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It wasn't mentioned in this article, but I did a quick google of Zelda cosplayers and her name was one of the first ones to come up, so I put it in the description for anyone who was interested. I'm guessing that's her 'cosplay name' or something.

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"I hated having to go to a separate screen to battle, is this the PS1 era again?"

Maybe I'm alone here, but I didn't mind needing to shift to a battle screen. I've never seen it as an "outdated" concept. Just a style choice that many RPGs have.

With that being said, I really wasn't a fan of any other aspect of FFXIII's battle system. Why bother coming up with your own strategy when the game does most of it for you? As l...

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How about a release date, Square?

....Please? :O

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NGL, I was expecting a trainwreck...but that actually doesn't look too bad. Not great, but not bad either.

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Why not round it up to a 9.7/10?

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It's a new game alltogether. New story, new characters, new battle system, etc.

Squaren's original plan was that it was going to have a connection to FFXIII and FFXIII:Agito (now known as: FF-Type 0)...but I think they dropped that idea a while ago.

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The only thing that matters is whether or not the game is good in the end. And if making a game multiplatform genuinely makes a Square game a worse game, then Square really need to fire some people on their team. If they had no problem making amazing games on Nintendo and PSOne consoles (which had much more limited technology than the 360), they should have no problem making a multiplatform games on HD consoles either.

I know a lot of people like to blame the 360 for FFXIII&...

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True, but the point is that their outfits are based on enough realism to make them believable for the person playing. The STARS (and Raccoon City police force) wear a sort of modified police uniform and the BSAA wear modified army fatigues, so it's easy to believe they are either a police force (in STARS case) or special force (in the BSAA's case) of some kind. It's not TOO much of a stretch of the imagination that these characters have such a job.

Meanwhile Rache...

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IDK a lot of people say Cloud was just as emo as Squall, but I don't agree. The Cloud from the Compilation might be pretty moody, bu the Cloud from the original game was pretty chipper and upbeat. Hell, he was basically the dorky butt-of-all-jokes to everyone else on his team. He might have started off fairly grumpy and aloof in Midgar, but by the time they all reached Kalm, he opened up and became a much more talkative and friendly guy.

I know people say that was Zack&#...

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For all its flaws and silly plotholes, FFVIII really is an amazing game. Hell, it's easily one of my favorite games. And I have played through it multiple times, and still don't think I've done everything that can be done in the game. A lot of people complain about the annoying characters or the nonsensical third and fourth discs, but I'd give anything to play a new FF game with that much thought and heart put into it.

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Aww, I liked the Uncharted 2 Japanese box art. It reminded me of those old action-adventure film posters from the 30s and 40s. :D

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"When Mr Miyamoto would walk past the camera, I would say [in Mario's voice] 'Papa! Hello!'"

Haha! I don't know why, but I find that very cute.

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Fair enough! :)

(Though I'm now interested in knowing how popular the game-to-movie adaptations based off American games were in Japan)

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"I mean Sheva had the privilege in RE5 to kill Wesker instead if it being Chris, Jill, Barry etc"

OMG that really annoyed me too! Wesker has pretty much destroyed Jill's life. He tried to kill them in the mansion during RE1, Umbrella tried to kill her in RE3, and Wesker then ruined heer life by experimenting and enslaving her before RE5.

If I was Jill, I wouldn't have handed Sheva a rocket launcher at the end of the game. I would have been l...

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Yeah because Resident Evil has always been about anime style characters. /sarcasm

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Or Mortal Kombat, for that matter! haha :D

(Who would have thought MK would ever be made into a movie...let alone a good one!)

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IIRC, Jill's the main character.

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Isn't that...kinda the point? I don't think he was meant to be portrayed as a nice guy?

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Like i said in the other article... Remember when Capcom didn't need to resort to sex appeal to try to interest RE fans? Remember when the RE characters all dressed like proper special forces and police officers? Even though Jill's RE3 outfit was skimpy, it still made sense because it was her casual wear.

But Rachel's just looks like pointless sex appeal for the sake of pointless sex appeal. It doesn't even make sense. What sort of special forces o...

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Don't get me wrong, I think the game itself looks good. But Rachel looks absolutely ridiculous in every sense of the word.

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