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that's crazy they made a game out of this book. i read this years ago on the Play Store. funny that a little over a week ago i ran into the actual book at an antique shop, had to buy it, 5 bucks. great book, so was on the duty of civil disobedience. great review!

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Like mgs4 and peace walker. Agreed.

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The mem cards weren't a problem for me. It was the lack of first and third party. Now I'm pretty happy where it ended up and psNow really boosted the fun and playability I've had with it.

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Agree. Videogames (any type, genre) Helps the mental frustration that would otherwise drive me crazy. I f***** up big time in 2016, probably from not playing enough videogames the last year, and now I'm back to being a gamer full time to help ease the pain and keep me out of trouble.

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It was good. Not nearly as good nor critically acclaimed as a lot of other games tho.

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What's your major malfunction Numb-Nut?!

But really I don't see what you're tryna get at. Polygon xgn egm have always been hyper critical and somewhat biased. And there are plenty of high scores. 9's and 10's

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I thought it was a good read but just one case of game addiction. I agree and have some of these traits but get addicted for a different reason. I use to, but no longer, buy a new-to-me game just to need something new to play. I get addicted to the idea of a game based on specific genres and how intrigued I am by the style, story and atmosphere. And I can tell you when I want something, I neeeeed it. The addiction is stronger than cigarettes, alcohol and I honestly some other worse things. An...

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The switch is something I've been waiting for, but I'm no gamer..

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I'm pretty sure it'll be good. But life is short I don't have time to wait around that long for games. I was hyped for this game 30 years ago. I actually never played ICO but I still have my copy of Shadow of colossus. Will get around to ico sooner or later. Things are moving waayyy too fast for me.

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Hit disagree by accident.

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That's nothing I can do way worse than this.

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I agree. I like gta3 on ps2 much better than any other enhanced version.

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I disagree. Playing assassins creed rogue on my vita right now. 20 bucks all you can play for a month beats 15 bucks all you can eat Chinese buffet for a day...

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Not worried at all. I Don't care if it fails or becomes a blockbuster because the next game ain't coming for another 15 years either way. Just gonna play it and move on.

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Will be hard to do. My nieces are in love with minecraft, all their friends have it. They played it on ps3, now Xbox one, and the little one always wants to play it on my vita. All day long.

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The vita to Sony is like watching a bad stock investment on the market: well, you don't watch it. you just close your eyes and hope one day it will miraculously make you break even.

Man. So many things they did wrong. I'm just pissed that I'm still stuck playing KZmercs, instead of even more awesome blockbuster titles. Could've been so much more than it was. Still love it. But it's starting to finally get a little stale. Especially since gravity rush2 i...

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Anytime bro.

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Worms is really fun, I haven't played the newer ones though. Watch some gameplay on YouTube and you'll get an idea.

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And poor marketing.

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