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I'm not surprised, tbh. It's Ayumi Hamasaki. Hasn't she had 30-something consecutive number 1 songs in Japan? #1
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Yeah, that Witcher game is definitely the worst Facebook game I've ever seen. And Atari? What company is that? Probably some little-known dev who only makes indie games for mobile phones. /s

Seriously, do people even read articles anymore? Or do they just look at the pictures and think "Since I don't recognize them they must be some shitty Facebook game dev." #1.1.2
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And Fatal Frame 4. I'm still upset about that one. :( #2.1
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Hahaha. Oh IGN, you trolls.

I wonder why they didn't get a woman to do the mo-cap though? Wouldn't that make her easier to model in the game? :O #5
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That's true. I try not to be judgy because I know women who have married men almost a foot taller than them. (hell, one of my mother's best friends in 5' and her husband is 6'3).

But I guess it just freaks me out that Serah not only looks young, but acts it as well. Like, there's nothing that really portrays her as anything over a young teen girl. She's so cutesy and frail and timid, it's hard to believe she is almost 20 (or is she over 20?) by FFX... #4.2.1
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Yeah, I should have been clearer there. The added bits look promising, but the dialogue/melodrama still looks quite...well...dull. And that was part of FFXIII's problem imo. The story took itself far too seriously and it got boring for me. One of my favorite parts of the game was the theme park, because it broke up the constant angst with a little bit of humor and fun.

I know the plot was meant to be serious and the characters didn't have much time, but part of the o... #4.1.1
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"have you heard of redemption?"

Yeah, it was a good song :D

Oh wait...that's not what you were talking about. :O #1.3.6
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Ohhh...sounds promising! #1
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It still freaks me out how little/young Serah looks in comparison to Snow. She looks like she's his 13 year old sister.

With that being said, I want to get excited for this game. I really do. But I'm not seeing much difference between this an FFXIII, tbh. Sorry. #4
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This might seem like a silly question, but does it come with MGS1? #4
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Oh, I was mostly talking about sexualizing characters. Not character stereotypes in general.

Though I'd argue that the characters you mentioned (Drake, the Prince, Alan Wake, MaleShep) are idealized characters, rather than sexualized ones. They aren't created for the female gamers to fap to. Rather, they are created as the "ideal" image of a man. e.g. "Hey guys, this is the man you could be!"

Dante in Devil May Cry 3, or Chris Redf... #1.1.1
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To be fair, it wasn't Leona Lewis' voice that was the problem. She's a good singer with a good voice. (And hell, it's not like most of the Japanese singers who sing the FF theme songs aren't the equivalent of Lewis in Japan anyway). It's the song itself that was the problem. My Hands wasn't written for FFXIII and the lyrics made that painfully obvious. It didn't have the same emotional impact as previous FF theme songs, because it wasn't written for the gam... #7.1
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Eh. As long as it's the same song, does it really matter if it's in English or Japanese? I mean, some of the best Final Fantasy theme songs had gorgeous English versions for the Western releases (Eyes on Me, 1000 Words, Melodies of Life, etc). I think fans often forget that. #3.1.3
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"I might be getting completely mixed up, but the only game with lyrics [FF Game] in the theme song was FFX-2 and, not the best song ever."

Nah, FF games have had lyrical theme songs since FFVIII.

FFVIII (Eyes on Me by Faye Wong)
FFIX (Melodies of Life by Emiko Shiratori)
FFX (Suteki Da Ne by Rikki)
FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus (Redemption by GACKT)
FFVII: Crisis Core (Why by Ayaka)

There are probably othe... #1.4
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Woah... Drake's Japanese voice is so deep.

The game looks incredible though. #1
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Scorpion cartwheeling after Johnny Cage will always be hilarious to me. #9.2
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I don't know why, but right-handed Link has always bothered me. :/ #13
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If that's the worst thing you've got to worry about, you live a pretty good life. #7.1
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Oh, I hope so! If there's one thing that I didn't like about the Galaxy games, it's that they were (mostly) too easy.

Meanwhile Donkey Kong Country Returns KICKED MY ASS in practically every level. Damn, that game was brutal. #3
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"It seems like the devs are trying to put a placeholder where it knows the odds of betting are heavily against them. The lack of Shinji Mikami is what's really bothersome in this series, especially when the Las Plagas was pushing the story in a very interesting direction. You've got an awesome build up on what could've been one of the best villain in video game history and RE5 pretty much annihilated it making it the worst counter-jizz I have come across in a climax of video... #16.1
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