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I don't think it's the accent the author's complaining about. It's more the manly voice and the 'slave slang' that makes her sound like those old racist movies and cartoons from the 30s and 40s:

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It's practically the same fighting mechanics as DMC. Hell, it's better.

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Are you honestly surprised? Most of the Fatal Frame fanbase played the games on Sony consoles. Of course they're going to be disappointed the next FF game isn't coming to Vita or Ps3.

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Eh. Hollywood has used less in the past and made it work. e.g. Mortal Kombat wasn't too bad of a movie.

If Hollywood really tried they could make anything work. With the millions of dollars that get put into movies, I'm surprised there are only a few blockbusters each year. There really is no excuse for them to be constantly putting out hundreds of shitty movies each year. :/

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I can't help but think the devs didn't intend on her sounding like that...but then whoever cast the voice actress decided to be a dick and said "sound as stereotypical as you can! mwahahaha!" The slang/voice just doesn't seem to match her appearance. It's like watching an awkward outdated blackface skit.

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@BubbleSniper: Oh my god...that looks incredible!

Shame it won't happen :(

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Same here! I'm always on the lookout for a good horror title. :)

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I know it's just a game but....ouch it would be painful being a cheerleader without a bra. Her boobs are gonna be so saggy by the time she's 30. D:

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NGL I kinda wish Square had just moved on from FFXIII and were starting with a brand new FF game. At the moment, I'm far more interested in exploring a new world with new characters, than retreading old ground with a new polish.

Instead of trying to 'fix' what went wrong with FFXIII, Square should take the fans' complaints into account and try to make a better brand new FF game.

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I was half expecting Solid Snake to appear at #1 with a giant "RICK ROLL'D" written across his butt cheeks.

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Oh my god. Did she seriously just compare playing war games to BEING IN A REAL-LIFE WAR SITUATION?!

No amount of shooting nameless fictional characters could ever desensitize a person to the horrors of real-life violence and death. It's easy to watch fictional violence and gore like Hostel or the Saw series and claim you could handle seeing it irl, but until you are actually IN such a situation, you have no idea how you'd really respond. I'd guarantee the average...

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You guys get paid to give blood? Here in Australia it's considered a free donation. :O

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Yeah, but a story-heavy character-driven action-adventure platformer IS their style :D

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God I hope they use the original story, and don't try to change it too much. I'd hate for it to become the next Blood Omen 2. :(

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Emmettcelticfan is right. Kain wasn't jealous of Raziel's wings? They made that VERY clear in the later games that he did it in an attempt to change his (and Nosgoth's) fate. Yeah, it was a dick move. But one could argue Kain did it for the greater good.

And killing Kain would not restore Nosgoth. Both Raziel and Kain found that out in later games. Nosgoth and the pillars were falling to pieces because Kain was alive (heads), but if Kain was killed then the pilla...

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True, but if Naughty Dog/Hollywood feel like they really really need to make a movie, then I'd prefer it to be a CGI one than a live-action one. I think that's where so many game movies fail...directors try to add realism to series that quite frankly don't need them. So they end up failing or making no sense to non-gamers. But CGI movies could both pull off the same voice actings and stunts, all while fitting nicely into the storyline of the games.

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Ah shit, that's not the font I meant. I meant this one:

Similar font, though the letters are more jumbled and blurred. It's starting to look more and more like Homecoming (i.e. inspired by the movie) with each update. That's all I'm saying. I hope I'm wrong though.

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Is that....the font from the SH movie's logo?

Holy shit, it is.

*le sigh* I can't help but wonder what the game series would be like if the movie had never been made. Would they be different? The later games seem to be too influenced by the film, as opposed to the earlier games.

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I always liked Irvine as a character (once we learned more about him). :(

But maybe that's just because I wasn't a big fan of Squall.

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