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Don't forget Hironobu Sakaguchi....although I guess he was more of a Squaresoft guy than a Square Enix one. #1.2
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It's good to see this game is doing well. I was worried it wouldn't do very well. #2
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I'd add FFIX to that list too. The art design might have been an odd choice, but imo it has one of the strongest stories in the series. #2.1.2
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A decade has passed since FFX's release, and I'm still amazed by how beautiful the cut-scenes look. #5
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I guess it depends on whether or not you're a fan of things like Lego or Megabloks. Minecraft is basically just one big game of Lego, where you can build whatever you want, however you want, as big as you want.

It's fun if you're into that sort of thing, and boring if you're not. #12.3
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I don't think every villain needs a traumatic event to trigger their "evillness" tbh. People like to think there is always a reason that bad people become bad; they find comfort in the idea that there must be an *explanation* as to why someone would intentionally hurt others. But let's face it, even in the real world there are people who do bad things for no reason (e.g. psychopaths). Some people are born with chemical imbalances, or parts of the brain are underdeveloped, o... #1.1.2
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I kind of like Tidus' shirt there, but Yuna and Auron are a mess! D: #1.3
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EB Games' "bargain bin" is so ridiculous. My local EB Games sells most PS2 games for $10-30 and many of the covers have been drawn with a green sharpie. It's ridiculous how much they charge for crap. D: #3.1
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To be fair, the majority of superheroes are canonically white, so casting a white actor in a non-white role would be a pretty douchey move since there are barely any non-white superheroes as it is.

Though Hollywood has indeed cast white actors in non-white roles in the past (e.g. The Last Airbender and 21) or inserted white characters into stories where no white characters existed (e.g. 27 Ronin), so Fantastic Four isn't the first time Hollywood has switched the race of a... #1.1.2
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Remember when Tomb Raider went dark? We ended up with Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness....and that game sucked! #6.1
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I'm personally VERY glad that Uncharted isn't a dark series. I'm so sick of the "darker is better" trend that seems to be in so many movies and games nowadays. There's nothing wrong with being fun, light hearted, and a little bit cheesy.

I'm glad they didn't kill off Elena too. Killing off the love-interest to add drama is such a boring cliche anyway. #2.3.5
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To be fair, Elena is only a reporter who just wanted to film Drake digging up some treasure (in Uncharted 1) and film Lezarevic's actions from a distance (in Uncharted 2). And in both games, she ends up fighting for her life. Hell, in Uncharted 2 her cameraman Jeff is killed right in front of her, and she herself nearly dies in that grenade blast.

So it's understandable why she isn't all sunshine and roses. She isn't used to the danger of treasure hunting like... #2.4.3
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I agree. Rinoa and Squall seem to be the "go to" couple for FF fans in insult. But they are a better couple than half of this list. Vanille and Fang aren't even a romance, we don't know much about Snow and Serah before they were engaged (and Serah was crystallized for most of FFXIII), and Tifa and Cloud only work as a couple if you pursue the Tifa/Cloud options in FFVII.

I think a lot of people forget that the characters in FFVIII are still only teenagers.... #1.1
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This game wasn't originally on my radar, but this review has changed my mind. It definitely sounds like something I'd enjoy. #4
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Pitfall was so much fun. And the sequel wasn't too bad either. #4.3
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I'd say she definitely had a big influence on how Uncharted turned out. You can see a similar sort of writing style in the Legacy of Kain plot as the Uncharted plot (even though the stories themselves are completely different). #4.1.1
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Ouch. That's awful if she really was forced out. Especially if she was in the middle of writing for Uncharted 4.

If this rumor is true, I hope she can find work elsewhere. Perhaps writing for a new Legacy of Kain game (that isn't that Nosgoth MMO)? #18
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As someone who not only used to take SSRIs for depression, but also used to work with mentally ill people, a big fuck you for suggesting that they are the reason for mass shootings. Stop the shitty stereotypes of mentally ill people who actually seek help for their illnesses. #1.2.2
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Instead of making sweeping generalizations about an entire nation of people with absolutely no evidence to back it up, why don't you try actually researching Japan, it's popular culture, and the sort of products that are popular over there. You'll find that the majority of what you just said is utter crap.

Seriously, where are the people who say things like "Japan hates American products" even getting this bogus information from? Textbooks from WW2 era?... #16.2
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Your argument would make sense if ALL foreign products sold poorly in Japan. But that simply isn't true. There are popular stores in Japan that sell nothing but foreign brands like Snoopy and Disney, Hollywood movies tend to do extremely well in Japan, and (as mentioned above) Apple products are very popular in Japan. Japanese people are hardly adverse to buying foreign products.

One console not selling well =/= racism. The Xbox just doesn't seem to appeal to Japanese... #3.5
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