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Agreed with your points. It's nice to see MGR stands on its own, but is still tied into its roots.

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Not overly surprised at the mixed reviews.

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This game is looking awesome! Great read, too.

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Great console. So many great memories. Can't wait to see Sony try to top it with PS4 (don't think PS3 quite lived up to what the PS2 did).

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I've done this and it works really well. Really hope this comes to consoles soon!

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Woah, that's pretty clever!

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Fantastic. Will hold people over until GTA V.

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Seems like it might be right. Not sure if I'm looking forward to this game yet.

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It's not on par with BioShock, but certainly more interesting than most military shooters.

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DX2, for sure in 2014 when PS4 launches. Would be surprised not to see a God of War and Uncharted. I like the prospect of new IPs, but it's obviously easier to launch a console with well established franchises.

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Good read. I agree that the names associated with each console aren't enough to sustain growth. Hopefully we'll see something more than better graphics in the next gen.

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This is definitely something I would like to try before I buy. I always like my DualShocks, but truth is when I play with my friends that own a 360, they have a hard time without their controllers.

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Nice for trophy hunters, I suppose.

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Good points here. I also recommend jogging with a PSP (probably should do that on a treadmill and not on a busy street).

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Super excited for this.

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That is incredible!

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I tend to believe this source. Personally, if they make the service safer, I'll feel compensated.

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Video chat, aye? Sounds odd, but definitely worth checking out.

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Really curious to see how this pans out. I like the idea of having more than one race.

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