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I always thought FFVII was one of the most straightforward FF plots. The only confusion comes from the weird translation, but apart from that it's a fairly easy-to-understand story.

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Yeah, I thought Majora's Mask did a pretty good job with giving you handy tips without actually hand-holding you. It seems like Nintendo learned their lesson after Navi, and made Tatl (the new fairy) much less intrusive or annoying.

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To be fair, many of the people in those before/after photos you linked to obviously have jaw malformations that had to be corrected via surgery. Just look at numbers 7, 8 (this guy couldn't even close his mouth in the 'before' shot!), 9, 14, 15, 16, 22, and 27. That is more than just being vain. People generally don't have their jaws broken and re-shaped for mere aesthetic reasons. That sort of surgery takes months (sometimes over a year) to properly heal and leaves you eating...

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Yes please!

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Same with EB Games here in Australia. They charge people $100 (or sometimes more!) for new games, then when they have a sale it's STILL more expensive than the games should be at release.

I'm surprised people even shop there considering every other game retailer (Big W, JB Hi-Fi, Sanity, etc) sell games cheaper than EB.

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That armadillo scared the crap outta me when I was a kid.

So did that damn Jack in the Box boss!

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She looks like Tobey McGuire from certain angles. It's really weird.

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Yeah, it's weird that Square remade this mini-game out of all the mini-games in FFVII. Why not snowboarding or chocobo racing instead? At least they might have been fun!

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I'm not even surprised anymore :(

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If they do remake it, I hope they don't add things from the Compilation that weren't in the original game. Like DeepGround SOLDIERs, the Tsviets, people uploading themselves onto the internet, and Genesis appearing during the Nibelheim incident.

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Same. I can deal with the pre-rendered backgrounds. They still look decent enough. But fix the character models!

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I don't mind the pre-rendered backgrounds in FFVII. But I wish Square would at least bother to update the character models a little. The Lego-men character models look terrible on a HD tv.

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Do they really need to test the water though? It's not like this is some obscure RPG that could potentially lose them money if remade. The game is massively popular and has been considered a fan-favorite for fifteen years now.

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A lot of Korean groups seem to do that. They'll have a bunch of girly girls, and a random tomboy thrown in. I'm not sure why. Amber's quite pretty when she isn't dressing like a guy:


Yes please!

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Please be true!

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I hope the story is better this time around too. And of course, give the villain more screen-time!

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I was so sick of The Golden Path and their petty arguments, so I let him live too. lol

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That was great!

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I never even noticed that Sabal's uniform was an old RAF coat with the patches torn off. Small details like that are great.

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