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I didn't like it. It was boring playing in the car ride on the way to the job site and super boring playing at home. All this hype tho got me to start playing Pokémon blue again.

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i dont condone drugs, they can be bad and can ruin your life. but i use to love playing socom2 online on xanex and bacardi151, talkng mad s*** and being silly. and i had massive ammounts of fun smoking weed and getting ripped playing cod4MW online. nowadays im good with a bottle of red wine once in a while and any game really. weed makes me too paranoid. i feel great being clean with my head clear. i cant wait to kick back with a couple brewskis, that 4:MW remaster and some tostitos with the ...

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nintendo's hand held 3 D'S

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uncharted1 too

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there was nothing balanced or less about MW2. it was a hot mess.

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im pretty sure MW3 was nothing like MW2. the AK sounded like a staple gun in MW2, they took away annoying cheesy perks like comando pro and the nukes in MW3. and added a settings/killstreaks for ppl who dont like/use airstrikes and attack-coptors etc. where it gave you more perks instead. mW2 was a jumbled mess imo. it had so much: third person view?? what Was That! MW3 was more balanced and you can tell by how MW2 turned out that there were conflicting opinions in the dev studios. thus leadi...

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this is the only way theyll get my money. i really liked 4:MW and MW3. blackops1 too. and all the older ones.

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i hope they kill him. not like the soft lethal injection way, but like really beat him to death. his daughter is probably better than to think that, but i hope he comes back as a fly and then gets smothered to death in feces. sorry. RIP baby angel :,(.

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goldeneye} three way tie
mario kart
ninja turtles snes
nfl 2k5
top spin
fusion frenzy
house of the dead2
super smash bros

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um.....touch controls maybe? >_>. how could you not have known that?

but to be honest, and although touch controls are a ***** getting the hang of, blitz bergade is really fun. and nova3 is some high quality enjoyment if your vita or 3DS ever breaks and you need to mobile game. and i like to go on social games like PShome and avakin life on the app store is pretty close and cool. havent touched mobile in ages though.

there are actually some fun an...

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im sure some of them are, but i thought most ppl just get paid ad revenue from what ever marketing company

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we all grew up watching ppl play games. streamng is the same thing except you dont get a turn :P. i watch streams on occasion if i dont feel like getting into anything in particular. if a new game comes out, ill watch a stream and see what ppl are saying about it. its like an honest review bc 1) you get to see it 2) someone isnt being paid to promote or review it. the criticism seems to be more genuine.

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this country has all the tools you need to succeed. work hard, pay for a tutor, dont worrie about what others say or do and keep persistent. you can get what you want if you are willing to make big sacrifices. employers look for smart, hard working individuals. some fields of work require longer hours than others. dont complain bc of compitition and that others are either smarter or willing to work harder. women have far different interests than men. as do asians from blacks and whites from i...

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the physics in ACrogue and black flag are phenomenal. the waves of the sea, if caught right, can actually surf your ship. you can ride a wave. and when blowing up an iceberg it generates a very realistic wave in the sea, that can do some damage to small ships. and the cold water will kill you close enough to the same time it would in real life. the whale also creats waves and splashes to its respective weight ratio seemingly how it would in real life. there are also many forms of wind, weathe...

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socom2, just great friends and good fun times.
COD4:MW, awesome clan and great times.
killzone mercs, no friends but amazing fun online.

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I love psnow. Playing a ton of ps3 games i missed last gen on my vita, plus its opening up windows for trying new games i probably wouldnt buy. Been playing a hellalotve assassins creed rogue, hopefully they add black flag. Also wanna see a GTA or a MGS on there. And also inverting L1 & R1 to L2&R2

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Indeed. Also to see something new and refreshing make a hit.

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Ah that sucks. thanks.

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Well deserved. Game is crazy fun.

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