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One thing that I noticed about the battle system is just how pretty it is. Every spell has a unique look and every aeon has a different style. It's so much more interesting to watch than the newer FF games where so many of the attacks aren't visually unique. #3.1
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I don't know about reception (do you need qualifications to be a receptionist?), but in recent years more and more universities are offering male-only scholarships and fee help for nursing students and other underrepresented groups in nursing. They're definitely there if you know where to look. #2.2
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DO you mean the FMV cutscenes? I read somewhere that they have been both upscaled and rendered at HD resolution, which explains why they look so good (much prettier than the cutscenes from other HD collections). #1.1
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Oh man, I know you're pain. Back in the PS2 days, I got up to 198 misses, and then I got hit. I was shattered. #2.3
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I had this game for the Atari 2600. It was an atrocious glitchy port that barely worked most of the time....but man, did I love it when I was little! #10
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Exactly! I think it's a great idea because now a whole new bunch of gamers get to play such a great game. #1.1.15
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Don't worry, I did the same thing for that AMY game that came out a few years ago. I thought "surely the reviews are just exaggerating? The game can't be THAT bad??"

It was. Oh god, it was! D: #1.1
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I think a big reason the characters have really exaggerated movements is because FFX was an early PS2 game, so Square were experimenting with the higher-polygon character models and what they could do with them.

It might look odd by today's standards, but back when fully 3D environments and detailed character models were a brand new thing, it was pretty awesome to see the characters moving around and interacting with the world around them. #6.1
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The main story will last about 20-30 hours (and much longer if you do all the side-quests). #1.3.1
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I think the author of the article is mistaking "aimed at children" with "appropriate for all ages". Just because FFX can be played by anybody, that doesn't mean it's a "kiddie" game. Heck, Jurassic Park is a PG film but that doesn't mean it's aimed at children.

And it's silly to imply that FFX's romance and pretty visuals are reminiscent of an animated Disney film. Stories of romance aren't just for children, and the r... #2
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I agree with Hozi89. If you enjoyed playing FFIX, I'd recommend playing it through to the end if you ever get the chance to. It only gets better and better as the story goes on, and the ending is truly heartbreaking. It's such an underrated FF title imo. #1.1.3
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I loved Blitzball. Sure, it might be confusing to start with, but once you get the hang of the rules and start recruiting good players, its great fun. #11
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Oh LoK, what have they done to you. :( #1
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Wow. Realistic Jack Skellington is far less charming than I thought he would be! lol #2
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If it isn't factored into the score, it should at least be mentioned in the review itself. I don't buy games based on reviews, but it is nice to know if a game is only going to last me 1-2 hours. #3.1
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Don't forget his bottle of sake! :D #1.1
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I think Quistis is more forgettable than the rest of the FFVIII cast. Which is a shame because she started off really interesting....then the game just sort of forgot about her and she faded into the background during most scenes. :( #3
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There was so much missed opportunity with FFX-2. I'll forever be disappointed that the sequel wasn't a full-blown RPG that focused on the aftermath of Sin and the ramifications of destroying Spira's major religion/god; how Spira's societies would have had to rebuild themselves around different belief and moral systems, how the summoners and guardians would have coped after their entire life worth of training was made redundant, how the religious enthusiasts handled their belie... #2.1
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I hope...this is not....Chris' blood. #5.4
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Exactly! Interactive movie games haven't been popular since....what...the early 90s? It's nice to see this genre return in popularity. They're hardly taking over the industry. #1.1
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