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persona when you've forgot to save for a while and accidentally draw the death card. not a panick attack like it. #11
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i have about 14-15 and streams great on vita, maybe a stutter every hour or two, other than that its very smooth and responsive. #5.2.1
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Oh Yeah, like a dream come true. i want more ps2 games on there. had a month long marathon of warhawk and the game still holds up, been having a lot of fun. #3.1
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no ive learned nothing from video games, or books, or tv, or youtube, or movies... i learned a helluva lot from yelling at sports tho. #6
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i just *****ng drooled.... ; D. #1.1
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Wants new motorstorm. #6
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hah cant think of many L games atm. Legend of Mana... OH LOST WORD JURASSIC PARK! that was a good one too! #4
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hehe, naw i love that part too =]P #2.1.1
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the same reason why we read about game. we love it. ive never been a part of a greater community and could not have even if i tried. #2
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RIP condolences to the family. #6
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toe jam & earl attack on funkatron. #31
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i was hating on this game a while back but then i started to respect it, its a shame what i am hearing. this gen is a perfume-sprayed s*** show. #6
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im 25 and i can tell you that a lot has changed for me too at this age. if i do game its only once in a while, a quick FPSonline fix with killzone mercs or a $2 PSnow rental once a month for 4 hours where i dont even make it to the second hour etc. i know i still love games bc i still am on n4g almost everyday and i had a blast playing MK at my cousins, i just dont like most of this gen so far and dont see myself getting involved until the likes of MGS or Gran Turismo, if anything. #1.8.2
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Sega had some of the best s*** ever. Genisis was my first console. Never had a saturn but played a lot on one. Dreamcast was my s***. Proudly supported sega and still do. They just need to get some of their act together. Recoupe all of their money on little shit then hit us with a much anticipate blockbuster. #27
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i gave a lot of points actually, and your opinion is indeed humble.

the PC community is thriving, but look at the sales for big titles compared to their console counterpart; piracy, its god awful. and PCs are not what im talking about anyway. the ps4 is on its way to being the 3DS of the console generation as the 3DS is like the PSP while the vita flops. while a console WIIU does worse then the worst handheld and nobody is doing remotely close to what they did in japan last g... #3.1.6
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@q8: but the big games are dwindling. the two best games this gen are from last gen. the new big innovators and blockbusters (e.g. titan fall and SO); one did OK but underwhelming for FPS console and SO fell flat on its face sales wise. same goes for 98.6% of nintendo WIiU games, hell i really think nintendo are pumping out some good s***, giving us what we've been asking for, except still no one is buying it...

consoles will be around for a while longer, but the fact i... #3.1.4
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looks cool. looks like phone games will be taking over consoles soon. -_-.

i just see the shift, i see the slow hesitant start of this gen, the rise in demand of small stupid games; the decline in console games, the distribution of either a hardcore game like blood bourne or the usual extremely casual COD, the slow loss of framchises¹, handhelds and big consoles losing touch with the industry etc. everything is getting smaller and smaller, quality, quantity, the whole ni... #3
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she should have to pay him for this publicity stunt. how does he know her and why would he be replying to this ****head in the first place? she has the mentality of a dorito's corn chip. #1.1.9
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first game that came to mind was Fade2Black. Futurecop LAPD is one of my all time favorites i could not stop playing it back in the day. also bought Fighting Force off of the store and it is as good as i remembered, still holds up. #1
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this game sucks, where are the doritos and big macs? jk, cool concept. little kids need to eat healthier most of this food that we eat is poison and is killing us. #1
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