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OMG I'm so excited for both of them. Especially Code Veronica, which I never got to finish thanks to an evil roommate of mine stealing my disc. :(

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I'm still wondering what the hell has happened to Capcom this generation. They used to make such good decisions, and when they didn't they were quick to fix it (e.g. People complained about Devil May Cry 2, so they fixed things with DMC3).

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"I'll bet there are alot more unknown devs who are more deserving of recognition than itagaki."

Isn't that the point Itagaki is making in this interview though? He knows devs who have been in the business for 10+ years like himself have been getting heaps of recognition, regardless of whether they deserve it or not. He wants younger devs to step up to the plate and prove they can be just as good as the older devs. He thinks there needs to be some "fresh...

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Was LoK really that niche though? The series definitely got less and less popular as the years went on, but SR1 and SR2 were pretty big when they first came out. (SR1 in particular. I remember it being touted as the "next Tomb Raider"). People might not remember the games nowadays, but I hope the devs consider the series big enough to continue.

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I miss the days when an 8/10 meant "this game has some minor flaws, BUT YOU STILL NEED TO PLAY THIS!"

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"It's already stupid that Revelations is or could be vital to understand RE6's story...."

I wouldn't worry about it too much. If Revelations' plot is really important, RE6 will have files everywhere for the player to read and catch up on any lost info. It's a Resident Evil game, after all.

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Yeah, it's Seymour's mother. :)

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NGL I genuinely like that Japanese Legend of Zelda rap commercial...mostly because it's cheesy-in-a-good-way and the song is really catchy.

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OMG. I'd forgotten about the MGS2 theme song. Yesss! I remember whenever it played at the title screen, I'd never press 'Start' until the whole song had played. :O

Also, I think Raziel's theme from Soul Reaver should be on the list. It's pretty amazing, especially 2 minutes in...

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There are people who thought it was a full remake? o.O

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I don't know if I'd call it "outdated" per se. It's just a different style of camera angle that works with a different style of game.

e.g. The fixed camera angles worked in the Lost in Nightmares DLC because it was a more slow-paced survival-oriented title, whereas the fixed camera wouldn't have worked in RE5 because the gameplay was more fast-paced and involved much more moving around and larger locations.

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They could always give players the option to choose which camera angle they would prefer to use. The Lost in Nightmares DLC gave us the option, so at least Capcom haven't forgotten that the fixed camera angles exist.

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I think she's one of those girls who fits into the "quirky good looking" category. She's not traditionally attractive. But she's attractive in an interesting way.

That's just imo.

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"is it just me or are her eyes to big for her head."

She's always had big eyes. But piling on heaps of eyeliner and mascara makes them look freakish. She needs to hire a makeup artist who emphasizes her other features instead.

She's pretty. But she always wears the most unflattering makeup.

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At least its not right in the middle of Africa. I don't know what Capcom were thinking there. "Hey guys, let's get the brightest most un-RE type of setting we can find! Outback Australia? Nah, not enough volcanoes. The middle of Africa? Perfect!"

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"That doesn’t mean that the series will remain dormant forever though, since the studio has recently brought Tomb Raider back from the dead and its parent company, Eidos, made a big splash by releasing a new Deus: Ex game to critical acclaim just last month. "

That's actually a very good point. The original Deus Ex came out AGES ago, and Revolution is doing really well despite the series being all but forgotten about for years. Maybe there is hope for the Legacy...

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I'm not surprised, tbh. It's Ayumi Hamasaki. Hasn't she had 30-something consecutive number 1 songs in Japan?

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Yeah, that Witcher game is definitely the worst Facebook game I've ever seen. And Atari? What company is that? Probably some little-known dev who only makes indie games for mobile phones. /s

Seriously, do people even read articles anymore? Or do they just look at the pictures and think "Since I don't recognize them they must be some shitty Facebook game dev."

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And Fatal Frame 4. I'm still upset about that one. :(

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