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Or maybe the author just likes the FFVII soundtrack better? Different strokes for different folks, everyone is different, etc etc.

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Is it wrong that a part of me is glad for dodgy video game movies? If they didn't exist, we wouldn't have hilarious quotes like:

Bowser: "Monkey!" ( )

M Bison: "OF COURSE!" ( )

Raiden: "...

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I always figured most of the FFVII towns were meant to be white (or 'Western/American'), while the people from Wutai were meant to be Asian (or 'Japanese').

Hence the reason Midgar was the towering capitalist nation who had its hand in places all over the world (Junon, Nibelheim, Rocket Town etc), and Wutai was the small Asian nation that had lost all of its power after being crushed in the war.

...then there's Cosmo Canyon, which was som...

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Early retail indications? Ringing a couple of Gamestops in your nearby area =/= "early retail indications".

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I think a lot of people are willing to look past the shitty titles because Nintendo still manage to make some pretty good Mario titles. I could do without the crappy spinoff sport titles, but I personally hope they don't stop making games like Mario Galaxy or Mario Kart.

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Raiden's definitely my number one, with Scorpion a close second.

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It's a shame Joe wasn't able to catch the Capcom guy off guard (though he's probably used to these questions by now). He had the same generic answer for everything. :/

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When you start making your own money and start paying to live off it (rent, groceries, gas, bills, etc) you'll soon realize why many people choose not to (or simply cannot) buy all their games brand new.

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Yes, but the $1 million loss was only an assumption on Quantum Theory's behalf. They are assuming that everybody who bought second-hand, rented, or borrowed the game would have bought the game brand new if that was the only option. But not everybody can afford to do that (I should know. I live in Australia and the average brand new PS3 game can cost around $100-$120 here), when those gamers might not have even considered buying the game if their only option was to buy it brand new.

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I can definitely see where this article is coming from. Like I said in an article from the other day....I was thinking about why women don't seem to be all that interested in video games (and why many of my female friends don't "get" why I like gaming), and I think that a lot of women probably don't realize just how social or story-oriented games have become nowadays. Hell, my own friends are still convinced games are only about shooting and aliens, and that I'm &quo...

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If Bodycount's reviews are anything to go by, it's pretty awful.

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"They still lost sales."

But who's to say the people who bought/borrowed it second-hand would have bought the game brand new if that was the only option?

For all the devs know, those gamers might not have even considered buying the game if their only option was to buy it brand new.

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I see it as being similar to a scratched DVD disc. The movie on the disc might be amazing, but if you have to sit through multiple jumps, freezes and audio issues, it really puts a damper on your enjoyment.

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Out of all the questionable things in video games to complain about, people are still talking about the "feminist whore" thing? I mean, I could understand the controversy if the game makers had called Purna a "feminist whore" in the actual game just because she's a woman, but they didn't. It was probably some random designer being a dick with the codes. I don't think it's quite as comparable to, for example, a female character existing for the sole purpose...

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I don't know why, but my first thought was that this meant we could download it on either PSP or PS3.

That's what I get for assuming :(

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Am I the only one a little wary of KH3? I mean, I'm looking forward to it too. But at the same time, I hope its plot doesn't rely too heavily on the spinoff titles, because if it does, I'm going to be completely lost.

Hell, I got confused while playing KH2 because I didn't played Chain of Memories first. :(

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I'm more excited for FFvsXIII. Even though very little info has been released, I like what I've seen so far (especially the videos and screenshots we have seen).

I'm just hoping it will live up to the hype. I don't know how much more Square-disappointment I can take.

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Is anyone really surprised?

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More games need to bring back unlockables, imo.

There needs to be more "complete Story Mode to unlock new characters"

And less "pay us more money, and we'll give you more characters"

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But will be it 2x the quality of Tekken 6?

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