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Borderlands?! Hell yeah! Might pick up Spelunker as well.

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If the challenges are comparable in difficulty to Blazblue than this is going to be an insane platinum. 100 challenges was manageable in CS for a decently skilled player and easy in Extend but if you had to do every challenge in either of those games they probably would have been 2 of the hardest platinums ever. Like up there with Gran Turismo 5.

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It's not really a level based upgrade system. You just get new abilities or weapons from each boss. The abilities themselves don't upgrade. There is a fair bit of strategy involved in the order that you fight the bosses though. Word to the wise, don't do the crazy queen last. She's the hardest boss by a pretty significant margin. If you fight her first or second her attacks do much less damage.

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The PS3 price cut happened in the middle of August. Although it was in first place for the year even before that anyway.

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It says in the article PS3 has sold 1.4 million in Australia.

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Kind of but not to a very large extent. I've always been a completionist when it comes to most of my games. I got the Excalibur 2 in FF9, completely filled my sphere grid in FFX, achieved 100% in Burnout 3, got Big Boss ranking in MGS, got all 300 battle trophies in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, and achieved 100% in all of the PS2 GTAs. I will admit that I have gone for the plat on a couple of games that I generally wouldn't complete in the old days (Brutal Legend comes to mind) b...

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Oh, it's only available through XBL? Disregard than.

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Every PS3 has built in WiFi (except the original 20 GB of which there are very, very few). Not every 360 has built in WiFi. If you have an OG 360 and never bothered to shell out for a wireless adapter than you're up a creek.

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Actually Reach didn't have its street date broken. At least not by a notable number of retailers.

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Well of course that happens for pretty much every game. But it's usually negligible, probably in the double or triple digits. Normally you don't see games making it to the top of the charts just from early leaks.

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Shipments I would assume. Technically first week sales aren't true first week sales since a bunch of retailers started selling it a week early. It made it to the top of the Germany and a few other European charts the week before.

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Unless you want the bundle there's no real point in importing. It comes out in North America barely a month later and in Europe a few days after that.

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Whoa at the Hot Shots Golf re-entry. Isn't that game like 4 years old? Can hardly wait to see what Xillia did.

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I wasn't suggesting to pirate. You can still buy a retail copy of the game and rip the ISO for Dolphin. Great score indeed. It's totally deserving of it.

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@Tanir lol. Dolphin is a Wii emulator on PC. It can upscale games. Although from what I understand you need a pretty good PC to run it.

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It's a Nintendo owned IP. If you really must play it in higher resolution get Dolphin, or hope for a WiiU port.

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Dark Souls is coming to kick some ass and take some names. Get HYPE bitches! And if you haven't already, preorder. The special edition is free.

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Before. If it was after the patch I would have gotten it no problem. I had numerous runs where I only missed the target time by a second or two. Ironically when I finally got it I beat it by a pretty significant margin, like almost 5 seconds.

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I have a pure bladestone and I can attest to how big of a PITA getting that one was. Same for obtaining all swords in 3D Dot Game Heroes. That stupid dash circuit minigame drove me crazy.

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The hell? The HD console install base wasn't 74 million back in December. It was almost 100 million.

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