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i think if they make it compatible with GTA5 FPS mode it will do for VR what GTA:LCS did for PSP: help sales take off while all other implemented games sustain a steady momentum. it just has to be executed perfectly; no drought of games early on, marketing from sony (lol, one can dream) *sees "VR" down in the fine print of a gamestop flier* :'D. i believe we are ready, the juice just has to be worth the squeeze. i see innovative indie devs playing a big role in the growth of VR... #1
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i was gone for a couple of months i guess when this whole gamergate thing started ...s***'s stupid, im glad i missed most of it. #1
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socom II; by that time i knew this s*** was permanent.. #17
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love mine. its all i did for the past few years. when i was out and about i had access to a lot of games, got caught up on a lot of ps1 and psp games i had missed. KZmercs is my online shooter of the year. vita is exellent for on the go with a fair share of good ports and great exclusives. ill be on KZmercs tonight untill i grab freedom wars tomorrow. really waiting for Gravity rush2 tho. #1.1.4
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mee too, havent bought since MW3. if MP is fair and balanced ill be getting this. i miss cod, they need a mash-up of COD1 and COD4mw; chaotic but tactical, with the upgrade system of BO1. #1.2.1
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ditto, and ive been anticipating this since first announcement. looks cool, prob gonna get this after im done with akibas trip. #1.1
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kojima said this? wow, must be damn good then. #12
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miami, idc. just not any of the above, please...

ha, jk, guys. ;)

i like the sound of Rio. if you ever saw the movie City of God you prob would agree. so badass. #7
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torches, mmo, zombies: i'm down. #1.1.1
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caught me off guard. #17
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i Am going to bought teh ps4, because of Hhour, sony exclusives, VR and sony brought the goods this gen. how could you not? #8
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i box (or, use to), you wouldnt want to get hit by a UFC guy with the little padding they have on their gloves, nor a kick to the face all bone and shin; knees w/ no padding etc. as much as i hate ground&pound, UFC is bloody and dope. :$. they are multi talented and are some amazing fighters.

while we are on the topic, copy this into youtube: "boxer punches metal support beam 20 times as hard as he can". thats me ^^. ive been conditioning for a long time :p #1.4.3
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they are also a big sponsor of tennis, they have been the last few big events. i even saw an Xperia Commercial... O__O #1.8.1
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watch dog run, run, dog! run! and run, and run, and run. oh and, you too, Spot... #33
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nice. the best thing they can do now is bring it to vita, interaction between all three platforms, and have F2P games on Home. that way we go to home to play games, they can advertise things there while we are able to talk amongst eachother about things and spread the word. but they have to make it easy/ have cool things for people to do. even if they dont make it crossplatform, its still a great thing to have on one, i loved Home. bring it to vita!! :). #3
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i guess if women didnt sexually exploit themselves everywhere except church then it wouldnt be everywhere and in everything, huh? yes, ppl like it just as much as women like showing it. personally it doesnt matter to me............awwww Who Am I Kidding.. XD. i say if it is something stupid that makes a certain group of women mad: keep it. maybe theyll learn to mind what other men and women are doing and focus on Real issues that they ignore, but proclaim to care about. its no different than... #1.1.5
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psp actually had FOUR. china town wars, liberty city stories, vice city sto- .... ;) #2.1.2
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MS are stupid (in a sense). if this isnt going to be easier to progam for compared to the ps4, X1 will get shafted by devs and choose the ps4 for lead development. will they want to have to program a game twice for optimization? just ask the PS3. by the time their exclusives get up and running on this thing, as well as optimized multiplats, PS4 would already have blown X1 out of the water. this, on top of seeing many other holes in this tactic, isnt going to work well from whati understand (w... #2.1.10
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$10, a steal. i wont be getting it. the vita version is the bestest. #14
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i know, right? thats like, bad, really bad.

*asks to localize* "no" *askes to localize* "NO" *begs sega* "now you aint getting ****!"... wahhhh D':

wth is wrong with them? this is depressing. #11.1
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