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"capcom is blessed with amazing character designers/modelers"

If by "amazing character designers" you mean "awful character designer", then yes I agree. Rachel's design is awful, tbh. And doesn't fit with the RE world at all. Hell, even some of the classic RE characters haven't been looking their best in recent years (Chris' steroid arms, Jill's crappy redesign, etc)

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79? Why not just round it up to 80? o.O

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I'm so glad MGS1 is at least being included, even if it is separate. I'm so excited to be able to play it again, and it will be great that people who never got the change to play it will finally get the chance to.

Dare I say, it's my favorite game in the series. :O

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There is no "right" or "wrong" age. A person is able to play violent video games when they can handle them. For some people, that might be at a very young age. For others, they might need to be older. But in the end, it's up to the parents to decide when their child is old enough to play games without it negatively effecting them.

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Really? You saw a picture of a muscular female soldier in a war situation and instead of thinking "she is clearly a muscular female soldier in a war situation", your mind jumped to "he is clearly a man who thinks it's a good idea to crossdress in the middle of a war situation"?

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Andriasang seems to be having problems since they updated the site :(

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A+ reference! :D

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Kain gets a pass because he has a sexy voice :D

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I think people are more mad at the fact that it seems like random pop for the sake of appealing to mainstream audiences, as opposed to the song being pop in itself.

Eyes on Me was a pop song, but it had relevance to the plot. It was Julia's song, and the moment it started playing at the end of the game is the moment you realize Julia finally did manage to achieve her dream of becoming a singer before she died. The lyrics are also describing the moment where she met Laguna...

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Oh! I found the scenes I was talking about.

First video: The scene where Rinoa appears just as Eyes on Me begins to play...amazing.

Second video: The music swelling as Garnet jumps into Zidane's arms. Followed by Garnet's song being played over the credits...amazing.

Third video: Yuna and Tidus' first kiss. Say what you want about the game, that was a really well-done scene with a great use of music.

Fourth video:...

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If that's painted on, that's actually really impressive artwork. I don't think I've ever seen such detailed nail art.

If they're just stickers...meh.

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IIRC you can change the control scheme to 'analogue' in the Options menu. It's still pretty clunky, but it makes her a lot easier to control.

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And the sad thing about it is that Capcom could probably still make a good survival-horror game if they tried. RE: Revelations looks creepy and even the RE rail-shooters had their fair share of spooky moments. Imagine if they truly focused their eddorts at creating such horror in RE6 or a new Dino Crisis game. It could be incredible. But all they seem to be interested in this gen is making as much money as quickly as possible.

Which is weird because they're Capcom. One of...

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Actually, using the original Japanese songs is more of a recent (post FFX-2) thing.

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I wish Capcom hadn't completely destroyed the Dino Crisis series with that abomination of a game DC3.
Dino Crisis 1 and 2 were amazing games and, dare I say it, I thought they were scarier than the RE games. Being chased down a hall by a group of velociraptors or cornered in a tiny room room BY A GODDAMN T-REX was heart-racing stuff. Imagine how incredible a new Dino Crisis game would be in HD graphics. OMG the realism! :O

This series could have been massive, if ...

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It's Capcom who develop the games, so they'd probably do something stupid like make a Dino Crisis set in space.

Oh wait...

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It's not amazing, but it's a definite improvement on some of the crappy songs that have been in FF games recently.

I miss the days of songs like Eyes on Me and Melodies of Life. Hell, even 1000 Words. Those songs were all amazing and perfectly fitted the theme of the games (I still get chills watching Rinoa appear out of the darkness at the end of FFVIII as soon as the song starts playing, or when Garnet jumps into Zidane's arms at the end of FFIX just as the musi...

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@MidnytRain: Different cultures have different media preferences. What might appeal to an American audience might not appeal to a Japanese audience, and vice-versa. So if something is made by an American company and targeted towards an American or Western audience, a Japanese audience might feel it is "too American" because they aren't the intended audience.

A good example would be all the Asian horror movies that have been remade and "Americanized" fo...

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Why don't they just give this game another name and strop trying to associate it with the Devil May Cry series? There is still so much more that could be explored with the original Devil May Cry timeline.... e.g. More info on Vergil (Vergil could have been one of the most memorable villains in gaming if only Capcom gave him the chance), more exploration of the demons and underworld, more about Sparta, etc etc.

I'm just worried we'll never see more of the original ...

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I don't want to sound horrible, but I truly hope this game flops. Not because I want NT to have to close their doors or anything. But maybe if this game flops, it will be enough to make Capcom realize that they don't need to keep fucking around with things to make fans happy. Fans just want a true DMC5, the 'old' Dante, and more exploration of already-existing characters (LIKE VERGIL FFS!!!)

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