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I like that Batman doesn't kill his enemies...if only because it makes him just as insane as the very villains he fights against. He KNOWS they can escape Arkham Asylum whenever they want, he KNOWS they will go on a killing rampage every time they escape, and he KNOWS families' lives will be destroyed (just like his was) whenever the villains are free in the city.

The only way to stop the villains for good is to either kill them or permanently injure them, yet Batman...

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I never noticed it until now...but the wings on Rinoa's back kinda look like feet. :/

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I wonder if killing the villains might be an available option in the game. Like, it might end in a "Game Over" (because Batman isn't allowed to kill anyone), but it would still be pretty cool just to be able to kill Gotham's biggest baddies even for a moment.

....or maybe I'm just weird. :o

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I don't really understand what the councilor's problem is. Like, the councilor said it was similar to a "massage parlour"...but why? He didn't really clarify his statement, and the owners of the bar have made it clear that it's just a gaming-related bar with no scantily clad waitresses or anything like that. So where did the councilor get the idea from that it's an adult oriented place?

(With that being said, I'm surprised they built it right...

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I'll be honest, I don't exactly know who she is. What has she done?

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"Uncharted 3: Drake's Fortune"

You mean Drake's Deception. :)

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True, but they have also majorly screwed up with remaking other things. Just take a look at Dirge of Cerberus. Square Enix CLEARLY don't remember the FFVII world like we do. Since when was Nibelheim mansion filled with dull grey empty rooms, or the word map an ugly grey empty expanse of nothingness, or Kalm a boring grey town filled with endless linear corridors that all looked the same? I played through the whole game, and nothing really made me smile in nostalgic glee. It was all just s...

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Jeez that girl is screechy and annoying. Sorry, but this wouldn't entice me to play a game at all. O.o

Also, it must be a new thing to hire bikini models to play a portion of a game and show it off. They same was done here: http://n4g.com/news/850036/...

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Aww, this brings back memories. I remember how HUGE the Pokemon movie was when it first came out. I made my mom tape every news report and tv special that was about the movie. :D

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"Ya. I'm a little disappointed at the lack of creativity in some of the new pokemon. There's a garbage monster, an ice cream cone, gears, a heart, and something else that I forgot that I thought was beyond stupid."

Yeah, I think the designers are definitely running out of ideas with some of the new Pokemon.

That's what I always liked about the older Pokemon. They were all believable as animals. I could genuinely believe they really exis...

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Leo's definitely a girl. Her full name is "Eleonore". Harada confirmed it at the Tekken: Bloodline Rebellion 3D premiere:


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I must admit, I sometimes accidentally refer to campaigns as "story mode". But it's more of a stupid habit, rather than me not knowing the correct word for it. Oops. :O

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...a big personality? :P

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Lol, the censoring isn't even subtle. Someone just opened Photoshop and painted a big black blob over her butt cheeks, then put the EA logo over it.

If they wanted to censor it, why not just resize the picture so her butt isn't even in the frame? By doing this, they've only drawn attention to it. lol

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@ATi_Elite: "just kidding but what the heck does that mean please!"

Translation: You're a genuine dickhead...Christ!

...except it's a nicer way of saying it. Aussie insults are rarely meant to be taken seriously. That's what makes them so fun to say. :D

p.s. The accents on Dead Island are absolutely atrocious. D:

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How is it "ruining everything" if people to want to see their race represented a little more in video games? How would making more game characters non-white detract from a video game? o.O

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I guess it could be argued that minority groups still buy games because the alternative is not not be a gamer at all.

That doesn't mean devs shouldn't try to be more inclusive though.

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I doubt an employee is going to be fired for a measly forum message. That's called wrongful dismissal.

And while they ARE a company who's primary target is to advertise their product and make money, the company is still made up of a group of people who have put their time and effort into making a game for people to enjoy. So I can definitely see why it would be disheartening to release a beta (something they didn't even need to do) and get nothing but "This ...

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Eh. It's only a forum message, tbh. I doubt he's going to put off too many people from buying the game with a mere forum message.

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It's good to see gaers in general getting recognized. It's nice seeing positive aricles about gamers on N4g, instead of the same old "gamers are eeeeevil" or "gamers are murderers" crap.

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