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It's good to see gaers in general getting recognized. It's nice seeing positive aricles about gamers on N4g, instead of the same old "gamers are eeeeevil" or "gamers are murderers" crap.

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It's awesome how much detail has gone into the game. Even just small things like making Drake walk slower and more clumsily in the sand. It all helps add to the realism.

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Wow. Space Channel 5. That brings back memories.

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"Although taking place in the same universe as FF13, there is no direct connection to the other games other than them being part of the same series called the Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy, defined as New Tales of the Crystal. "

Call me crazy, but I thought Square dropped the whole "set in the same universe" thing?

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I think it depends on the kid, tbh. Some will be able to handle M-rated games, while others won't be.

Heck, I remember I was pretty young when Silent Hill was first released, and it ended up giving me nightmares. :O So my parents did the sensible thing and took the game away from me, and didn't let me play it until I was older. More parents should do that sort of thing tbh, instead of blaming the games/developers and going straight to the media about it.

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It's not really a spoiler, tbh. The game makes it pretty clear early on that it will be Snake's final mission. But that's not why we play MGS4, after all. We play MGS4 to find out all the answers to the unanswered questions from previous games ;)

The rest is stuff that was said in the earlier games (like Snake not being able to have kids...iirc that was revealed in MGS1).

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IIRC she's a model and an actress too. :)

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I'm surprised more devs don't do that, tbh. Not only because it would help appeal to a larger audience of gamers, but also because it would be nice to have a bit more variety in game characters. There are so any different looking people in the world, so it's weird that many game devs stick to "generic white marine" or "generic sexy white/asian lady" when there are so many different combinations of facial features and skin tones that could be used to create a un...

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I would definitely play a game with an eskimo as the main character! :D

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"6. Solid Snake"

"Just retire Old Snake, spend some time with your grand kids or something."

Um...the author does know MGS4 exists, right? Snake DID retire. The fact that this was his final mission is kinda a big point in the game. o.O

Also, Snake doesn't have grandkids, since he biologically can't have kids. That's also a big point in the MGS games. The author either needs to do more research, or needs to stop...

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It's really noticeable how different RE5 was in comparison to the other games when all the games are put together in a video like this.

With that being said, what an epic video! Really brings back memories of my childhood and playing the old RE games with the lights off to add to the scary atmosphere. :D

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Hmmm...I don't know why, but when it was first announced that RE4 and Code Veronica would be $20, I assumed that meant together. Not each.

I'd love to replay both games. But I don't know if I'm willing to fork out $40 to play two last-gen games that I've already played, tbh. Especially with so little added features or extras.

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I will forever be disappointed that we never saw more of Vergil after DMC3. He's such a great character.

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It is her. It was (surprisingly) the only picture I could find on google of a Japanese girl gaming. :O

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Can ya blame them? I don't know about anyone else, but if I was living in the Gears universe with the threat of constantly being under attack by an alien race, I'd be bulking up my body too. :O

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"People call Cloud a whiny Emo, when he is only for a brief moment after he kicks the shi* out of Aerith"

I can't help but think the people who believe Cloud is whiny/emo have let the Compilation ruin their perception of him. Because he was actually quite cheery and talkative in the original game. Even when he found out the truth about Zack towards the end of FFVII, and reverted back to his 'normal' self, he was still the same ol' spikey-headed dork ...

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I said this in another article, but I thought it was worth repeating hre... I think a lot of people forget (or simply weren't old enough to know) that for many people, FFVII was their very first RPG. Their very first "big game". There's a reason it's considered such a classic and it has nothing to do with Square's 'milking' of the franchise.

This is a game that came out when developers were still struggling with 3D, especially on the PSone. G...

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I don't know...I would definitely argue that FFXIII's story is flawed because the characters motivations and certain plot elements aren't in the actual game itslef, but rather they appear in the datalogs instead. If someone has trouble understanding the game because they didn't read the datalogs, that's not their fault. That's the game's fault.

IMO all the info needed to understand a game's plot should be in the game's plot itself. Not in l...

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My thoughts exactly.

Though Zelda never really came across as particularly 'Western' to me. Some of the outfits sort of resemble old medieval outfits, but apart from that, it seems to be a very Japanese interpretation of Western history.

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Haha, I'm a little freaked out you remember my old avatar. I changed it ages ago. :D

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