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It looks good to me :) #1.2
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I wouldn't mind a multiplayer Resident Evil...if they decided to go for a Resident Evil Outbreak approach.
Outbreak had so much potential, but the PS2's online capabilities and the lack of people playing online really put it at a disadvantage. But now that we're in the next generation of gaming, Capcom have the perfect opportunity to revive the Outbreak series. #2.1
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Okay, I love the idea behind the game, but actually seeing it in motion has put me off it. I hate to say it, but it just looks like a generic zombie shooting game with the "Resident Evil" title attached to it. #1
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Yeah, I agree there.

Take the battle systems for example. Most gamers accept that the characters and enemies aren't REALLY just standing around waiting for each others "turn" before they attack. Gamers can suspend their disbelief for the sake of the game's gameplay.

But as soon as those gameplay mechanics are actually mentioned by the characters in-game (like the dresspheres were), then the developers have to explain where the dresspheres c... #1.1.1
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I remember watching Mortal Kombat 2 as a kid, and getting so excited when Scorpion yelled "GET OVER HERE!" before he grabbed Kitana.

It was a pretty cheesy movie, but I loved all the game references in it. Whoever made the MK films had clearly played the games before. #1.1
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Holy crap, he brings up some really good points. Especially about the history/creation of the Garment Grids. It really makes no sense when you think about it.

Also, I lol'ed at this:

Yuna: "Our barkeeps a Hypello. Nobody knows his real name, so everyone just calls him Barkeep."
Spoony: "Yeah, that is a real problem. Let's see if I can solve that one: ASK HIM HIS FUCKING NAME!" #1
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I highly doubt the gameplay is going to be any worse just because they decided to add a color blind option. #3.6
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I don't think I've ever seen this guy make an actual "prediction". He just spews out the bleeding obvious, and expects people to be wow-ed.

Seriously, this is the guy who "predicted" Duke Nukem Forever won't sell well...A MONTH AFTER THE GAME WAS RELEASED. #6
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Ugh. I hate that there are people out there who think it's ok to judge others (on national TV, no less) for the things they enjoy doing. As long as a person isn't hurting anybody or themselves, then who cares what hobby they have?

Like I said in an article the other day: A hobby is a hobby. Some people go fishing, some people pull apart then fix cars, some people collect dead butterflies, some people write sappy romance novels, some people have ant farms. And some peo... #1
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Yeah, but like I said, that's more of a Hollywood problem than just a Mortal Kombat one. If Mortal Kombat was the only movie series to do this, I could see the author's point. But whitewashing characters is a Hollywood-wide issue. It's a fair point to bring it up, because casting white actors as Asian actors (because they think audiences will 'connect' with white characters better) IS racist. But Mortal Kombat isn't the worst offender. Hell, in the Mortal Kombat movies... #16.2.1
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Not sure if want... #2
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I know exactly what the author means. There is something so 'magical' and 'charming' about the style of the graphics and the look of the pre-rendered backgrounds in older RPGs. I still get wow-ed when I see the locations in games like Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX. (Yes, even FFVII. Even though the character models looked like lego, some of the pre-rendered locations were quite pretty.)
While graphics have come a long way nowadays, it's a shame we'll never se... #7
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Exactly. It says in most of the ninjas bios that they are Asian, so if any of them look white it's probably more of a face modelling problem than a racism one.

Most of the ninjas (hell, most of the characters in general) have their faces completely covered anyway, so it's pretty hard to tell what race they look like under their masks. I think it's safe to say they're supposed to look like whatever race their bios say they are.

But in my person... #20.2
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But then he wouldn't be Purple Rain. :D

(seriously I'm convinced the dev's created this character for the sole purpose of making the 'Purple Rain' joke.) #4.1
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Yeah, I really enjoyed Christopher Lambert as Raiden in the first movie.

There are worse choices they could have made than Lambert. (Like the awful Billy Idol lookalike in the second movie.) #6.1
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I can't see how Mortal Kombat is racist. The devs have done a really good job with the Asian influences imo. Sure, some of the characters might be stereotypical, but the series lives on silly over-the-topness, so the characters (Asian and non-Asian) match that theme. I can't think of anything that is portrayed offensively or deliberately aimed at hurting a certain race.

If the author's problem is the Mortal Kombat movies, then Hollywood is to blame for that. White... #16
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It's interesting that Japan has a lot of video game theme songs make it to the top of the music charts, while in many Western countries the idea would seem laughable. It would be pretty awesome if one day the English theme songs were played on the radio and on tv in the West. #1
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I think Bradley Cooper looks more like Flynn, tbh.

But imo it's the personality that is the most important part. If an actor can pull off Drake's charm, then the audience will be able to buy that the actor is Nathan Drake. #4.1.2
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There's no way Square Enix aren't trolling the fans with their new game names. Dissidia 012 [duodecim], Dissidia Prologus, Theatrhythm, etc. #5
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You haven't played too many JRPGs then. Seriously, try playing something like Chaos Wars, Call for Heroes, or Metalheart. Those games are awful to the point of being almsot broken. They make FFXIII look like a masterpiece by comparison. #1.2.3
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