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Oh man, the FMVs that blended into realtime were so amazing back in the day. I loved that scene where Rinoa and Squall have to run across the battlefield and there's a cutscene battle playing in the background...


It was amazing. #1.1.3
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It's a gorgeous game, but I definitely agree that the narration is awful #1
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If I recall correctly, it's a reference to the Korean couple who were so addicted to online gaming that they forgot to feed their child and it died of malnutrition :( #5.1.1
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Exactly. It can be mind-boggling just how dumb some customers are (and how angry they can become when you try to explain something to them!)

Dan_Scruggs's scenario assumes that people already know the difference between a 3DS and a New 3DS. But most people who walk into game stores are just casual gamers or confused non-gamers buying games for their grandkids/kids. People walk into the EB Games in my town who STILL don't know the difference between the Wii U and Wii, or... #5.2.1
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There's also going to be a lot of confusion over the fact that some 3DS games will only play on the New 3DS. I imagine a lot of customers won't understand why they can't play their new 3DS game on their old 3DS. #1.3
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I've never had a problem with collectables. If I'm really invested in a game, I'll usually try to find them all. And if I'm not invested in a game, I won't bother with collectables.

But the idea of buying a game based on its trophies seems silly to me. Sure, hunting random collectables around a map might seem like a pointless waste of time, but they are optional after all. You don't NEED to get them all. If you don't like searching for collectable... #6
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Hell yes to a Pokemon Snap remaster/remake! #1
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I know a lot of people don't like Sephiroth, but I think he was a pretty well-written villain. He taunted the player throughout the game and showed AVALANCHE what he was capable of. There was always the threat that he could kill Cloud and Co whenever he felt like it, and that he was only keeping them alive so that he could taunt them some more.

And then he killed Aeris...and that made AVALANCHE's mission personal! #9.2
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I gotta admit, I chuckled when the girl in the trailer went to the forest to search for the missing girl IN THE RAIN...and she chose to wear short-shorts, a shirt without shoulders, and heeled boots. Probably not the most practical outfit for muddy forest exploring. lol #5.1
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Considering he is the reason Square Pictures went bankrupt after The Spirits Within flopped, I don't blame him for being a bit more conscientious about making money.
Still, I wish he went back to console gaming....or at least made his smartphone RPGs without micro-transactions. #3.1.2
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That would be awesome. It sounds like it might be similar to the way Majora's Mask's sidequests were handled, but on a much MUCH larger scale. #3.1
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I think the author means he "fell in love" with their personalities, not that he's sexually attracted to them. #1.1.1
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I really like her overall design, but the crooked pink fringe is strange. #3
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Pedal Power! My poor thumbs have never recovered. #2
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I just looked it up on wikipedia and yep, it says she is his daughter. #1.2
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If you think the ice bucket challenge is annoying, you need to watch the video that Anthony Carbajal (a man who suffers from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) uploaded onto youtube.

He discusses how terrifying it is to have ALS and knowing that you will most likely die within the first few years of diagnosis, and how the ice bucket challenge is the first time that the public has really paid attention to ALS and donated large amounts of money towards the disease.

... #1.3
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Overall I like FFVII more than FFVIII, but I agree that FFVIII does so many things better than its predecessor. It's soundtrack in particular is easily one of the best (if not THE best) in the entire series, and the design of the world and technology is gorgeous. #4.2.1
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It baffles me that so many Final Fantasy fans claim that Squall had no character development after playing through a 40+ hour story that primarily REVOLVES AROUND Squall's character development.

I suppose they are also the same so-called fans who claim Rinoa and Squall's relationship "came out of nowhere" (even though she spent 1 and a half discs flirting with him) and call Cloud a "jerk" because he was mildly abrasive for about 2 hours at the sta... #2.2
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Mario's drowning death in Super Mario 64 was pretty creepy too. The way he would start choking and grabbing at his throat for air...ugh scared the crap outta me as a kid! #14.1.1
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