I can understand people being disappointed that it isn't the character driven how-would-real-people-respond- to-the-horrors-of-a-zombie-apoc alypse story that was originally advertise.

With that being said, that really shouldn't effect the game's score. Rate the game for what it is, not what it isn't.

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Japan is a very career-oriented society though. I (sadly) know of people who have committed suicide over losing their jobs, because the shame of not being employed was far more important to them than their own life. Quite sad. :(

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Thank you so much for mentioning that site, zerocrossing! I've been looking for a good online Japanese course for ages (since my uni sucks at teaching it)!

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Wait...Snake and Otacon aren't canon? Madness!

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I'm surprised Albert Wesker isn't on the list, tbh. :O

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OMG "Snotacon" is the best pairing name ever! :D

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She looks a bit like Sarah Connor from Terminator 2. :O

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Oh man...I miss the Rare of the N64 days. They made some amazing games. :(

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NGL, my poor bank account has been suffering because so many good games have come out recently. :O

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Same here. I plan on buying Dead Island because I can't get enough of the zombie genre, but I'm a bit disappointed that it won't be the character driven how-would-real-people-respond- to-the-horrors-of-a-zombie-apoc alypse story that was originally advertized.

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Eh. Mainstream J-pop is pretty much the equivalent of Wester pop. There's just as much autotuning and silly fluffy songs in their charts as there is in our charts.

With that being said, Koda Kumi and BoA have rockin' voices so I wish they were included in the Western version. I don't know why they bother making different versions tbh. Why not just have a 'Japanese section' and a 'Western section' in all versions of the games? That way, everyone w...

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I remember the days when an 8/10 meant "this game has minor issues, but YOU MUST STILL BUY ITTTT!"

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Actually it IS something that has bugged me since Resident Evil 2. I mean...the entire population of Raccoon City had been infected, yet we only saw one kid in the whole game. Maybe I'm weird, but when I'm playing a game I notice stuff like that. It's the kind of stuff that pulls me out of a game.

That's not to say Dead Island won't be good. I'm still going to buy it. But I'm pretty annoyed that the devs gave into the complaints and removed kids al...

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Every other aspect of Drake's life is full of danger and mystery. Maybe he likes his women to be the opposite of that. :D

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Hmmm...I don't agree with the girl that the devs were right in removing the zombie children from the game. Of course it would be disturbing to shoot zombie children...but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be any kids in the game at all. A zombie apocalypse is MEANT to be disturbing. Shooting anyone (women, men, children, pets, etc) is a horrible thing, but it's what needs to be done in order to survive. It ruins any sense of realism if you're fighting your way through hoar...

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Like I said, different cultures have different ideas of masculinity. Most of the FF men really aren't that unusual in terms of Japanese heroes. Westerners might think they're feminine, but I'd wager it's mostly because the West just isn't used to Asia's idea of male attractiveness/beauty...or to seeing a typical Asian man in a heroic/masculine role.

(seriously, when was the last time an Asian actor was cast as a manly hero in a Hollywood movie? Or as a...

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Haha, I love Shao Kahn's taunts.

There's something so hilarious about a thousands-of-years-old, evil, realm-destroying, immortal warrior who's taunts consist of "You suck!" and "Is that the best you've got?"

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Maybe it's because I've played/watched too many Japanese horrors, but I'd argue the early Silent Hill games have a very distinct Japanese flavor that the later games definitely don't have. The Japanese approach horror very differently than the West and it shows in their horror games. Games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill might have been inspired by Western/American horror, but they were still very Japanese in their way of storytelling/setting/atmospher e/etc.

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"Samus Aran??? Really...? You played with the character for the whole game assuming that the character was male. How does that promote a positive female character? How does that portray her as a woman when she is portrayed as a stereotypical male throughout the game?"

But WAS she portrayed as a stereotypical male in the original game? I think that's the point the devs were trying to make...Gamers automatically assumed she was a male just because she was a kick a...

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At this point, I'd just be happy with a good protagonist of EITHER gender.

I haven't found a Silent Hill protagonist interesting since Heather from SH3. :(

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