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Holy chicken poop!!! You spam bots are at full steam today aren't ya!?! Since you aren't technically human i can call you an a-hole & not get reported. BUT... I'll be the better chicken here though and not stoop to that level.

On topic:
"How to get more fans and move up the lists"

Easy, make a s3x tape. Wear yoga pants everywhere despite not doing yoga. Start a crappy reality show about who gives a f**k with equally attention... #5.1
somewhere in the world, Dwayne Johnson is calling his lawyer. #13
Haha xD That's exactly how i played Sims 3. Good times. #10.1
Microtransactions confirmed that's why... F**k you EA. Only you can ruin great things. #2.2
I actually got a chance to play it. It's actually pretty straight forward. You start a new game, you Create-A-Kardashian, set 1 of 3 preset personalities (B*tch, attention wh*re, or fat one) then you make a Q.T.E styled sex tape and BAM! Credits roll.

I hear that a sequel is in the works where you'll get to Q.T.E through mobs of paparazzi and try your hardest to keep your dumb reality show relevant. It ends with you coming up with the best baby name possible while bei... #4.2
Haha thanks for reminding me! Although i already knew, and i didn't even need to pay anyone or use wiki and google to tell me! [INSERT TROLL FACE HERE]

Oh and i'm a chicken BTW so the word c*ck doesn't really bug me, just saying.

Anyways... de-bubbling in 3.. 2.. 1... #8.3
Actually it's "there can only be one Snake, and one Big Boss!" :P

Great f***ing series! xD Hard question but i gotta give it to Solid. #12.1
"I was waiting for this response."

Snarky sunvabich ain't we? #8.2
I was hoping they'd try someone radically different like Green Lantern or Superman but i do love me some Green Arrow! :0

Especially with Amell as Oliver. He seems to genuinely enjoy and respect the character. Count me in! Hype is THROUGH THE ROOF! #2.1.1
Cool! I don't love Nintendo per-se yet I know i'm NOT normal. So that title is wrong. #1.2.3
I love you.

Cr@p. it worked... #8.2
Wait, so what you are telling us is that you believe one human being can jump across from surface to another but another human being cannot and the only hindering factor is ones gender?!? Wow seriously? I honestly cannot tell if you're serious or not. If you are HA... HA /s. If you aren't than... just wow. #5.3
"The game isn't out yet and it already has tons of DLC POTENTIAL!?"

Fixed. You're welcome Your_name_BTW_Is_Dante. Don't trip on your emo on the way out. hehe. #15.1
Outta curiosity, how would you feel about a Spring-heeled Jack DLC?

Would be my personal fave outta the 2 Jacks lol. The Victorian setting feels right! #2.4
I'm throwing my money at the screen but nothing is happening! :(

Also, that Nathan Drake is one sexy sunvabich. #2.1
Yup. Last-gen we heard "We're now using the console's power to %100" waaaaay to often. If we turned it into a drinking game we'd become alcoholics and die of kidney failure before next-gen...

I agree though, Bloodborne looks insanely good and i'm not just talking graphics here. #4.1
"Bloodborne: Lots of New Details Shared, Similarities ---- with Dark Souls Games Explained"

Sold. I'll take 2. #8
That... is actually, pretty friggin awesome o_o

That will be my first fight. #2.2
My heart skipped 5 beats when Fromsoftware popped up on screen. Day one for me! #12
Hmm, well Nate's date of birth is mentioned in Uncharted: Drake's Trail, a game on the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune website, that acts a prequel to the first game. He was born January 11th, 1982 and judging from this date of birth, he would be 25 in the first game, 27 in the second, and would be 29 in the third game. However, this date of birth may be not be very accurate because i'm unsure Drake's Trail is cannon. It was also stated by Amy Henning in an interview that Nate... #7.2
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