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The only thing I don't like is the new text font. The older font had more 'character' to it. But I can live with it/

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Plus, it shows the player just how depraved and awful living in the Midgar slums is. It's a place where a sleazy brothel is within walking distance of a children's playground. The entire Wall Market sequence has so much atmosphere and world-building that it would be a genuine shame to not include it.

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I doubt they'll change her design in the remake. Square has included Tifa's original outfit in a lot of spin-offs and it's identical to her FFVII outfit. This is Tifa's most recent artwork for that G-Bike mobile game... https://orig10.deviantart.n...

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That tends to be the case with a lot of companies, tbh. Lots of good little guys, and a handful of bad higher-ups who ruin it for everyone.

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Yeah, it's a bit worrying that Kitase said they would consider incorporating the "Squall is dead" theory into a possible remake, but not the "Ultimecia is Rinoa" theory. The former is not something that needs to be fleshed out at all. If Squall really was dead, it essentially makes three quarters of the game completely pointless and meaningless. Why would Square want to expand on that? :/

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I don't get why he would even WANT to upload that footage online. If you've been in the gaming industry for 20 years, why would you want to make yourself look like an idiot who can't figure out basic platforming mechanics. It's like if someone started Super Mario 64 and spent 20 minutes wandering around the front of Peach's castle, wondering where the hell they are supposed to go when there's a bright red door right in front of them. It makes the player look stupid, an...

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I agree. I'm replaying it right now for the first time in many years, and completely forgot how funny/goofy Cloud was, how flirty and fun Aerith was, and how damn creepy and threatening Sephiroth was. Especially the latter. Every time he shows up, there's this horrible sense of claustrophobic foreboding that something horrible is about to happen and there's nothing you can do to escape or stop him. It's great.
Their personalities in the spin-offs are so different and ...

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I freakin' loved seeing all the insane shit Rick would go through just to avoid family therapy.

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"-The slums ppl never see the sky"

Not to mention, the scene where ShinRa learns that AVALANCHE's base is in the Sector 7 slum, so they blow up the pillars holding up the plate to the entire sector, crushing thousands of innocent people to death. Then the camera pans up to President ShinRa standing at his office window listening to classical music, as he happily watches the people below him die.

To make matters worse, if you go into peoples&...

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I agree 100% I'm re-playing the game right now and had forgotten how many random, silly moments there are. I just reached the Gold Saucer and completely forgot that the owner is a super hairy bodybuilder wearing nothing but a tiny speedo and a giant handlebar moustache. It's glorious in how bizarre it all is.

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I think it depends on whether you used her in your team or not. She was my main healer in the game and I was usually nice to her during dialogue options, so it was pretty heartbreaking when she died ;(

Although the first time I played, I had Cid and Vincent in my main team and they didn't really say much when she died, so the moments after Cloud's speech ended up being pretty 'meh'. But the second time I played, I had Tifa and Yuffie in my main team, and it was ...

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Yeah, the video really didn't need to be ten minutes long. Especially the ridiculous part where he describes the difference between the English phrase "Received potion" and the Japanese phrase "Got a potion". Seriously, it means the exact same thing in the end. I thought he was going to explain some personality-differences between the Japanese and English versions of the chatracters. Not the difference between the words used to loot a random corpse :/

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Shiva also had a little triangle of blue covering her pelvic region, and Ifrit's has red "fur" covering his. lol

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Not gonna lie, I really do! I'm hyped that it's finally recieving the recognition it deserves :D

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Oh man, the things I'd do for a Vagrant Story remake....

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IIRC it's infamous because there was a big controversy on the music video being too 'sexualized' and it nearly got banned from Korean tv. Though it's not too different from what you see on most Korean music videos nowadays.

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Not just the animation, but the detail too. The veins in that guy's hands and the little wrinkles in Chloe's elbow. I know it's only a cutscene, but it still looks amazing.

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1998? More like 1994.

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@Harkins1721: That's not the point though. There's no reason FFvsXIII/FFXV should have been re-done and re-built and re-done and re-built over the span of a decade. Especially when the end result still felt messy and rushed (and we had to watch a prequel movie just to get the whole plot). Square have a big problem with development that needs to be changed or streamlined or....something.

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Yeah, GFs dominate everything through most of disc one (up until you face Edea), but they lose effectiveness as the game progresses and end up being pretty useless (and there are bosses who can instantly kill them while they're 'loading'), so it's best to learn how to effectively use the junction system and boost your stats so that you don't get stuck later on in the game. Plus, it's not much fun watching the same GF cutscenes over and over again.


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