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The vita to Sony is like watching a bad stock investment on the market: well, you don't watch it. you just close your eyes and hope one day it will miraculously make you break even.

Man. So many things they did wrong. I'm just pissed that I'm still stuck playing KZmercs, instead of even more awesome blockbuster titles. Could've been so much more than it was. Still love it. But it's starting to finally get a little stale. Especially since gravity rush2 i...

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Anytime bro.

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Worms is really fun, I haven't played the newer ones though. Watch some gameplay on YouTube and you'll get an idea.

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And poor marketing.

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Thats true but there is a possibility this approach may work out better for consoles. I was just saying hypothetically, and if that may be the case sony would have no choice but to follow MS in that light if it starts to hurt sony.

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Saw something like this on The Shark Tank. No one invested in it, and quite frankly, I probably wouldn't buy it. I'd rather have just a cheap walking/exercising game you use on a real treadmill that you can set the same MPH to, with nice settings to run through. I'd use it once in a while or even often. I think that would blow VR up bigger than wii fit. Don't count on sonys marketing though... >_> they forgot what that word meant.

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We'll see how it works out. That's what my comment was speculating on.

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Console hardware upgrades being the norm? I didn't know they were selling so well. Nor do i have any data on what devs though about their experience with them in figures and dev-costs.

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Pro and NX.

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It depends. If MS is gonna push hardware upgrades every 6 years with full backwards compatibility, Sony may have to follow suit if it catches on. Only because (and I'm no hardware expert) not having to develop two different versions of games and/or port a version over to the other console is way more appealing to devs especially when the user base isnt going to restart every generation; they'll be maximizing profit and may want to jump-ship to MS. But at the same time all Sony has to ...

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*Edited* should be opinion not rumor. Speculation isn't a rumor until someone claims to actually know, or claims to know someone whom actually knows.

I hope to see TLoU2 on the ps4Pro and not first on the ps5. I can't see ND skipping a full generation on their newest and one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time.

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You did. Persona 3 FES or P3:P is great too. Did a marathon on P4G like a week ago, I think I'll be playing this game for the rest of my life hah.

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Because this article is like a poorly executed N4G comment. my eyes made some sort of sound as well.

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Imo. It's not about the power for the handheld, it's about the build specs. The vita is far less powerful than phones I pads and other handhelds but the specs make it great for devs to make their games look amazing through dynamic lighting and shaders etc. Even with a sub 720p rez. Look how great killzone mercs looks. I'd take that over a shiny-bland android game any day. It's up to the devs to make a console game on handheld optimized for it rather than a dull looking game at...

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We'll be playing 30k rez games at 180fps from a piece of glass no bigger than a postage stamp, with our eyes. :)

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@oreo- gt sport!! :)

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@ concertoine- I know right, No Man's Sky is its own killer, so it doesn't it need one..

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It can try. This was a good move by MS to TRY to keep up with the success of the PS4. It was the only thing they could have done. Will it be enough? Hell if I care..

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Morrowind, road rash, AOEII. Good list mine would have doom, quake, I'd add halo1 and COD1 instead of 2. I'll never forget cod1 online on pc. And aliens vs predator 1999.

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