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I agree. I loved Far Cry 3, but I want more than just "same game, different coat of paint". #4.1
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I don't even understand the complaints that the characters are too feminine. They're obviously men. They have male faces, male bodies, and male voices. They just look like typical 20-something Japanese guys. #8.1.2
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@DarkOcelot: But do you remember their full names off the top of your head? Or Balthier's real name? Or the villains' full names? Or the names of most locations?

I'm just sayin'. The name of character and locations got a lot less...I don't know...."catchy" since FFXII came around. "Cid Highwind" is easier to remember than "Doctor Cidolfus Demen Bunansa". #4.2.3
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Looks awesome. Please come to the West. #1
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Exactly. And many gamers are just casual players who pick up whatever game is popular or what their friends are currently playing. They don't visit game forums or sites like N4G, let alone read the comment sections. #8.2.1
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Actually, the Prelude appears in almost every Final Fantasy game: http://finalfantasy.wikia.c... #1.3.2
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I'm so excited about a fully explorable world map. I hope there are lots of secret little towns and locations that we can find throughout our journey. #1.2
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"And why the hell are these people riding them when they've got cars and frikkin' airships?"

That's like asking why people ride horses and bikes when we have cars and planes instead. #2.1.6
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That's something I've noticed since FFXII; a lot of characters have really strange names that are difficult to remember. lol #4.2
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It doesn't look like it will. Square Enix haven't mentioned anything about a Western release. #1.1
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They have made some very bizarre decisions when it comes to localizations lately. I'm still baffled that they refused to release Fatal Frame 4 in the West, but chose to release the weird Spirit Camera spin-off that nobody asked for instead. #4.1
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This looks amazing. I miss the Fatal Frame games. Please bring this to the West, Nintendo! #3
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"Cars! Why are there cars in this FF game? What ever happened to the airships? I thought transportation was based on airships, not land vehicles. FFS this isn't Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row."

What? Plenty of FF games have land vehicles. Just off the top of my head...In FFVII you drive Cloud's motorbike and a four-wheel buggy. In FFIV you can ride in tanks. And in FFVIII you can ride the train and hire rental cars to move across the world map: 347d ago by Pozzle | View comment
This sums it up: https://www.youtube.com/wat... #7.1
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I like 'Resident Evil' more because it's a unique title that people instantly recognize.

Biohazard sounds cooler, but it's more generic and ambiguous. Though I'm not a fan of generic words being used as game titles anyway. #1.1.1
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"Remember Alf? He's back...in pog form!" #2
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Yeah, I'd say Eyes on Me is closer to a ballad than a pop song.

When I think of pop songs, I think of "Real Emotion" from FFX-2 or that Leona Lewis song at the end of FFXIII. #11.3.1
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I'm surprised there are people who genuinely believe the "Squall is dead" theory. It's a neat theory with a lot of thought behind it, but it falls apart when you realize that Square wouldn't make a four-disc game where three of the discs are a completely irrelevant dream. That's just silly. #14.1.1
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It's only "controversial" in the sense that many fans consider it a "love it or hate it" title in the series.

And since FFVII was the first FF game that many Western gamers played, a lot of fans were confused or disappointed to discover that FFVIII wasn't more like its predecessor.

But that's about it. It's not really "controversial". But it does seem to get a lot more hate on forums than most games in the mai... #2.4
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That moment during the ending where Rinoa appears out of the darkness and Eyes on Me starts playing still makes me a little teary-eyed. It's so perfectly timed...


To this day, I'm still impressed by how beautiful the FMVs are in FFVIII. #5.1
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