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I don't even really consider a "proper" 3D Mario...if that makes any sense. Sure, the graphics are 3D. But it plays like a classic 2D Mario game; enter a level, progress forward, finish level. There's no option to explore a world or complete a task in multiple ways. You only have one way to go, and that's forward.

Not that that's a bad thing. But I think a lot of people were expecting an upgraded version of Super Mario 64 when they first heard tha...

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I'm hoping the port does well enough that they'll make another one. I think Tropical Freeze sold a lot less than Nintendo were expecting, and they've put the series on hold because of it :(

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Every now and then I still get the "Work your body" song stuck in my head.

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Yeah, I think a lot of people just pass off Kefka as some sort of "mad clown" stereotype like the Joker, without really paying any attention to WHY he is the way he is. He isn't just some random guy who decided to don a crazy clown getup and kill people for fun. He was a regular man who had his mind completely shattered by the very Empire he was loyal to, because they were so intent on creating magic infused knights that they didn't even think of the consequences of experime...

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It's fine to say that Mario 64 wasn't to your taste, but to say it wasn't a great game is just flat-out false. It was revolutionary at the time and introduced an entire generation of people to 3D gaming. And it did it masterfully at that. Even now, the game is still much more playable than the majority of 3D games that came out back then (ignoring the clunky camera, of course).

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I agree! I'm currently replaying Alien Isolation and it still gets my heart racing.

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I love throwing on the FFVIII soundtrack when I go on long drives. It helped pass the time and is absolutely beautiful to listen to.

There is barely a bad tune in the entire soundtrack.

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Yeah, I would have preferred more worlds than the option to expand already-existing worlds. Some of them just became way too big and bare with not a whole lot extra to explore.

I did enjoy Yooka Laylee though, and think it was a great introduction to what could potentially become a great series.

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I dont even understand why they bothered to buy the series. They've done practically nothing with the IP :(

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Amen to that. Plus there are a lot of scenes where Rinoa's dialogue can change depending on your actions beforehand. The most obvious one is the concert scene. If you pick the wrong instruments, Rinoa complains about the bad music, gets huffy with Squall, and storms off. If you pick the right instruments, Rinoa and Squall have a more meaningful conversation that ends more positively (and Rinoa later references this moment during the 'Eyes on Me' scene in the Ragnarok). If you only...

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Yeah, the game was hot garbage. The only reason it is sometimes brought up (like in articles like this) is because it has the Final Fantasy name attached to it. If it was a new IP, it would have been forgotten like all the other awful, clunky, ugly-to-look-at shooters that came out around that era.

The story was pretty awful too, and I don't know why Square made such an effort to retcon most of Vincent's backstory with confusing bullshit like Protomateria, and turn...

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Oh man, I'm still bitter about FFX's "remastered" soundtrack. It was music to my ears (pardon the pun) when FFXII's turned out so well in comparison.

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The only thing I don't like is the new text font. The older font had more 'character' to it. But I can live with it/

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Plus, it shows the player just how depraved and awful living in the Midgar slums is. It's a place where a sleazy brothel is within walking distance of a children's playground. The entire Wall Market sequence has so much atmosphere and world-building that it would be a genuine shame to not include it.

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I doubt they'll change her design in the remake. Square has included Tifa's original outfit in a lot of spin-offs and it's identical to her FFVII outfit. This is Tifa's most recent artwork for that G-Bike mobile game... https://orig10.deviantart.n...

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That tends to be the case with a lot of companies, tbh. Lots of good little guys, and a handful of bad higher-ups who ruin it for everyone.

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Yeah, it's a bit worrying that Kitase said they would consider incorporating the "Squall is dead" theory into a possible remake, but not the "Ultimecia is Rinoa" theory. The former is not something that needs to be fleshed out at all. If Squall really was dead, it essentially makes three quarters of the game completely pointless and meaningless. Why would Square want to expand on that? :/

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I don't get why he would even WANT to upload that footage online. If you've been in the gaming industry for 20 years, why would you want to make yourself look like an idiot who can't figure out basic platforming mechanics. It's like if someone started Super Mario 64 and spent 20 minutes wandering around the front of Peach's castle, wondering where the hell they are supposed to go when there's a bright red door right in front of them. It makes the player look stupid, an...

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I agree. I'm replaying it right now for the first time in many years, and completely forgot how funny/goofy Cloud was, how flirty and fun Aerith was, and how damn creepy and threatening Sephiroth was. Especially the latter. Every time he shows up, there's this horrible sense of claustrophobic foreboding that something horrible is about to happen and there's nothing you can do to escape or stop him. It's great.
Their personalities in the spin-offs are so different and ...

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I freakin' loved seeing all the insane shit Rick would go through just to avoid family therapy.

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