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Yeah, but a story-heavy character-driven action-adventure platformer IS their style :D #13.1.2
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God I hope they use the original story, and don't try to change it too much. I'd hate for it to become the next Blood Omen 2. :( #7.1.1
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Emmettcelticfan is right. Kain wasn't jealous of Raziel's wings? They made that VERY clear in the later games that he did it in an attempt to change his (and Nosgoth's) fate. Yeah, it was a dick move. But one could argue Kain did it for the greater good.

And killing Kain would not restore Nosgoth. Both Raziel and Kain found that out in later games. Nosgoth and the pillars were falling to pieces because Kain was alive (heads), but if Kain was killed then the pilla... #1.2.5
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True, but if Naughty Dog/Hollywood feel like they really really need to make a movie, then I'd prefer it to be a CGI one than a live-action one. I think that's where so many game movies fail...directors try to add realism to series that quite frankly don't need them. So they end up failing or making no sense to non-gamers. But CGI movies could both pull off the same voice actings and stunts, all while fitting nicely into the storyline of the games. #6.1.2
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Ah shit, that's not the font I meant. I meant this one:


Similar font, though the letters are more jumbled and blurred. It's starting to look more and more like Homecoming (i.e. inspired by the movie) with each update. That's all I'm saying. I hope I'm wrong though. #1.3
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Is that....the font from the SH movie's logo?


Holy shit, it is.

*le sigh* I can't help but wonder what the game series would be like if the movie had never been made. Would they be different? The later games seem to be too influenced by the film, as opposed to the earlier games. #1
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How.....random. #2
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I always liked Irvine as a character (once we learned more about him). :(

But maybe that's just because I wasn't a big fan of Squall. #5
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Lol, reminds me of that American Idol woman who said she was obsessed with Mortal Kombat and plays it all the time...

Interviewer: "So who's your favorite MK character?"
American Idol lady: "Oh, I don't really know any of the characters"

hahaha #3.1
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Wasn't Pauline technically there since day one?

Unless the original Donkey Kong/Jumpman game doesn't count. :O #9.1
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"Okay, Nathan Drake is hot right now. He needs a hot lady—hotter than Elena."

Blasphemy! #2
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Yes, but...

"Birdo thinks he is a girl and likes to be called Birdetta. He likes to wear a bow on his head and shoot eggs from his mouth."

- from the Super Mario Bros 2 manual. #4.1.2
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Isn't Birdo a guy? #4.1
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I'm not worried about losing interest in games. But I am worried about not having enough time to play games. Even now that I'm at university I've noticed I barely have any time to play games. I hate to think how little time I'll have once I actually enter the work force. :( #3
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Lol at Vincent being on the list. I remember years ago there was a rumor that FFVII had a sidequest where you could prove Vincent was a vampire. A part of me is still disappointed that sidequest doesn't exist. :O

Also, Kain is amazing and I'm still waiting for a new LoK game...preferably one made by Amy Hennig. Fuck, I wish Sony/Naughty Dog would buy the rights to that series. Amy's the only one who could do a new game justice. #2
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I don't know why Naughty Dog don't just make a CGI Uncharted movie. They're the only ones who could do justice to the Uncharted series, imo.

With the right marketing and star power (create a new villain/character who is voiced by a big-name actor) I think it could do reasonably well in cinemas. Hell, the Uncharted 3 trailer was AMAZING. It looked just like a real movie. I have no doubt that a trailer like that would definitely peak the interest of a movie-going au... #6.1
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IDK I doubt Nintendo are going to ditch a business strategy that seems to be making them money. We might not like it, but there seem to be plenty of casual gamers with wads of money who do. #7.2
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Lol. I wonder how people discover these things. #2
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Does China have a bigger Playstation market than Australia? I find it kinda strange that they seem to have more big gaming events than we do. Do we just not care about gaming? D: #2
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Also: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Epic. :D #1.1
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