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You might want to check out the recent Silent Haven interviews with the original voice actors. They can be found here: http://silenthaven.tumblr.c...

Several of the voice actors said they were willing to sign waivers, but when they asked Konami about it they got no response.

None of them expected royalties. And I'm really curious as to where that rumor even came from, because Maria's VA, Ange...

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IDK they would probably find some other way to insult women for not being womanly or feminine enough, or whatever. One week they'll be insulting housewives for not being "proper modern women", then the next week they'll be inulting career-driven women for being "selfish" and not fulfilling their "proper role" as a woman by having a husband and heaps of babies. Then they'll go back to insulting men for something ridiculous like "men who fish are b...

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Why not have both? :D

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I agree tbh. If I'm reading a review about a game like Batman, I want to know about the ENTIRE product. For example, a lot of people were disappointed with the final boss and thought it detracted from the entire game's experience. That's something some gamers might want to know. It probably wouldn't put anybody off buying the game, but many people want to know details like that. Not just info about the beginning half.

Though I've heard of many reviewers b...

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I don't know if I'd say just the ending of RE5 was awful. Pretty much anything beyond the Indiana Jones temples that were inhabited by zombie tribes-people in grass skirts was awful. The later chapters felt like pointless filler to pad out the plot until we finally got to face Wesker. WTF Capcom.

And OMG don't even get me started on Necron from FFIX. Such a pointless final boss. I THINK he was supposed to be a physical representation of Darkness/Nothingness itsel...

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Bring back Christopher Lambert. hahaha

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From what I've read, it only supports the Motion Plus controller.

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If it's any consolation, most girls will probably grow out of their love for Bieber when they hit high school. Hell, I loved the Backstreet Boys and N*Sync when I was little. I eventually grew out of it tho.

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Eh. I'd hardly call it unplayable. Maybe the reviewer just wasn't very good at the game? Yeah, the controls are a pain, but it takes about an hour-or-so to adjust to the old style of controls and fully get used to it. By the time you play as Chris, you'll have plenty of ammo and health to be able to breeze through the second half of the game. And yeah the story and voice acting is cheesy as hell, but was anyone genuinely expecting Capcom to completely re-do it? If someone wants a ...

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The whole video can basically be summed up by these two points:

1. "I miss the survival horror Resident Evil games"
2. "I think the Resident Evil Remake is a better game and an under-appreciated title in the series.

I wouldn't say these reasons mean RE4 "sucks" though. Regardless of your opinion on the series' new turn, it's still a decent game. But I will agree with his first point: I loved the look of the origina...

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You must have missed the "Top 10 Toilets in Gaming" article a few weeks back if you think this is the worst type of article that has been on n4g.

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I don't know...If a game has an amazing story, I'd probably keep playing regardless of the gameplay. I've played some games that are pretty lousy in both the gameplay AND story department in the past though.

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Yeah, that was my problem with Galaxy too. The worlds were quite small and it was a little too easy to complete most of them. It felt like (as Infernostew said) a bunch of mini-stages, as opposed to complete worlds.

I really wanted to enjoy Galaxy. It was my most anticipated Wii game before its release. But I was disappointed to discover it wasn't as big, sprawling and adventurous as Mario 64 or even Sunshine.

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He's definitely right there. And it's not just American gamers that devs treat like this. But Western gamers in general.

Devs seem to think that Western gamers will automatically buy their games if they add guns or make a game more action-oriented. But there are so many different types of gamers with so many different interests (My favorite genre is survival-horror, so needless to say I've been disappointed with the "Westernization" of some of my favorite s...

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Don't forget the overpriced HD "remakes". I only paid half-price for RE4 and Code Veronica, yet I still feel oddly ripped off. The reviews were right. All Capcom did was upscale both games to HD and hope nobody would notice the jagged edges and ugly textures. It's ESPECIALLY noticeable in Code Veronica where many of the FMVs are downright hideous (obviously because Capcom couldn't upscale the FMVs) so you end up with these horribly ugly, jagged, fuzzy and often blurry FM...

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It's true that the MK backgrounds didn't do anything, but I don't know if I'd call them 'boring'. I know I lost a few too many matches being distracted by the people being lowered into acid, the monsters fighting each other in the distance, and the OMG! THAT GIANT DRAGON IS DESTROYING A BUILDING HOLY SHIIIIIT!!!

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Aww, I always felt so bad for the penguin for losing her baby. :O

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The series has always had time travel though. Blood Omen was the first game in the series (not Soul Reaver) and Kain travels through time in that game to kill both King William (who he mentions in SR2) and later Mobeus. That's why he became so obsessed with time travel in the later games. He screwed around with Nosgoth's history in the first game, and has been trying to fix it ever since.

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OMG I would LOVE for Naughty Dog to start up the LoK series again!

Please please buy the rights to the series! Amy Hennig is an amazing writer and I think she (and the ND crew) are the only ones who could do the series justice. We don't want another Blood Omen 2 on our hands.

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"dmc looks crap and dosen't even look like Devil May Cry, it looks like a new IP which is trying to be a clone of DMC. <Insert long rant already said 10 times on here before at why it will be crap>"

I can't help but wonder if the new DMC game originally started out a a new IP, but since Ninja Theory's last game didn't sell as well as expected, they instead got their hands on a pre-existing series with the hope that it might boost sales amongst ...

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