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Hell yeah. There's a reason he's been popular for two decades while other Japanese singers fade into obscurity after a couple of years. The dude's talented as hell.

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Banjo Kazooie is an overall better game, but Super Mario 64 set the foundations for games like BK to exist.

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To be fair, who plays an Alien game for the story? As long as it has a bunch of people trapped in a spaceship with a terrifying Xenomorph, I'll be one happy gamer.

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I'm happy enough with the look of the PS4 version. The Gamecube version looks murky as hell on my HD tv, so it will be nice to play the game again with sharper graphics and better lighting.

I hope we don't have to pay full retail price though.

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I gotta admit, I'm pretty disappointed. One of my biggest problems with FFXIII was that it was Game Over when the main character died. I was really hoping that wouldn't be carried over to FFXV.

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I gotta admit, I was surprised at how low Fatal Frame's sales were. I knew it was a niche series, but I always assumed the sales were at least a bit higher than that.

Still, I hope FF5 makes it to the West...even if it's only a digital release. I think the game has potential to do well if it actually gets some decent marketing and some hype from game sites (which the other games didn't really get).

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I just hope they don't kill Pagan Min half way through the game and replace him with another villain, like they did with Far Cry 3.

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It's funny how certain things from a work of fictional can stick with you for years. It's been over a decade since I first played the game and I still find it sad that Aerith never got to ride in an airship like she dreamed of.

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I don't think it's necessarily that Japan is more 'open' about these things. It's just that certain things that are taboo here aren't taboo there, and vice-versa. I've heard many Japanese people say they prefer American movies and shows because they're a lot more open about things like relationships and sex. We don't see a whole lot of boob jiggle and short skirts, but they don't see a whole lot of open-mouth kissing and couples having sex.

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Killing the Propagators was such a boring and unnecessary part of the game. It was especially frustrating because the rooms in the Ragnarok were narrow, so you would kill one Propagator, then when you went to the next room a different colored Propagator would be RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU so you couldn't avoid battling it. That made killing them in pairs more difficult than it needed to be.

Now I know you can kill them in one hit if you Junction 100 Deaths to ST-Atk-J. But I d...

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If this stays a Japan-only release, I'll be pretty disappointed. Nintendo have made some very bizarre decisions since acquiring the rights to the Fatal Frame series.

"We're not going to localize Fatal Frame 4...but we WILL localize the Spirit Camera spin-off on 3DS that nobody asked for...and we'll localize Fatal Frame 2 remake in Europe but not America...but we won't localize Fatal Frame 5 at all."

It just makes no sense to me.

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I gotta admit, I got a bit emotional when Rinoa starts saying goodbye to Squall and all her friends because she thinks she is going to die, and it switches to an FMV where you can see her breathing slowing down and her eyes getting heavy. And there's no sad music or anything like that. Just the sounds of her breathing getting slower and slower.

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We don't even get game ads here in Australia, let alone fun ones like this :(

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Lol. It looks like I was beaten this time. :D

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Can't wait to play this game and go up against Pagan Min. I'm intrigued by what sort of villain he's going to be. He doesn't seem to hate Ajay Ghale, but I assume we'll have to take him on at some point if he's the main villain (here's hoping he doesnt die half way through the game and get replaced by someone else *cough*FarCry3*cough*)

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I didn't mind Doom as a cheesy action b-flick. But it really should have been called something else because it had nothing to do with the games. I do like Karl Urban and Dwayne Johnson though, and they did the best they could with a crappy script.

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"By bombing, he means not selling well."

Is it doing poorly? It was topping the UK digital charts on its release. I'm not sure about America though.

Swery was complaining about the lack of marketing on twitter, not the lack of sales.

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That's a bit harsh. Nomura's a little bigger nowadays, but he doesn't have man boobs:

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Square is weird like that. Sometimes they'll keep the original Japanese songs in the international released, but other times they'll release an English version.

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I think that's intentional though. Ubisoft said that Pagan Min has been in charge of Kyrat for so long that he's become bored, moody, and reckless. They said he is less like an evil villain trying to instill fear in people, and more like a crazy thrill-seeking friend who keeps convincing you to do dangerous things even though you know it's a really bad idea.

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