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Shouldn't it be easy to predict for somebody who's career revolves around predicting things? :/

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I don't think it's gamers fault at all. Many people either:

1. Can't afford to buy all their games new.
2. Rent games because that's all they can afford.
3. Are after the cheapest game price.
4. Don't realize used game sales don't contribute to the devs/publishers.

And so on.

IMO what needs to be done is: devs and publishers should get a cut of used game sales too. Stop stores from making 100% ...

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"Stop getting pissed at a company for trying to stay in business. When you buy used the company sees nothing."

Tbh, I think something needs to be arranged between game stores and developers/publishers so that the devs and publishers can get a cut of used game sales. Even if it's a small percentage, it's better than nothing.

Instead of punishing gamers who can't afford to buy games new, they should be punishing game stores for taking 100...

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I don't think it's an issue of not WANTING to buy a game new. Just that there are many people out there who simply can't afford to buy their games new, particularly in this economic climate where many people are either unemployed or struggling to make ends meet. For them, renting or buying preowned games might be the only way they can afford any sort of entertainment.

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Still, not everybody can (or knows how to) import games. It would be awesome if this was released in every region.

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I think the price is the main problem with the games, tbh. Fair enough if Capcom only want to release upscaled ports, that's their choice (though I will admit that I was disappointed with the sheer laziness of the upscale. It doesn't even look like they were trying).
But they SHOULD NOT be charging $20 American each (or $30 Australian each) for these titles. I can buy certain brand new PS3 games on PSN for that price!!

IMO $10 each (or even $10 for both) is t...

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Looks like someone had fun with the Eraser tool and Magic Wand on Photoshop. lol

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"Damn that sand. THE REAL RED SAHARA SAND! how smooth and how IT LIVES and Nathan intercats with it. Every move Nathan makes and the more he stays on the sand the more his footprints widen. The sand is flowing under his feet in all directions when he stays too long.Tehehhhh. Without mentioning that sand dunes can interact with winds and even bury dead bodies and weapons."

I agree 100%

I love that Drake moves slower and sluggish in the sand, and how ...

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I'm surprised anyone would buy a console before games they're interested in are released, tbh. Not only do consoles get cheaper as time passes, but what's the point in buying a console if none of the games you're interested in are released yet? There's always the possibility they will get pushed back (or even canceled alltogether) and then you might end up with a console and no games.

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Lol. Now I want to play a Batman rhythm game. :D

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Speaking of Dracula...I'd love to see an epic Dracula game. The book itself isn't very action-packed, but I think the first part of the story where Jonathan Harker is trapped in Dracula's castle could make for a good game.

The game could be about finding aways to escape the castle, all while uncovering evidence that Dracula isn't human and making sure Dracula doesn't find out you're trying to escape. You could search the castle for keys and items that...

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The thing I like most about Uncharted is that it reminds me of those awesome 80s action/adventure movies that you just don't see nowadays. Kinda like movies like Indiana Jones which had had likeable characters, an interesting story and was all about having fun and getting caught up in the ride. Nowadays a lot of movies (not all, but a lot) are more focused on fast-paced action sequences and CGI effects, so plots and character development end up getting shoved to the wayside. Uncharted bri...

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I hated it as a kid, but I actually like it now. It definitely isn't a good game-to-movie adaptation, but it's still a pretty fun movie with some hilarious characters. One of those "so bad it's good" type of movies. :D

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"If you absolutely have to get a downloadable Resident Evil fix, get Resident Evil 4 HD instead. It holds up markedly better in every conceivable way and looks pretty good in high definition."

I don't agree with him there, tbh. It's true that RE4 did a lot of things better than previous RE games, but there are plenty of things that previous games did better than RE4.

I'd argue that Code Veronica had a better plot (it actually involved Um...

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Nah, Silent Haven have been asking the opinions of many of the new/old voice actors about the 'drama'. They're just responding to it.

Though Monica Horgan seems pretty cool. She started up a Facebook page for Silent Hill fans and has been answering everyone's questions and generally being pretty awesome about the whole thing. http://www.facebook.com/#!/...

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I'm surprised something like this hasn't been done before. Some amazing survival-horror games could be made from movies like Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street (OMG imagine how fucked up the nightmare sequences could be!).

Playing as a helpless teen with no combat skills who is being stalked by a serial killer AND needs to rescue their friends could be a great game imo.

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I don't know how they did it, but Square managed to make Coca Cola ~magical~

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There's a difference between believing bullets will come out of your bare hands (which is obviously bogus) and believing that Kinect will register all of the movements portrayed in the ad (which is what the ad seems to be implying).

Obviously the ad is dramatized to look more exciting (most ads are), but nothing in the ad says that gamers won't be able to do EVERYTHING that is depicted in this ad.

Which is what makes it misleading. The average gamer ...

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While I wouldn't give it a 10/10 (the lack of upscaling on FMVs is downright hideous, and the game itself can be difficult to get into with its clunky controls and dorky script), I do think many reviewers have been too harsh on Code Veronica. Especially considering many other classic games haven't been market down for being "outdated" like Code Veronica has.

But it's nice to see that there ARE reviewers out there who enjoyed it. I must admit, I had more ...

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Robin Shou needs to be in more movies in general. He's an amazing martial artist and a pretty good actor. It's sad he isn't in more big movie roles.

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