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"and what the heck was that crhis' character design!"

I can look past Chris's character design, but I will NEVER forgive Capcom for destroying Wesker's character by turning him into a boring stereotypical I-WANT-TO-TAKE-OVER-THE-WORLD- MWAHAHAHA villain.

He was so much better as a shady mysterious always-working-behind-the-scen es puppet-master.

(And don't even get me started on his stupid backstory with the "Wes...

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IDK I think it's a bit much to assume he's being guilted into getting rid of his PS3 based on a single sentence on a facebook page.

For all we know the girlfriend just offhandedly mentioned she wanted a Wii too, or the boyfriend might not have wanted a PS3 to begin with (seems strange to me that he would receive such an expensive gift only to consider getting rid of it straight away. I know nothing could have parted me from my PS3 when I first bought it. It was mine,...

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Bleh. I'll never understand why there are people who keep insisting that women are weak fragile little flowers who will develop horrible body/self-esteem issues over seeing a fictional scantily-clad woman. Seriously, if a girl looks at Juliet and develops a self-esteem issue, then she probably had self-esteem issues to begin with and needs to seek help for that.

And I'll never understand why there are people who keep insisting that men are stupid neanderthals who are...

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While I personally prefer the PS3 (and I'm a *gasp* girl), I don't think it's fair to lecture people who prefer the Wii on why their opinion is wrong, or to call the girls who prefer the Wii "screeching banshees"...just because they said they would keep their Wii. Seriously, wtf?

Everybody has different tastes. It's hardly "horrifying" that some people might prefer the Wii and its titles over the PS3 and its titles. Different strokes for di...

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I'm not even worried about it becoming multiplatform.
I just want it to be a good game.

I doubt FFXIII would have been good even if it HAD been an exclusive title (seriously, if Square can make a good RPG on 8-bit and 64-bit consoles, they should be able to make a good RPG on multiplat HD consoles. They had no excuse for some of the choices they made with FFXIII's design).

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Nah, it's definitely been almost 6 years. I remember it being announced in 2006 (waaay back when I was in high school).

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@newn4gguy: FFIV doesn't have an English option, but if you import the Japanese version there's an English patch you can download to get it run with English subtitles.

You don't need to have homebrew or anything. There's more info on the patch here:

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It's kinda depressing that fans can make video game inspired movies (no matter how short) SO MUCH BETTER than Hollywood and their million dollar budgets.

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Actually the translation patch for FFVI allows you to play the Japanese import even without homebrew. My Wii didn't have homebrew when I imported the game, and it worked fine once I had the patch up and running. I don't know how the translation guys did it, but they did.

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I'm...not really seeing the connection between finding horror games scary and the amount of sex you have? o.O

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I agree. I'm still waiting for more on Vergil. Capcom set up an awesome rivalry between Dante and Vergil in DMC3 (and partially in DMC1)...then completely ditched it. Vergil could have become one of the most memorable villains in gaming, if only he was given the chance.

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I actually had a guy at EB Games try to talk me out of getting Uncharted 1 (it was one of the free games you could choose that came with the PS3) because he had never heard of it and didn't think it would be worth wasting my free game on something that might not even be fun to play.

I'm so glad I didn't listen to him!

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This might be an unpopular opinion but if Square ever remake FFVII, I hope they change a few things to make the plot a little clearer. Sephiroth might have been pissed off he was an experiment, but it was obviously the Jenova in him that sent him over the edge to begin with. The man was unstable as hell.

The same goes for his change of heart when he fell into the Lifestream...his motives changed from "getting revenge on humans" to "following in Mother's foo...

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I'm surprised she hasn't been interviewed by anyone about voicing Harley Quinn. I'm interested in knowing why they picked a different voice actor for Arkham City.

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Y'know...I'd consider myself a Gackt fan, but I just can't see Genesis as an attractive character. He was more annoying than anything, and imo Crisis Core probably would have been a better game without him. (of course, I'm not going to blame Gackt for that. Genesis would have been an annoying character even if his looks weren't based off a real person).

With that being said, I think they really missed the mark by not making Genesis more like Gackt. I mean,...

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And Resident Evil 5 sold more than every other RE game in the series. But that doesn't mean its the best in the series, does it?

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Didn't Square Enix drop the whole XIII/Crystal connection thing?

I thought they scrapped that "same universe" idea ages ago, because all of the games (FFXIII, Type-0 and Versus) ended up developing in different ways and having nothing to do with each other.

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I hate the idea that Japanese publishers have to "sex up" their games in order for them to sell. Gamers aren't idiots. They aren't going to throw away $60 just because there's a pretty lady on the front of a game box.

If anything, a lot of people seemed to be PUT OFF by the sexualized advertising of Catherine because they assumed it was a silly hentai game, as opposed to a genuinely interesting plot-based puzzle game.

I think the problem w...

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Why buy so many games if you don't have the time to finish them? Seems kinda silly to me. :/

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Lol, I completely forgot about the final fight. You're right! There was absolutely no lead-up to it. All of a sudden they turned into animals with absolutely no explanation, then like half a minute later they turned back into humans. So random.

It was so ridiculous, I was half expecting the words "ANIMALITY" to pop up on screen.

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