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im loving sword art online hollow fragment. huge lively world with so much to do. #1
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i still gotta catch up on ps3, im playing and catchig up with the Much older consoles atm (and vita). nothing to really tickle my fancy on ps4 yet (no socom, gran turismo, mgs, uncharted, motorstorm, persona5, the division etc.) #5
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im sure he didnt get his hopes up. #1.1.3
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@head- you can trade physical games on ps3 & 4, MS wasnt going to allow that (there's a difference, huh?). you can trade/share digital games on ps3 & 4 (use to be up to 5 people, now its with two, im suprised you can do it at all in the first place) so yeah sony are for the players. no bodys complaining about not being able to unlimitedly share their digital versions of their games that they pay for and own.. why? because you are not forced to buy digital games, duuuhh. that is yo... #1.2.6
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mine was working. vita has been working but PS3 says its under maintenance. #4
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i wasnt around for this generation of console wars, i had both. in fact i didnt become a one console owner until the ps3. #4
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no, youre right, technically its drm. no where near as bad as MS's tho. MS was Forcing it on ppl and on every game, and not just the online-only thing, locking down every physical game too. --this is optional--. i thought he was talking about drm in the sense of the BS microsoft was attempting to do.. he made it sound that way, anyway. this is an optional streaming service, and like i said i think it's stupid to stream games at these prices to consoles anyway; it's genius for my v... #1.2.3
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man i hate that 10yr olds are allowed to be on the internet. this has nothing to do with DMR, fool. its a streaming service and it just came naturally (and optionally) with the progression of technology.


the prices are ridiculous if you are streaming to a console, but im more than happy to pay for the luxury of having these games on my vita. its still in beta, this service will evolve and go down in price like everything else. im sure its not cheap runnin... #1.2.1
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i play sports games because real sports are hard, expensive, and you can get hurt. i love playing sports dont get me wrong. i just had too many close encounters. i just take it easy: i dont box any more, just train. i dont play hockey anymore, i just ice skate for fun and exercise etc. i still play handball and other less physical sports once in a while.

but sports games are fun and the ppl who criticise them are stupid. if so many people can sit around watching people play... #1
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good read. my dad is the opposite, he has beaten mgs4 more times than i did. he's a big RE fan but thinks the last good one was RE4. he's the reason i was playing Gran Turismo @ 5-6 yrs old, and the reason i got to play a lot of ps1 and n64 games. hes a big MGS fan since the first one. he loved operation flashpoint and would play coop with me all the time. his new franchise is farcry right now. hes not an online gamer at all tho, no matter how many times i try to connect him online c... #1
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dont starve looks intriguing, i almost thought about buying it at one point. i may have to check it out now that you said, uth11. #1.4.2
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i support indies but only when the price to quality ratio is right. a lot of these games are too much money for the length. especially when i can grab a $6 ps1 game or a 10-$20 psp game with 60X the length, quality and meaning. dont get me wrong, there are some indies that are absolutely amazing and i know why they are priced at a certain range, but i only just bought dragon fantasy book I & II because they were $4 a piece, otherwise they are $10 and $15. 5 more dollars and i could have... #1.1.7
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nice, was just bout to get the psp version, looks like im waiting (and that jrpgs are becoming more an more sucessful on the vita). ^_^y #3
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logged on first attempt east coast 1am. #1.1.16
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i lol'd out loud. #3.1
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im getting this. i like jak n dak better as a game (nothing R&C can top jak3 imo), but ratchet is just way cooler than jak imo. ratchet and daxter would have been a gaming duo phenomenon ...imo. #2
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where'd ya bring it to? #3.1
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just found out that the first video game wasnt pong... (excuse Me for being mislead). it was tic tac toe (noughts and crosses) on an edsac calculator. and the second ever video game was Tennis for Two on a oscilloscope (what ever the heck That is), it looked much cooler than pong with real physics trajectorys and even a ball trail :p #5
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damn good read. makes me wish i could have experienced them as a kid. the youtube! #4
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thats how he advertised it, its also android (and advertised as emulator) with wireless video output to your tv, too. 1080p screen etc.

i think its pretty dope, i just dont have time to learn how to emulate things. id prob pay someone to do it for me. its $150 on amazon. #1.1
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