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I hate the idea that Japanese publishers have to "sex up" their games in order for them to sell. Gamers aren't idiots. They aren't going to throw away $60 just because there's a pretty lady on the front of a game box.

If anything, a lot of people seemed to be PUT OFF by the sexualized advertising of Catherine because they assumed it was a silly hentai game, as opposed to a genuinely interesting plot-based puzzle game.

I think the problem w... #3
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Why buy so many games if you don't have the time to finish them? Seems kinda silly to me. :/ #2
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Lol, I completely forgot about the final fight. You're right! There was absolutely no lead-up to it. All of a sudden they turned into animals with absolutely no explanation, then like half a minute later they turned back into humans. So random.

It was so ridiculous, I was half expecting the words "ANIMALITY" to pop up on screen. #4.1.4
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I still can't get over the giant hamster ball scene in the sequel. Why the hell would they need to use GIANT MOTHERFUCKING HAMSTER BALLS as a mode of transport? RAIDEN CAN TELEPORT FFS!

After that scene, it all went downhill from there :( #4.1.2
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There was a horror movie fighting game being made a few years back called TerrorDrome, but Warner Bros. ended up asking the developers to pull the plug on it just before its release. There's a trailer for the game here: #3
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It's nice to see an actual map.

Though is it just me, or are FF worlds getting smaller? :/ #1
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The Mortal Kombat movie is the only one I can think of that follows the story of the game.

....until they screwed it up with that godawful sequel. :( #4.1
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But without Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie might have never existed.
It didn't come out until two years after Mario 64. #3.1
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It might be outdated now (and the camera was a bitch), but at the time Super Mario 64 was revolutionary. It might not have been the first 3D platformer, but that doesn't mean anything. I don't even know why the article could bring that up as a point.

Mario 64 set the standards for 3D platformers that came out after it. Just take a look at many platformers that followed and try to claim they weren't inspired by Mario 64. To claim that Mario 64 was "just anothe... #12
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Sienna Guillory was definitely a great Jill. Unfortunately, she was turned into a useless sidekick to Alice...just like every RE character was. FFS the last movie even had Chris and Claire needing to rely on Alice to save them. Motherfucking Chris and Claire Redfield!! Two of the most badass characters in the entire RE series, and Paul Anderson turned them into useless muppets for Alice to rescue.

I'd be willing to bet the same will happen to Ada Wong. She'll enter t... #1.2.3
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I'd say it's closer to a survival-horror, tbh. #2.1
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Lol. This 'trick' has been around since CDs first existed.

It works...sort of. But it's a better idea to just get them professionally cleaned at your local DVD rental store. They usually do it for free anyway. #5
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Admittedly, Capcom DID ask for fans' opinions on the game. They asked for feedback and they openeded an official Facebook page for the game. They WANT to know what gamers think of it.

And when gamers responded, they were called whiners. wtf. #4.2
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Which makes no sense, since Dante was a teen (early 20s?) in Devil May Cry 3. And he already had his Devil Never Cry business and how white hair at that young age. Plus, the Dante in this game looks older than the Dante in DMC3. So surely it couldn't be a prequel to DMC3? #1.2.1
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Angel form? What the hell are you doing, Ninja Theory? :/ #3
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My first thought was the awesome car-explosion scene:

Most games would make a scene like that into cutscene, but Uncharted made it made the player feel like they're inside a movie. It's small things like that which makes the game so memorable. #8.1
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I hate that there are so many articles that say things like "games should stop doing ....... and should be more like ......." Let developers create the game they want to create. There's nothing wrong with a cinematic game, just like there's nothing wrong with a game that has no cutscenes. They are just two different styles of games.

Also, I never thought I'd see the day when people were complaining that a game's cutscenes are TOO seamless. What does... #9
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Would Elena and Drake even want to have a baby at a time like this? Elena has a career, Drake is a treasure hunter who travels the world, they both do a lot of life-threatening climbing and stunts, they both probably have a lot of enemies who want them dead, etc.
It doesn't seem like a very good idea for Elena to get pregnant right now.

I could maybe see them settling down and having a kid at the veeeeeery end of the series. But definitely not yet. It wouldn't... #4
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Do the mutations from Parasite Eve count? They were pretty creepy - #3
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Doesn't mean she isn't cute though :D #1.1.1
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