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It baffles me that so many Final Fantasy fans claim that Squall had no character development after playing through a 40+ hour story that primarily REVOLVES AROUND Squall's character development.

I suppose they are also the same so-called fans who claim Rinoa and Squall's relationship "came out of nowhere" (even though she spent 1 and a half discs flirting with him) and call Cloud a "jerk" because he was mildly abrasive for about 2 hours at the sta... #2.2
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Mario's drowning death in Super Mario 64 was pretty creepy too. The way he would start choking and grabbing at his throat for air...ugh scared the crap outta me as a kid! #14.1.1
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This is how I would imagine him in real life too (well...maybe a bit younger-looking since he's only 17 in the game, but this is probably what he'd look like in his mid 20s). I especially like how the artist even got the small details right, like the shape of his tattoo and his weirdly short eyebrows lol.

I love realistic interpretations of cartoon/cgi characters. #4.1
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With the Times New Roman title-cards and everything! lol #2.1
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None of the Silent Hill main characters have been pretty boy models though. Most of them have been middle-aged men who ranged from 'averagely attractive' to 'balding pudgy trucker'. Not that their looks make a difference on how good the SH games have been. #8.3
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He was fairly open about his struggles with alcohol and drugs, so it's possible that his friends and family knew about his depression too. But unfortunately, not everyone is able to be helped. And sometimes when people do try to help, it can make a depressed person start blaming themselves for being such a burden on people, which then makes their feeling of depression and guilt even worse. It's a horrible mental illness. #10.3
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"I did agree, but it's not a disease... However, it is a horrible state of mind, which I frequently go through at times. A disease is something that actually harms your body."

It might not be a disease. But it's definitely an illness that can harm your body (the brain is a part of your body after all). #1.2.6
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R.I.P Robin Williams. You brought me so much joy during my childhood. #2
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I think it's just a case of awkward photoshopping. She has a short round nose and I think a lot of photoshoppers try to hide that:

http://star.koreandrama.org... #3.2
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The Resident Evil wiki says he bulked up before RE5 so that he'd be a better match against Wesker, but there's no source so I don't know where they got that info from...or how true it is. #2.1.1
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I'll just be happy with a FFVII HD remaster (preferably with FFVIII and FFIX bundled with it) #4.4
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"Final Fantasy Box Set (Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX)"

I read this and got excited...then I realized it was the name of the game guide. lol #1
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And they weren't even brothers. They were father and son! lol #3.1.1
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Hopefully the remaster will sell well so that Capcom will realize that many gamers ARE still interested in horror games. #1.2
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I don't like Farmville, but I feel sorry for the employees who will lose their jobs if the company ends up closing down. #2.1
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Was Link really the worst character in the original SSB? He was always the character I played with. I actually thought he was really easy to control. #2
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If you can't tell the difference between the two versions in the screenshots, you'll definitely be able to tell the difference when you're actually playing the game. The Gamecube version looked beautiful back in 2002, but on a modern HD tv it looks murky and a lot of the finer details are blurred. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited to finally play it in HD. #2
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I never understand why people buy consoles on day-one if they aren't interested in any of the launch games. I only buy consoles once I feel there is a decent library of games that will make the purchase worth it. #2
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So are the countless "Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony are failing" articles. Yet they keep making it to the front page of n4g every single day too. #2.2
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