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I don't really care about the game one way or the other. I just noticed there weren't many reviews on N4G even though the game came out recently, so I thought I'd post some. I'd happily post the positive reviews too, but there aren't many. #1.1
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It's true that Shenmue is a niche title. But FFVII definitely isn't. It sells well every time it is re-released, and most modern gamers are at least familiar with the characters from popular culture and spin-off titles (Crisis Core, Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts, etc) #2.3
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I sometimes wonder if Edea was originally supposed to be the main villain, but Square changed their mind during development when they realized it would be too dark for Squall and Co. to kill the woman who raised them. It seemed odd to give Edea such a detailed backstory that directly links her to the main characters...only for it to never really be utilized later on in the game. And Ultimecia's introduction at the end of disc 2 is so sudden and out-of-the-blue that it's almost bizarre... #1.1
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I often wonder if Squaresoft ran out of time while making FFVIII and had to rush the ending, because disc 4 seems so short and hurried compared to the rest of the game.

I loved the design of Ultimecia's castle, but it would have been cool to see what the world was like after Time Compression. Having all the towns blocked off was such a cop-out. I would have loved to see different time periods warped and mashed together into one setting (e.g. seeing Sorcerer Hyne's tim... #3.1.1
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For me, the most important thing isn't whether its ATB system or action-oriented. I'm more worried about whether or not we'll be able to control more than one character. I don't want to be stuck playing just Cloud in battles. #9.1
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Sephiroth's theme. Not One Winged Angel, but the slower and more sinister theme that plays whenever he shows up in the game: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

And the world map theme. Oh man, I can't wait to hear that gorgeous tune remade: https://www.youtube.com/wat... #12
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I love Tifa's theme. It's easily one of my favorite tracks in the entire game. Very underrated. #9.1
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I'd say that Woolly World looks more like an updated version of Yoshi's Story (which came out in the 90s) than LittleBigPlanet, except the levels are made of wool instead of stitched-together patches of material. #1.1.3
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That was my first thought too. I thought this was confirmed to be fake o_O #1.1
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I hope you're right. It seems like a risky move to rely on a video game kickstarter for exposure, rather than aiming for a bigger event/foundation that has a better chance of reaching a broader audience. #10.2.2
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> 20000 isn't THAT much.


"We could have given $20,000 directly to building the school and it's programs" #10.2
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Yep, Arkham Knight is more like AC than AA. It has a similar open world, and much of the same sort of filler. So if you didn't like AC, you probably won't like Arkham Knight. #3.1
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Since every FF game has a different story, different character, and is set in a different universe, then you can start with pretty much any game in the series.

If you don't mind playing a retro game with outdated graphics, random battles, a slow beginning, and some odd translation issues, then I'd definitely recommend playing FFVII first. It still holds up as an amazing RPG with memorable characters, a great story, and an interesting world. It's largely considere... #1.1
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I hope Square don't get rid of the silly monsters in the remake. I don't think the author gets that battling a giant house with mechanical arms isn't SUPPOSED to be 100% serious :D #1.1
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Sean Bean? I'm sold! #1
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I wouldn't say the FMVs hold up well by today's standards, but many of them are still damn pretty to look at. I still get a "wow!" feeling when I watch the intro scene. #21.1.1
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Aww man, I hope Square get the voice acting right in the remake, because Cloud's speech ("She'll will no longer talk, no longer laugh, cry or get angry") after the death scene has so much potential to be amazing if it's done right. #5.2.1
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I'd forgotten about the part where Cloud rides a dolphin out to sea then lets it flip him up to the top level of Junon. I'm curious to see how Square will pull off that scene. lol. #2.1.1
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I personally can't wait to see Red XIII dressed in a ShinRa uniform in HD and everyone falls for it. #2
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Um...I don't think anyone would find a genuine death threat charming, regardless of whether or not it comes from a good looking person. #10.2
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