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PS3 fanboys are trying to hide this retarded lie. Didn't you know... PS3 is ahead of the Wii

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Running on PC/360 dev-kit is not a PC version of the game.

The footage is not from a PC version LP2 is not in development for any other platform. I think PS3 fanboys are trying to trick gamers by saying its the PC version when in fact there is no such thing. That was my point you don't have to try to please them you know.

"We are concentrating right now on the 360 version of this game," he said. "However, we would not say that the possibility of a Play...

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What PC version idiot.

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And my PS3 is a super computer the government uses for all issues.

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I know PS3 fanboys ignore reason, logic and truth but I posted this for smart people, idi...

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Even worse than Killzone 2?

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No one wants this POS the PS3 fanboys and other retards are the only folks keeping PS3 alive.

You see morons saying 360 sucks but its the PS3 earning that privilege. What kind of idiot would say one console sucks over another when their console of choice is being kept alive because of rabid idiots and movie watchers?

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When ever PS3 gets thumped (it always does but shown to all I guess)PS3 fanboys go Ape sh*t with senseless rants and attacks trolling any 360 news they can find trying to change the subject. lol

I don't understand how the losing brand(out sold by 2 to 3 times) has the most rabid fanboys driving the much bigger fan bases away from sites like this.

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I don't think what PS3 fanboys have to say is valid which the only people in here are PS3 fanboys.

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Its got to be the year of the PS3 somewhere during some year.

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PS3 fanboys are morons.

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The PS3 version is going to suffer with inferior textures and frame rate issues all at a lower resolution like always.

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Like the first one right? you fu*kin retard.

I wonder who the dip sh*ts are that hit agree as if they have been living under a rock not knowing the PS3 can't match the 360 unless the devs lead on PS3 because the 360 can do what ever the PS3 can throw at it but not the other way around.

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Let them have this...

The game is clearly inferior on the PS3.

Whats up with the PS3 version's way off unnatural color palette, nevermind the inferior draw distance(cityscape), missing atmospheric effects(lighting effects in the sky with clouds) and missing detail(Cherry trees are blobs of fuzz and not detailed pedals).

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You OK?

EDIT: I love how PS3 fanboys bubble each other up, taking 360 fans bubbles and boast bubble number like some great honor. 360 fans being outnumbered 5 to 1 on this site all the while.

Are you fucin stupid?

Edit: @ 1 HiT KiLLZ... Like your comment 2.2 in the gamerzone? lol.

I said "sure" and I'm getting attacked Ok buddy.


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The only multi platform games that have been releasing lately that have done alright on Son'y platforms are games that are part of age old Playstation franchises now on the 360 lol.

Its like saying the Halo's and Forza's are starting to sell better on the 360 PS3 is doomed lol These are the only game that have been releasing(GTA4/DMC4/VF5/ etc).

The games I mention are of course game identified with one brand or the other and game companies have depended on for succe...

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Talk about spin Sony is losing deal with it.

Sony is losing ground even with major AAA's releasing the only spin I'v heard is from Sony and fanboys lol.

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You're fooled by KZ2's development time and budget KZ2 would be superior on the 360 point being the 360 is more powerful.

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