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I'm surprised there are people who genuinely believe the "Squall is dead" theory. It's a neat theory with a lot of thought behind it, but it falls apart when you realize that Square wouldn't make a four-disc game where three of the discs are a completely irrelevant dream. That's just silly. #14.1.1
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It's only "controversial" in the sense that many fans consider it a "love it or hate it" title in the series.

And since FFVII was the first FF game that many Western gamers played, a lot of fans were confused or disappointed to discover that FFVIII wasn't more like its predecessor.

But that's about it. It's not really "controversial". But it does seem to get a lot more hate on forums than most games in the mai... #2.4
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That moment during the ending where Rinoa appears out of the darkness and Eyes on Me starts playing still makes me a little teary-eyed. It's so perfectly timed...


To this day, I'm still impressed by how beautiful the FMVs are in FFVIII. #5.1
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What was wrong with the final boss? (I'm just wondering because it's my favorite final boss battle in the whole FF series) #13.1
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Personally I don't think "tank controls" should exist in the era of PS4 and Xbox One, and I'm surprised so many horror fans still defend them. There are so many ways a horror game can create a tense and creepy atmosphere without having to cripple the controls to make a character difficult to control.

This isn't the first preview to mention that The Evil Within's controls are crappy and I'm just worried that clunky gameplay could potentially ruin... #1.1.2
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He says the character can't kills enemies easily because the controls are clunky and awkward. Not because it's an intentional design choice. And if that's true, then it's really disappointing because so many horror games have come out in the past generation that don't need to rely on tank controls to make a situation scary.

I'm still excited for The Evil Within (hell, I enjoyed Deadly Premonition and that game has ATROCIOUS controls) but clunky contro... #1.1
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"This game is great! And all I've done is enter my name....THRILLHOUSE!" #2.1
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Ouch. I feel so old now :( #1
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The number one reason: "Because Fatal Frame is a great series" #2
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It's sad that he doesn't seem interested in working with consoles or single-player RPGs anymore. I mean, I get that he's moved on and wants to do different things in his life. But it still makes me sad that we'll probably never see an epic Sakaguchi RPG on next-gen consoles :( #2.1
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Wow. I don't think I ever drowned in this game, so I had no idea the animation for drowning was so...brutal. #1
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Woo-hoo! Fatal Frame! #5
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I hope not. If they do that again, I'm going to be very disappointed :( #3.1
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@vikingland1: If you liked RE2 and CV, you'll definitely like the REmake. :) #9.1.3
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I know it's a quick cash-in, but in this case I don't care. The REmake is a great game that many people didn't get to play when it was on Gamecube. So I'm happy that more RE fans will be able to enjoy it this time around. #31
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No problemo :) I'm a big fan of Tsukiko Amano too but I hadn't heard if she was doing the theme song for Fatal Frame 5 so I went searching for some news on the song.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover this :) #4.1
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This is a really cool idea. I hope they reach their goal.

And oh man, Andriasang brings back memories. It's a shame that site went down :( #3
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I'm so excited for this. I've only ever played the Gamecube version on my HD TV (which made the game look dark and murky as hell) so I can't wait to play it in all over again in HD glory! #4
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Yeah, me too. If they do make a remake, I'm worried Square Enix might try to include things from the FFVII Compilation in it.

For example...Will Genesis and his stupid speech pop up in the Nibelheim flashback? Will Hojo survive his boss battle so he can download his soul (or whatever it was) into the Lifestream? Will it be mentioned that Vincent's limit break is a WEAPON? Will Square include the stupid subplot from Before Crisis that Rufus ShinRa is the one who funds AVA... #10.1
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Is grinding even a big problem in FFVII? I haven't played it for a while, but I don't remember needing to do too much grinding. One of the good things about the game is that every team member gets EXP points (even if you don't use them in battle) so you don't have to needleesly level your entire team up. #1.2.2
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