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To be fair, it wasn't Leona Lewis' voice that was the problem. She's a good singer with a good voice. (And hell, it's not like most of the Japanese singers who sing the FF theme songs aren't the equivalent of Lewis in Japan anyway). It's the song itself that was the problem. My Hands wasn't written for FFXIII and the lyrics made that painfully obvious. It didn't have the same emotional impact as previous FF theme songs, because it wasn't written for the gam...

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Eh. As long as it's the same song, does it really matter if it's in English or Japanese? I mean, some of the best Final Fantasy theme songs had gorgeous English versions for the Western releases (Eyes on Me, 1000 Words, Melodies of Life, etc). I think fans often forget that.

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"I might be getting completely mixed up, but the only game with lyrics [FF Game] in the theme song was FFX-2 and, not the best song ever."

Nah, FF games have had lyrical theme songs since FFVIII.

FFVIII (Eyes on Me by Faye Wong)
FFIX (Melodies of Life by Emiko Shiratori)
FFX (Suteki Da Ne by Rikki)
FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus (Redemption by GACKT)
FFVII: Crisis Core (Why by Ayaka)

There are probably othe...

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Woah... Drake's Japanese voice is so deep.

The game looks incredible though.

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Scorpion cartwheeling after Johnny Cage will always be hilarious to me.

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I don't know why, but right-handed Link has always bothered me. :/

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If that's the worst thing you've got to worry about, you live a pretty good life.

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Oh, I hope so! If there's one thing that I didn't like about the Galaxy games, it's that they were (mostly) too easy.

Meanwhile Donkey Kong Country Returns KICKED MY ASS in practically every level. Damn, that game was brutal.

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"It seems like the devs are trying to put a placeholder where it knows the odds of betting are heavily against them. The lack of Shinji Mikami is what's really bothersome in this series, especially when the Las Plagas was pushing the story in a very interesting direction. You've got an awesome build up on what could've been one of the best villain in video game history and RE5 pretty much annihilated it making it the worst counter-jizz I have come across in a climax of video ...

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Or at least give us the option to choose which camera setting we want. That way, nobody would be unhappy.

I loved playing the "Lost in Nightmares" DLC with the fixed camera. It was terrifying being chased by those huge monsters through the mansion, then the camera would switch angles and you could no longer see where the monster was. Really got my heart pumping!

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I truly believe Capcom still know how to make a good survival-horror game. They just don't want to because it won't make them as much money as an action title.
Revelations looks pretty creepy. Hell, even the rail-shooters had their fair share of scary moments. It's just a shame they aren't interested in making a PROPER survival-horror title on a console. It might not sell as well as a shooter, but its a Resident Evil game - they sell well by def...

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"to me i think what they did was, since lion and Chris had been through this horror, they made the game to show you that they aren't afraid of this no more, they are not amature no more, and the fear has been taken out of the characters. so im guessing this new RE is a new or an inexperience person that still is afraid."

The thing is, RE5 WAS advertised as being a horror game. Hell, the tagline is "fear you can't forget". Throughout development, Ca...

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"FF9 was just most of the time ignored , because it confuse that generation that only started final fantasy games with FF7 , with his on purpose retro feel . While many of the die hard old ff gamers found there a good game , but hardly as good as 5-6 ."

That's true about the first part. FFVIII had incredible graphics for its time and everyone was wow-ed by how realistic the characters looked. People wanted to see how far Squaresoft could stretch the boundaries o...

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I'm guessing the characters will make the same random noises that they always do.

(Which is fine by me. I couldn't imagine a LoZ game with proper voice acting).

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I think a lot of people forget (or simply weren't old enough to know) that for many people, FFVII was their very first RPG. Their very first "big game".

This is a game that came out when developers were still struggling with 3D, especially on the PSone. Game stores were filled with clunky, awkward 3D games with dodgy controls, ugly textures and horrible bloopy soundtracks.

So naturally, people (especially those in the West) were VERY excited for...

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I don't care so much about seeing a remake anymore. I can't imagine it would be any good with Square Enix's latest track record.

Seriously, did anyone play Dirge of Cerberus? Square Enix CLEARLY don't remember the FFVII world like we do. Since when was Nibelheim mansion filled with dull grey empty rooms, or the word map an ugly grey empty expanse of nothingness, or Kalm a boring grey town filled with endless linear corridors that all looked the same? I played ...

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IMO it depends on what sort of game you're playing. Not every game is going to benefit from a scantily clad big-boobed female character, or even a sexy male character. Sometimes you DO just want to play as an average-joe in a crazy situation. Like the Silent Hill games, for example. Those games work BECAUSE you're playing as a clumsy, average everyday person. It isn't necessarily the character who is helping you "escape from reality" - it's the situation that charact...

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Or maybe the author just likes the FFVII soundtrack better? Different strokes for different folks, everyone is different, etc etc.

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Is it wrong that a part of me is glad for dodgy video game movies? If they didn't exist, we wouldn't have hilarious quotes like:

Bowser: "Monkey!" ( )

M Bison: "OF COURSE!" ( )

Raiden: "...

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I always figured most of the FFVII towns were meant to be white (or 'Western/American'), while the people from Wutai were meant to be Asian (or 'Japanese').

Hence the reason Midgar was the towering capitalist nation who had its hand in places all over the world (Junon, Nibelheim, Rocket Town etc), and Wutai was the small Asian nation that had lost all of its power after being crushed in the war.

...then there's Cosmo Canyon, which was som...

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