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"To lay, or not to lay. That is the question."


Dat state of denial tho! xD i commend you. #16.1
Well he would get the free running right I guess. He seems wrong on every other department though. Voice, looks, he even seems too old. #4.1
Spree try good list. But seriously though vault boy?? I want Cass from Fallout:NewVegas back! #1
I want one!! I'm a porcelain chicken our lifespan is short!! Think of at as a last request to a chicken in need!!! #44
Give it to me!!! I'm a porcelain chicken!! Our lifespan is short! Think of it as a last request!! #39
Yeah! Helluva fun game!!! Quite the interesting pick.

As for my pick i'll go with the obvious. Naughty Dog. Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter, Uncharted, and The Last of Us were and are all phenomenal Ip's. At their worst Naughty Dog gave us Uncharted 3 which was still amazing if you ask me. #20.1.1
Haha love Rob Riggle!! I'm actually kinda looking forward to this now. #2
Good! RE6 was %$@#!!! Leon and Ada's voices sounded kinda close but there was an odd "trying way to hard to sound like someone else holy f**k laryngitis isn't fun" feeling that would jab you in the eye like a drunk bee. I was thinking, when the game picks up i won't even notice the voices. But IT NEVER PICKS UP! So what should be a friggin nitpick becomes a glaring issue and reminder of the amounts of fail currently sitting inside of your console.

And i... #1.2.1
"changing voice actors is to fit with the new character's personality that play's the role on different story atmosphere"

So they changed her completely?? F**k -_- Makes sense. Leon stupidly trying to talk down a zombie and Chris Redfield drowning in his sorrows at the beginning of RE6 practically threw all of their former training and knowledge out the f**king window. :( Swap out their character models with any old skin and you would never guess. #1.3.1
I love that Claire is back but not hearing Alyson Court's voice coming out of her mouth is weird as hell! She's voiced her in every game and even in the Degeneration cgi movie. Really effs with continuity. Alyson said she was available but never contacted, and i can't imagine she's expensive.

Why do you love randomly swapping out voice actors Capcom? What did Alyson Court, Paul Mercier and Patricia Ja Lee do to you?! :C #1
Uh oh, we've got a soul's noob over here! You're in for quite the treat and wake-up call mate! #1.1
Haha I read the first line, i was about to go off on you. xD #7.1
"if you aren't screwing with your friends"

I lol'd so hard at that xD

I agree though Guardian of Light was loads of fun with a buddy but boring when you try & play through it on your own. Real shame what SE did with Rise of the Tomb Raider. I loved the Tomb Raider reboot and was eagerly awaiting a sequel. Don't wanna shell out $400 for another console for one friggin game! Oh well, guess i'm doomed to play it a year or so late..... #1.1.1
My friend says he heard there's an exclusive pair of socks that'll allow you to climb faster, but I think he's lying. Wouldn't it be awesome if it were true though? :,) #9.1.1
Slow moving he says lol xD Clearly you've never played Red Dead's Undead Nightmare dlc. It was way more than just a "horde mode".

As KrimzonSnow above me already mentioned, it's easily one of the greatest dlcs ever released. It had a nifty little story and drastically changed the atmosphere of the world. New weapons, mounts, hunting missions clearly not a lazy cash grab. #2.2.5
Fallout NV might have it's faults but it did a few things good all around. :( I loved the choice. Sure there were alot of factions but they served to branch outwards and not too hinder you or confuse you. Never did me anyways. It added a whole new element of gameplay! If you wanted ending A & got B you technically DID get it based on your choices and that's the point.

I loved the weapons, unique weapons, more diversity in melee weapons, weapon attachments, IRON SI... #1.1.3
OKAAAAAAAAAAY! We get it. You don't like GoW. Move along dude. Some of us are actually excited by this. Shocking, i know. #5.1.1

GAAH BLASPHEMY! De-bubble the troll at once! #3.1.4
"Not my problem if some are to impatient to wait."

You come in a little hot there bud. It's that abrasive side of yours that's nabbing you the disagrees! I wish you luck with your year old still slighty overpriced pre-owned game!

Like Dewey there ^^ I'm grabbing me one of those collector's editions while the grabbing is good! #6.1.3
DAMN! I accidentally hit disagree my bad, i meant to agree. (,_, ) Stupid virtual keyboard.

Anyways all of RaD's past games were pretty linear yet managed to be pretty darn good so i expect no less from this even if it is very linear. :D I'm getting the $150 collector's edition Day 1! #5.1
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