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Just because it's a shit show, doesn't mean people don't watch it though. It's obviously geared towards a non-gamer/casual crowd, and that must work for them because the ratings aren't all that bad for a ABC2 show. Not every gamer is into internet forums and game sites, so they use tv to get their gaming news.

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@Masta_fro: My thoughts exactly. I can kinda see why the constant "Joe"s might be annoying or the depressing story might not be to everyone's taste, but they certainly aren't big enough reasons to mark the game's score down...because they aren't even genuine faults in the game!

The same goes for their "lack of different enemy types" complaint. Sure it might be a MINOR annoyance to some people, but who cares how many enemy varieties there ar...

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Hmmm...not really sure why my comment is getting Disagrees? I was only poiting out that the review is from a tv show, not a website. Are people disagreeing with the "it's a tv show" part, or the "it's not their website" part? :/

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The thing is, Good Game is a (fairly popular) show on Australian tv that has been running for a few years. And their page is on the channel's website, not their own. So I sadly don't think this review was done to get hits. :(

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"Soreyuke! Burunyanman Portable: Torimodose! Ai to Seigi to Kibou no Tsunyakan"

Wow...that's a long name.

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Pure gold :D

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@Trophywhore: They probably don't want you either. ;D

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NGL, I don't even get the score tbh. I mean, the review itself sounds like they really enjoyed it...So why the low score??

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Just because they only need to read out lines, doesn't mean it isn't a real job though. It should be treated just like any other job, and imo VAs should be allowed to sign contracts that pay them royalties if their voices are re-used again without fear of being fired or replaced. Yeah, companies are a business but I doubt they would lose much if they have to pay a few hundred dollars every time they use someone's voice without permission.

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Yep, he was definitely a scientist. There is some evidence in the labs in RE1, and the RE1 remake and RE0 go into more detail about his role as an scientist for Umbrella (in RE0 we also learn what he was doing in the labs before the mansion mission). IIRC Wesker was the one who invented the Hunters...and Uroboros too, I think.

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IDK I can understand people being disappointed that it isn't the character driven how-would-real-people-respond- to-the-horrors-of-a-zombie-apoc alypse story that was originally advertise.

With that being said, that really shouldn't effect the game's score. Rate the game for what it is, not what it isn't.

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Japan is a very career-oriented society though. I (sadly) know of people who have committed suicide over losing their jobs, because the shame of not being employed was far more important to them than their own life. Quite sad. :(

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Thank you so much for mentioning that site, zerocrossing! I've been looking for a good online Japanese course for ages (since my uni sucks at teaching it)!

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Wait...Snake and Otacon aren't canon? Madness!

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I'm surprised Albert Wesker isn't on the list, tbh. :O

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OMG "Snotacon" is the best pairing name ever! :D

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She looks a bit like Sarah Connor from Terminator 2. :O

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Oh man...I miss the Rare of the N64 days. They made some amazing games. :(

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NGL, my poor bank account has been suffering because so many good games have come out recently. :O

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