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I like the actual character designs (the concept art, not the in-game stuff). Shame it's being used for a mobile game though :(

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I think they're both pretty awful. But "The Black Haired Shrine Maiden" is a direct translation of the Japanese title so it makes sense that it sounds awkward and overly literal, while the "Oracle of the Sodden Maiden" is just...bad.

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Here's hoping! :)

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X-2's ending where Tidus came back made no sense too. Even the characters couldn't explain it! Tidus was like "I dunno...the fayth did it?" lol

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I hope it makes it to the West, but "Oracle of the Sodden Maiden" is a lame subtitle for the game.

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Cid Highwind is easily my favorite Cid. I always forget he's only 32 in FFVII because he talks like a grizzly old man lol

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"You don't text for help, you CRY for help."

I chuckled at this.

And I just learned that I've been pronouncing "Ajay Ghale" wrong.

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It's strange how people claim to be fans of Final Fantasy yet they don't seem to know much about the games beyond the first few hours. Over the years I've seen so many people complaining that Squall is too "emo", that Cloud is too emotionless, that Tidus is too whiny, or that Zidane is too goofy.

These people seem to completely ignore the character development that each of them went through. They're all great characters in their own way.

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He's probably just referring to the main story. It sounds like a reasonable length. Most FF games have taken me around 40-50 hours on my first playthrough because I go through the story first, then explore the side-quests during the second playthrough.

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It's funny how a couple of well-written journal entries and notes can make people so invested in a minor character in a game. Out of all the mini stories you stumble across in The Last of Us, Ish's story was the one that stuck with me the most. Following his messages from the boat to the sewers made me really invested in the guy. Even after he was forced to abandon the sewers and leave the bodies of Kyle and the children behind, he was nice enough to leave a note warning people that...

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I really like Tifa and Cloud's design in this game. They look just like their concept art from the original game.

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Oh man, this game looks amazing. Please come to the West!

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It does look pretty fun for a mobile game, but it'll probably be filled with micro-transactions though :(

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Me too. Please please bring this to the West, Nintendo.

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It's funny how people find Squall surviving a stab wound unrealistic, but they happily accept the existence of sorceresses, dragons, time travel, flying schools, and a high-tech futuristic city with giant floating teacups as the primary mode of transport.

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FFVIII's story might have some silly twists, but you're right, it does make sense. I think the "Squall is dead" theory is very clever, but it obviously isn't true because that would mean Square made a four-disc game where three of the discs are completely irrelevant to the story. Now THAT wouldn't make sense.

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Wow. I had no idea that there have been 10 cancelled LoK games. I heard that the script for the Defiance sequel had been completed and some concept art had been drawn up, but it got scrapped when Defiance didn't get high enough sales. :(

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Great review!

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Oh man, there are too many to list. Uncharted 4, MGS5, Silent Hills, Mortal Kombat X, etc. My wallet is going to be crying.

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Oh man, I loved Chocobo Hot & Cold. I spent so much time on that mini quest. It was great fun.

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