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You're seriously insulting all mentally ill people? For having genuine medical problems they can't help? Just because ONE guy happened to attack a kid?

What the man did was obviously wrong, but if he isn't in his right mind then of course he is going to respond to things differently than the average person. He obviously needs medical help. It's just good he got it before he seriously hurt/killed someone.

Also mentally ill =/= stupid.

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'She later told police that: "It’s pathetic that a grown man would attack a defenceless child like this. If you can’t handle losing to a child then you shouldn’t be playing games."'

Did the mother have anything to say about the fact that her 13 year old son was playing an 18+ game he obviously isn't mature enough to play because he spend his time harassing and verbally abusing people online??

I don't condone what the man did to the b...

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Please bring Christopher Lambert back :D

...and Robin Shou. If only because he needs more acting roles.

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To be fair, the problem wasn't so much that the song wasn't in Japanese, but that they didn't just do an English version of the song. I mean, Eyes on Me (FFVIII) and Melodies of Life (FFIX) were in English and they were both beautiful songs that fans love. So why ould Square think fans would prefer to hear a mainstream pop song in an FF game? Just translating the already-exsiting theme song would have been enough.

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I think people are just happy to see a relatively normal looking girl who knows a lot about games and doesn't resort to pointless sex appeal to get people interested in her.

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Damn, Castlevania has some pretty concept art. :O

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I didn't actually realize there were two artists for the MGS series, though now that it has been pointed out it seems obvious. :O

I love Ashley Wood's artwork, but I prefer Yoji Shinikawa's artwork. Yoji's just seems to have more detail and...flow:

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At this point, I'd just be happy with a new trailer or gameplay video. :O

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I wonder if reviewers are going to give this game low scores for being "outdated" just like they did with Code Veronica. It's funny how reviewers seem to pick and choose which games to pick-on.

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I agree. So many reviews are saying Code Veronica is outdated (especially in comparison to RE4), but it's like "No shit! It's a game that came out over ten years ago!"

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Great game. They should release the whole LoK series in a HD collection.

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To be fair, it wasn't Leona Lewis' voice that was the problem. She's a decent enough singer. But 'My Hands' just didn't fit with FFXIII's theme and seemed to exist for the sole reason of appealing to the mainstream audience.

If she had been given a song that was written for FFXIII, I think she could have done an amazing job of it.

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To be fair, Code Veronica isn't the only RE game with ridiculous villains. I mean, RE4 HD is getting nothing but praise, and many of its villains were just as silly (Ramon Salazar anyone? Who at Capcom thought a wrinkled dwarf dressed in Renaissance clothing was scary?)

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Simon Templeman is an incredible voice actor. It's such a shame he is so underrated.

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@Ddouble: Ah, ok. I must have read the news article wrong. :(

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Hell yes to Legacy of Kain!

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Didn't Square confirm Versus is 100% complete a few weeks ago though? So I'm guessing they've already finished the PS3 version. If a 360 version does end up being made in future, I doubt it will affect the already-completed PS3 version.

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"Actress Bai Ling -- renowned for her powerful and alluring performances"

Please tell me that's sarcasm. o.O

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Shame it's just a scaled-up port. The least Capcom could have done is smooth out the jaggies. It's really noticeable for a supposed "HD remake".

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It didn't help that Sakaguchi left either. He left after FFX, and the series (in many people's opinions) went downhill from there.

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