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Tomorrow :)

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Relly? I mean, sure, certain games have some problems with their portrayals of women. But I don't think admitting someone's hot is all that sexist or proof of gender inequality. We all have attractions to people. Yep, even women do. (hell, I'm a girl and I'd bang the hell out of Hideo Kojima if I got the chance. Just sayin')

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OK some of the scores this game has being receiving really bothers me. Code Veronica is a "lazy port", but RE4 is considered by most reviewers to be one of the best HD remakes that have been released?...even though Capcom put the same amount of effort (or lack thereof) into both. WTF.

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Hmmm...I never really thought about it, but the orphanage plot twist really makes no sense when you think about it. Wouldn't someone have brought it up at some point in their lifetime that Squall, Selphie, Irvine, Seifer, Zell and Quistis all came from the same orphanage? Wouldn't Cid have mentioned it to them when they all teamed up ("oh look at this, the old orphanage gang is back together!")? Or when the students started losing their memories through the GFs, wouldn't...

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She looks like Garnet from FFIX.

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The sad thing is, he'd probably still do a better job than Uwe Boll. XD

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Besides the fact that the guy is a dick for stealing from a child, why would he even bother doing such a thing? It's not like a DS and Pokemon White are hugely rare and expensive items. :/

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Oops, yes! I meant the Hind-D. :O

My brain must have mixed it up with the Harrier from MGS2. :O

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MGS1 is easily my favorite game in the series. While the other games are incredible, I don't think I'll ever get tired of playing MGS1 and meeting the characters all over again.

And the harrier fight with Liquid....OMG that was amazing for its time! I remember shitting bricks when I first played through that part. :O

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If they already have plans for DLC, why not just *gasp* PUT IT IN THE GAME!

I mean, the game's still in production and is bound to sell well just because it's called "Final Fantasy". Do Square REALLY need the extra money? Really?!

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@Lord_Sloth: That's true. Though I don't think the women look so HUGE that their bulk would get in the way of being able to run and move.

The guys on the other hand...

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NGL, I would have gladly sat through the awful plot, Raiden's silly haircut and ridiculous hamster-ball scene if Lambert was still playing Raiden. He really looked like he was having fun in the first MK movie. :D

"The fate of billions will depend upon you! HEH HEH HEH HEH....sorry"

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The Mortal Kombat movie didn't suck :D

...the sequel on the other hand. :(

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OMG I hate that monkey from Super Mario 64. Always stealing my hat! D:

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IIRC Capcom said that they always intended on having Wesker die in RE1, but because fans loved him so much they decided to bring him back for CVX. Then Capcom gave him a backstory in Umbrella Chronicles which explained that Wesker had been injected with a virus BEFORE entering the mansion, which allowed him to be reborn (as a "zombie" of sorts) and escape the mansion before it exploded...


"I wouldn't say he's all that great as Bowser and Wesker, he's just popular because he appeared in FF7, if FF10's story was in FF7's place then Sin would be the most memorable villain or even if Ultimecia from FF8 was in Sephiroth's place she would be on all these lists. Get my point"

Don't get me wrong, I definitely agree there. That's why I said "if only because he appeared in one of the most memorable RPGs in gaming". Sep...

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NGL, I don't think I would have minded the co-op quite as much if we had been given Jill or Barry as out co-op partner. It's not that I hated Sheva as a character...I just couldn't be invested in her story because she hasn't been there from the beginning. She wasn't there when Wesker was STARs leader, she wasn't there when Wesker turned on STARs, she wasn't there when Wesker tried to kill Claire in Code Veronica, she wasn't there when Wesker was found to be wor...

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I'm glad Wesker is on the list...even though Capcom screwed up his character in RE5. I miss the working-behind-scenes mastermind scientist who's main goal was collecting viruses and being one step ahead of the other characters. Not the CRAZY I-WANT-TO-TAKE-OVER-THE-WORLD comic-book-villain from RE5. :/

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It depends on the game, tbh. If it's a game set in the real world, I don't mind seeing in-game advertising because it helps add to the immersion and to the realism of the game. It makes you truly believe you are playing in ~our world~.

But if the game is set in an alternate world/universe, I don't really want to see a McDonalds ad popping up somewhere or a Burger King as the local inn.

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To be fair, Sephiroth is one of the most memorable villains in gaming, if only because he appeared in one of the most memorable RPGs in gaming. It's no wonder he shows up on so many "Top 10" lists. He's as iconic as Wesker from Resident Evil or Bowser from Mario Bros...yet nobody complains when they keep popping up on lists.

(Though I would argue Sephiroth was a better villain when we knew LESS about him. Learning more about his backstory in Crisis Core and ...

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