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Aww, now I want him to play Drake in the movie. He'd be so much fun to watch.

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Believe it or not, I actually did take two years of psych at university (before switching my major), and that still doesn't account for the fact that the media (and womens groups in general) seem to think all females need to be 'protected' from the big bad scantily-clad thin women lest they fall prey to their weak womanly minds. It's just patronizing.

Hell, I'm a girl and I went through high school, so I totally understand the pressures of having to look a...

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@Tanir: But that's the point...the games and movies have nothing to do with each other. So we can't use the game plots to make sense of the movies. And we shouldn't have to, tbh. The movies should make sense as standalone titles, so that even non-RE fans can understand what the hell is going on.

Afterlife isn't set after Code Veronica because Code Veronica never happened in the movies. Chris and Claire knew nothing about Umbrella, Wesker or the zombies. Alice ...

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@WhiteLightning: I definitely agree there. I can't help but think Paul Anderson ONLY saw the RE5 trailers, but never actually played or researched the game...or even bothered to look it up on wikipedia.

The scene where Wesker meets Chris and Claire proves it. There were a lot of RE5 quotes in that scene, but they made no sense in the context of the movies. For example, Wesker says "Chris and Claire really are becoming quite an inconvenience to me"...

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I'm surprised there are people who still think MK shouldn't be in tournaments because it's is a noob-friendly game that anybody can pick up and play. Sure, you can probably button mash your way through most of the story mode, but if you're up against a competitive player who knows all the special moves and combos, you won't have a hope in hell of winning. A fair bit of strategy is involved in defeating an opponent, tbh.

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It's Mortal Kombat. Just because they're dead, doesn't mean they're never coming back.

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OMG I read that as "Heavy Metal Gear Solid" and was like, "wait? there's a new game?"

Then I realized what they meant :O

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Makes sense, tbh. I'm surprised it isn't more common in game worlds. I mean, they don't live by our world's laws and religions. So it seems weird that so many game worlds don't have same-sex marriage even though nothing in the games would imply that homosexuality is seen as wrong in their world.

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NGL, I think Silent Hill 4 has some of the most disturbing imagery in the entire series. The rotting bloodied otherworld, the giant siamese twin monsters, the giant face, etc.

The backtracking and lack of bosses might have been a pain in the ass, but imo it more than made up for that with it's atmosphere and story. That shit was frigging disturbing!

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That's like saying Devil May Cry 1 isn't canon in the DMC series because it started out as a Resident Evil game. Just because Sh4 started out as a different game, doesn't mean it isn't canon. Konami didn't make a completely different game then slap the title "Silent Hill 4" onto it at the last minute. VERY early in the other game's development they realized creating a new IP wasn't working, so they moved the ideas to a Silent Hill game. And thus, Silent H...

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I think the problem with the new voice acting is that it just doesn't suit the characters. The old voice acting wasn't the best (iirc James's voice actor was a random guy who decided to audition for the lolz), but at least they suited the characters' personalities. Eddie sounded childish and immature, Maria switched from 'sweet and loving' to 'crazy and psychotic' within a heartbeat, James was clueless and dopey, etc.

The new VAs seem to be try...

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I think the biggest complainers are probably those who have never read a Batman comic, and just assume that Robin is as annoying as the Robin in the movies...or the one from the 60s tv series.

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"and what the heck was that crhis' character design!"

I can look past Chris's character design, but I will NEVER forgive Capcom for destroying Wesker's character by turning him into a boring stereotypical I-WANT-TO-TAKE-OVER-THE-WORLD- MWAHAHAHA villain.

He was so much better as a shady mysterious always-working-behind-the-scen es puppet-master.

(And don't even get me started on his stupid backstory with the "Wes...

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IDK I think it's a bit much to assume he's being guilted into getting rid of his PS3 based on a single sentence on a facebook page.

For all we know the girlfriend just offhandedly mentioned she wanted a Wii too, or the boyfriend might not have wanted a PS3 to begin with (seems strange to me that he would receive such an expensive gift only to consider getting rid of it straight away. I know nothing could have parted me from my PS3 when I first bought it. It was mine, ...

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Bleh. I'll never understand why there are people who keep insisting that women are weak fragile little flowers who will develop horrible body/self-esteem issues over seeing a fictional scantily-clad woman. Seriously, if a girl looks at Juliet and develops a self-esteem issue, then she probably had self-esteem issues to begin with and needs to seek help for that.

And I'll never understand why there are people who keep insisting that men are stupid neanderthals who are ...

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While I personally prefer the PS3 (and I'm a *gasp* girl), I don't think it's fair to lecture people who prefer the Wii on why their opinion is wrong, or to call the girls who prefer the Wii "screeching banshees"...just because they said they would keep their Wii. Seriously, wtf?

Everybody has different tastes. It's hardly "horrifying" that some people might prefer the Wii and its titles over the PS3 and its titles. Different strokes for di...

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I'm not even worried about it becoming multiplatform.
I just want it to be a good game.

I doubt FFXIII would have been good even if it HAD been an exclusive title (seriously, if Square can make a good RPG on 8-bit and 64-bit consoles, they should be able to make a good RPG on multiplat HD consoles. They had no excuse for some of the choices they made with FFXIII's design).

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Nah, it's definitely been almost 6 years. I remember it being announced in 2006 (waaay back when I was in high school).

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@newn4gguy: FFIV doesn't have an English option, but if you import the Japanese version there's an English patch you can download to get it run with English subtitles.

You don't need to have homebrew or anything. There's more info on the patch here:

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It's kinda depressing that fans can make video game inspired movies (no matter how short) SO MUCH BETTER than Hollywood and their million dollar budgets.

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