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@MidnytRain: Different cultures have different media preferences. What might appeal to an American audience might not appeal to a Japanese audience, and vice-versa. So if something is made by an American company and targeted towards an American or Western audience, a Japanese audience might feel it is "too American" because they aren't the intended audience.

A good example would be all the Asian horror movies that have been remade and "Americanized" fo...

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Why don't they just give this game another name and strop trying to associate it with the Devil May Cry series? There is still so much more that could be explored with the original Devil May Cry timeline.... e.g. More info on Vergil (Vergil could have been one of the most memorable villains in gaming if only Capcom gave him the chance), more exploration of the demons and underworld, more about Sparta, etc etc.

I'm just worried we'll never see more of the original ...

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I don't want to sound horrible, but I truly hope this game flops. Not because I want NT to have to close their doors or anything. But maybe if this game flops, it will be enough to make Capcom realize that they don't need to keep fucking around with things to make fans happy. Fans just want a true DMC5, the 'old' Dante, and more exploration of already-existing characters (LIKE VERGIL FFS!!!)

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Aww, I liked Dante's cowboy boots. :O

The chaps though...I don't know what he was thinking when he bought those!

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I'm surprised Capcom would make the same mistake twice, tbh. Fans complained about DMC2, so Capcom made DMC3 more similar to the first game. And fans loved DMC3.

...then Capcom go and make the exact same mistake again with DmC??? It boggles my mind. Just give the fans what they want (a "true" DMC5...and some more backstory on Vergil!) and everyone will be happy.

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I'm surprised Uncharted doesn't sell better in Japan, tbh. I could understand them not liking American shooters or sports games for being "too American", but I would have thought Uncharted's story and characters were right up their alley.

(And don't Hollywood adventure/action movies like Indiana Jones do well at the Japanese box office anyway? Hmmmm)

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Haha, I guess there's a kink for everything. :D

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Because it's a crap example. Idealized characters aren't complained about as much as sexualized characters because they're (usually) still well-rounded and decent characters, despite their good looks and toned bodies. Their looks aren't their main feature, and people can usually look past their appearance because their characterization is so well-done.

Compare that to characters who exist primarily as fap-material, and it becomes obvious why one type of charac...

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Well duh. At the end of Uncharted 2, even Lazarevic points out that Drake has killed a lot of people to get to where he is, and asks how that makes Drake any better than he is. And if it wasn't for Drake trying to get one step ahead of Lazarevic, then Lazarevic probably wouldn't have gotten so close to the Stone in the first place. Flynn was a useless treasure hunter who probably would have never found the Stone if Drake didn't keep popping up to accidentally help them along.

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I know I shouldn't be surprised. But it's still shocking to me that there are people who would write such crap under their real names (not even under an anonymous account) for all their friends and acquaintances to see. So gross, tbh.

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Ugh, the comments section at the source is so gross tbh. Fair enough if someone doesn't find her pretty because everyone has different opinions... but the racism and Japanese-hate is just disgusting. :/

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I''d forgotten Dino Crisis 3 existed. What the hell were Capcom smoking when they came up with THAT idea? D:

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OMG I'm so excited for both of them. Especially Code Veronica, which I never got to finish thanks to an evil roommate of mine stealing my disc. :(

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I'm still wondering what the hell has happened to Capcom this generation. They used to make such good decisions, and when they didn't they were quick to fix it (e.g. People complained about Devil May Cry 2, so they fixed things with DMC3).

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"I'll bet there are alot more unknown devs who are more deserving of recognition than itagaki."

Isn't that the point Itagaki is making in this interview though? He knows devs who have been in the business for 10+ years like himself have been getting heaps of recognition, regardless of whether they deserve it or not. He wants younger devs to step up to the plate and prove they can be just as good as the older devs. He thinks there needs to be some "fresh...

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Was LoK really that niche though? The series definitely got less and less popular as the years went on, but SR1 and SR2 were pretty big when they first came out. (SR1 in particular. I remember it being touted as the "next Tomb Raider"). People might not remember the games nowadays, but I hope the devs consider the series big enough to continue.

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I miss the days when an 8/10 meant "this game has some minor flaws, BUT YOU STILL NEED TO PLAY THIS!"

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"It's already stupid that Revelations is or could be vital to understand RE6's story...."

I wouldn't worry about it too much. If Revelations' plot is really important, RE6 will have files everywhere for the player to read and catch up on any lost info. It's a Resident Evil game, after all.

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Yeah, it's Seymour's mother. :)

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