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I'm not talking about the natural progression of the FF series though. I'm talking about when Square experiment with things they aren't very familiar with, and end up with messes like Dirge of Cerberus, those mobile games that flopped in Japan, the additions to the FFVII Compilation nobody asked for (Genesis, Angeal, Deep Ground, the Lifestream internet network, etc), Final Fantasy X-2, and so on. Not to mention the awkward design choices in recent FF games.

They ...

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Why is this lady not hired to do more voice acting in games? She's a great voice actress... if only she was given the chance to branch out.

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Stop with the spin-offs. Stop with the milking. Stop with the 'experimenting' that never quite works. Take Final Fantasy back to its roots: An epic journey with memorable characters, a beautiful world, a fun and challenging battle system, and gorgeous music.

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Since it's Code Veronica X (and not just Code Veronica), I'm guessing it's a HD port of the PS2 version. Not the Dreamcast version. :(

With that being said, the PS2 version did have some extra scenes that the Dreamcast version didn't have, so that's a plus. :)

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I don't understand most of these reviews, tbh. Of course it's going to feel outdated (especially when compared to RE4) - it came out over 10 years ago! I mean, what were they expecting? A full remake of the controls, camera angles and graphics?

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Yeah, it's $30 on the Australian PS Store too. IDK if I'm willing to shell out $60 for two old RE games,even though I want them both.

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Holy shit, I just found out both games are $30 each on the Australian PSN. Fuck that shit, man.

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I wonder if this reviewer has said the same thing for EVERY PSone and PS2 game that has either been re-released on PSN or remade in HD? Seems kind of unfair that Code Veronica is receiving so much negativity for being "outdated" when it's hardly the oldest game to be re-released/remade on PSN.
Hell, it was released over 10 years ago - of course it's going to be "outdated"! That's like reviewing FFVII or Super Mario 64 nowadays, and saying they're c...

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Code Veronica might be outdated, but I wouldn't say it deserves a measly 6.3/10. It's still a pretty decent game, and has one of the best plots in an RE game.

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Tomorrow :)

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Relly? I mean, sure, certain games have some problems with their portrayals of women. But I don't think admitting someone's hot is all that sexist or proof of gender inequality. We all have attractions to people. Yep, even women do. (hell, I'm a girl and I'd bang the hell out of Hideo Kojima if I got the chance. Just sayin')

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OK some of the scores this game has being receiving really bothers me. Code Veronica is a "lazy port", but RE4 is considered by most reviewers to be one of the best HD remakes that have been released?...even though Capcom put the same amount of effort (or lack thereof) into both. WTF.

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Hmmm...I never really thought about it, but the orphanage plot twist really makes no sense when you think about it. Wouldn't someone have brought it up at some point in their lifetime that Squall, Selphie, Irvine, Seifer, Zell and Quistis all came from the same orphanage? Wouldn't Cid have mentioned it to them when they all teamed up ("oh look at this, the old orphanage gang is back together!")? Or when the students started losing their memories through the GFs, wouldn't...

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She looks like Garnet from FFIX.

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The sad thing is, he'd probably still do a better job than Uwe Boll. XD

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Besides the fact that the guy is a dick for stealing from a child, why would he even bother doing such a thing? It's not like a DS and Pokemon White are hugely rare and expensive items. :/

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Oops, yes! I meant the Hind-D. :O

My brain must have mixed it up with the Harrier from MGS2. :O

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MGS1 is easily my favorite game in the series. While the other games are incredible, I don't think I'll ever get tired of playing MGS1 and meeting the characters all over again.

And the harrier fight with Liquid....OMG that was amazing for its time! I remember shitting bricks when I first played through that part. :O

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If they already have plans for DLC, why not just *gasp* PUT IT IN THE GAME!

I mean, the game's still in production and is bound to sell well just because it's called "Final Fantasy". Do Square REALLY need the extra money? Really?!

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@Lord_Sloth: That's true. Though I don't think the women look so HUGE that their bulk would get in the way of being able to run and move.

The guys on the other hand...

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