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"That's the way."



You'd think that adapting to the more random elements and playing with a versatile and adaptive skillset (regardless of what comes your way) would make you "pro." Hell, I'd think that too, but the competitive fighting game scene bases their ideology on isolating the gameplay down to the players' skill and nothing else.

I don't think that basing every bit of the gameplay to player-controlled elements makes you a pro at any... #9.1.3

Sakurai had to endure a lot of hate for Brawl. The people who loved Melee wanted him to make Brawl like that, which was completely against his original vision.

The fact that he's actually offering some form of competitive-focused mode with this shows that he at least cares about gamers of all skill levels, but the people who tore him a new one because Brawl was so unlike Melee are not innocent. It's clear that they influenced his d... #9.2
It's limited because those are the rules that pro Smash players usually follow in their matches. They hate items because they don't like unpredictable attacks and only play on Final Destination because different stage architecture can change how a match progresses.

Really, Sakurai is just giving the competitive crowd what they want. #9.1
I don't think so. With games like Destiny on the way for PS4, pitting the Borderlands trilogy against other games in the library would be big trouble. I don't think it'd get enough market attention to be worth the risk of combating other, huger releases. #6
It's not, but there are a number of companies that need to put some effort into improving it. #11
"His opinion is incorrect."

For God's sake, man, it's a review. A critique. Something that you fundamentally need an opinion to construct. He's not trying to interpret the deepest mysteries of the universe or make some substantial claim about the human condition. It's a review of a game.

And really, if he doesn't like the game, who cares? Why is everyone getting so bent outta shape because this one publication gave it a lower-tha... #31.1
@Shane Kim

If reviews are objective, then how do we decide by what standards we are to judge the games? When comparing features, which features are more important than others? In creating these standards for critique, we are exerting our own opinions on the games, therefore making them subjective.

I don't agree with this review at all, but there is no way that a review can be objective, simply because there is no one universal standard... #13.1.3
Spacing out the releases of clearly different versions of a game series?

Keeping the Wii U version release during the busy holidays so they can market Mario Kart 8 in the summer without crowding the release window?

Giving the 3DS version a release during a period when everyone's out of school and has time for gaming, specifically the younger crowd who are likely to be active and outside of the living room?

No, they didn't. #3
Honestly, it makes sense to make a new 3DS model for one of the system's biggest releases, though they already have a regular, XL and 3D-free version. If they release a new version, I'd expect them to attempt to phase out the oldest. #1
It's in the background of the 4th unlockable bonus level in World 3. He follows you throughout the level. #2.1
The Vita shouldn't be in the position it's in right now, and with Sony pushing their tablet support with Dualshock 4, they're not making any effort to even address the system's existence.

The only times I hear Sony really pushing Vita is as a remote play supporter, and that's a terrible way to sell a handheld console. I hate seeing a system with so much horsepower and so many solid control options be neglected this much. #1.2
Yeah, let's wait and see how the industry uses the technology before we say it's "here to stay." #5
Exactly. Regardless of what your opinion on Kinect 2.0 is, the fact that Molyneux is completely reversing his outspoken opinion on the device is just plain stupid. Seriously, he hyped Milo up so much when Kinect was Natal, didn't make the game, and now he's tearing the device down.

It's ridiculous on his part. #32.1
So if you like items on and don't dig Final Destination all the time, you're "casual"? #5
What a weird acronym. #1
Pretty much. Depends on the game, really. #3.1
Sony makes a really well-designed piece of hardware and thinks that's enough to sell it. They just launched it and let it fend for itself. I really hate seeing the Vita get so little attention from Sony themselves, especially in the West.

We got awesome stuff like Persona 4 Golden, Danganronpa, Soul Sacrifice, Gravity Rush, and a bunch of other really cool games from Japan, but barely anything from the US or Europe. Reminds me a lot of the PSP, honestly. #16.1.1
I really liked the improved movement abilities in Second Son (very fluid and easy to navigate), but the whole "good path vs. bad path" morality idea feels very dated now. With games like The Walking Dead making morality so ambiguous and full of grey areas, the good-evil spectrum is more limiting than ever (not to mention that many powers are locked behind one kind of moral alignment).

Also, Delsin is not anywhere near as interesting a character as Cole. Cole evolved... #2
The fact of the matter is that Sony doesn't seem to understand what a good piece of hardware the Vita is. From a tech standpoint, it has a lot of features, both in specs and control options. You can do a lot with it.

Sony just doesn't seem to get that, which is a big shame. #16
He's mostly just been gushing over mobile and tablet gaming lately, and even last gen, it was all Gears of War on 360. I don't really recall him having any positive impressions on Sony's side of things, at least not openly. #14.1
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