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"People call Cloud a whiny Emo, when he is only for a brief moment after he kicks the shi* out of Aerith"

I can't help but think the people who believe Cloud is whiny/emo have let the Compilation ruin their perception of him. Because he was actually quite cheery and talkative in the original game. Even when he found out the truth about Zack towards the end of FFVII, and reverted back to his 'normal' self, he was still the same ol' spikey-headed dork ...

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I said this in another article, but I thought it was worth repeating hre... I think a lot of people forget (or simply weren't old enough to know) that for many people, FFVII was their very first RPG. Their very first "big game". There's a reason it's considered such a classic and it has nothing to do with Square's 'milking' of the franchise.

This is a game that came out when developers were still struggling with 3D, especially on the PSone. G...

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I don't know...I would definitely argue that FFXIII's story is flawed because the characters motivations and certain plot elements aren't in the actual game itslef, but rather they appear in the datalogs instead. If someone has trouble understanding the game because they didn't read the datalogs, that's not their fault. That's the game's fault.

IMO all the info needed to understand a game's plot should be in the game's plot itself. Not in l...

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My thoughts exactly.

Though Zelda never really came across as particularly 'Western' to me. Some of the outfits sort of resemble old medieval outfits, but apart from that, it seems to be a very Japanese interpretation of Western history.

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Haha, I'm a little freaked out you remember my old avatar. I changed it ages ago. :D

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Yep, I can kind of see it. He sort of looks like a mix between Keanu Reeves and Joseph Gordon Levitt...except more Asian. :O

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It's nice to see so much FFvsXIII news being released, after so long without any.

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Is Crisis Core's death really a spoiler though? I mean, Zack's been dead since FFVII. It's sort of like being surprised that Aerith dies.

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"Paul W.S Anderson has done some good movies.. I don't see why he treats the RE franchise so badly."

Especially since he did a pretty good job with the Mortal Kombat movie. Yeah it was cheesy, but at least it stayed true to the games. Which is more than can be said for the RE movies. :/

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"capcom is blessed with amazing character designers/modelers"

If by "amazing character designers" you mean "awful character designer", then yes I agree. Rachel's design is awful, tbh. And doesn't fit with the RE world at all. Hell, even some of the classic RE characters haven't been looking their best in recent years (Chris' steroid arms, Jill's crappy redesign, etc)

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79? Why not just round it up to 80? o.O

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I'm so glad MGS1 is at least being included, even if it is separate. I'm so excited to be able to play it again, and it will be great that people who never got the change to play it will finally get the chance to.

Dare I say, it's my favorite game in the series. :O

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There is no "right" or "wrong" age. A person is able to play violent video games when they can handle them. For some people, that might be at a very young age. For others, they might need to be older. But in the end, it's up to the parents to decide when their child is old enough to play games without it negatively effecting them.

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Really? You saw a picture of a muscular female soldier in a war situation and instead of thinking "she is clearly a muscular female soldier in a war situation", your mind jumped to "he is clearly a man who thinks it's a good idea to crossdress in the middle of a war situation"?

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Andriasang seems to be having problems since they updated the site :(

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A+ reference! :D

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Kain gets a pass because he has a sexy voice :D

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I think people are more mad at the fact that it seems like random pop for the sake of appealing to mainstream audiences, as opposed to the song being pop in itself.

Eyes on Me was a pop song, but it had relevance to the plot. It was Julia's song, and the moment it started playing at the end of the game is the moment you realize Julia finally did manage to achieve her dream of becoming a singer before she died. The lyrics are also describing the moment where she met Laguna...

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Oh! I found the scenes I was talking about.

First video: The scene where Rinoa appears just as Eyes on Me begins to play...amazing.

Second video: The music swelling as Garnet jumps into Zidane's arms. Followed by Garnet's song being played over the credits...amazing.

Third video: Yuna and Tidus' first kiss. Say what you want about the game, that was a really well-done scene with a great use of music.

Fourth video:...

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If that's painted on, that's actually really impressive artwork. I don't think I've ever seen such detailed nail art.

If they're just stickers...meh.

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