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"Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide. *Duh doom tshhh*"


Fallout NV might have it's faults but it did a few things good all around. :( I loved the choice. Sure there were alot of factions but they served to branch outwards and not too hinder you or confuse you. Never did me anyways. It added a whole new element of gameplay! If you wanted ending A & got B you technically DID get it based on your choices and that's the point.

I loved the weapons, unique weapons, more diversity in melee weapons, weapon attachments, IRON SI... #1.1.3
OKAAAAAAAAAAY! We get it. You don't like GoW. Move along dude. Some of us are actually excited by this. Shocking, i know. #5.1.1

GAAH BLASPHEMY! De-bubble the troll at once! #3.1.4
"Not my problem if some are to impatient to wait."

You come in a little hot there bud. It's that abrasive side of yours that's nabbing you the disagrees! I wish you luck with your year old still slighty overpriced pre-owned game!

Like Dewey there ^^ I'm grabbing me one of those collector's editions while the grabbing is good! #6.1.3
DAMN! I accidentally hit disagree my bad, i meant to agree. (,_, ) Stupid virtual keyboard.

Anyways all of RaD's past games were pretty linear yet managed to be pretty darn good so i expect no less from this even if it is very linear. :D I'm getting the $150 collector's edition Day 1! #5.1
@_@ Re1 with a Re6 engine??

Jill would just karate chop the dog in half in the intro. They'd go in to the mansion in calm collected manner, and as a group. Punch every zombie in the face. Catch Wesker trying to sneak away. Cuff the sunvabich and BAM! ReCVX, Re5, & Re6 timelines are now erased. Leon and Ashley are dead in Spain somewhere because Ada wasn't there. :| Sadler's plan was successful and the U.S is f**ked and Chris never roided out due to the super p... #1.2.1
I tried to embrace the new voice. Especially since it was Jack friggin Bauer! But i just couldn't. It's especially strange hearing Kaz and Huey's voice without Hayter's Snake replying. Both Kaz and Huey are voiced by their returning voice actors, hearing him reply to them just sounds weird. Especially since i went through PW just before starting GZ.

Imagine coming home one day and your mom tells you, this is your new mother. She points a lady sitting on your s... #6.1
I already own 2 sackboy plushies. A default brown knit skin one and a leather armor Roman gladiator (also brown knit skin). But i'll gladly add a 3rd to the bunch! :D #5
It still makes me giggle xD

Sorry about your family, it looks like they will be DEFIED! @_@ #1.1
Socom not the same as Halo? <_> You set yourself up for disappointment there friend.

On topic: Personally the Ps2 was my fave console. It's install base was huge! All of my friends owned it (NOT ONLY because the other owned it may i add, wasn't peer pressure). Sure it was the first Playstation console to introduce online mp features but during that time it wasn't big, so there was no competitiveness. Everything felt simpler when we only cared about the story... #3.1
^^^ This. So much.

I like myself as much as the next guy. I'm very self confident buuuuuuuuut, i ain't narcissistic. Although, i did scream out my own name during s3x once. #10.1
OMG! All of this ^^^^ Especially agree with #1. AO boss battles were great!

Also to point #5, i always felt as though Batman carried the Joker out because he felt as though he failed. Batman saves everyone, that's a sorta rule of his, sure he's ensuring that they continue their evil ways by simply locking them up in Arkham or Blackgate where they could escape but he knows full well that killing or letting anyone die would or might lead down a much darker path. Just lo... #1.2
Haha hardcore! x) Talk about taking immersion to the next level! Tempting but i think i'll settle for my bedroom. #4
Agree completely. I hope the Resistance franchise doesn't die out now that Insomniac have decided to jump ship. I hope Sony find another good dev to continue the franchise. #3.1
Haha oh no! I'm getting very vivid flashbacks of Snake eraser! XD #6.1
I feel as though Lordran had much better atmosphere. I heard they said they built Lordran first then decided how you'd move about after. It worked very well. Especially in the beautiful yet eerie damned city of Anor Londo. Climbing all those support beams with the archers still gives me the chills. Many of my blood stains were left there. While i love Drangleic (Dragon Aerie, OMG gorgeous!) it just didn't get imprinted in my head the way Lordran did.

Lordran > Nexu... #1
It's Oliver Queen! He's brainwashed by Scarecrow's fear toxic! He see's Batman as a warped psychotic part of himself that stayed on the Island for much longer, left, and is now wrecking havoc in Gotham! This'll lead to a Green Arrow game by the Arkham origins dudes. LOL.

Just a theory from a fan, don't flame me! xD #4.1
Yeah!!! F@@k Gtav too! I'm gonna learn how to rob real banks! I'm being sarcastic by the way.

On topic: I would kill for another Rock band. Like straight up MURDER someone! He'll I'd even take Guitar hero... :( #3.1.1
But Ghost wasn't silent or a protagonist... #8.1

I hated him either way. In the first Dead Space everyone acknowledged our dear little rusted tin man like he had any kind of voice or personality. And we were suppose to feel bad because HIS WIFE DIED!!! That's like feeling sorry for scuba diving suit after it's owner died.

I hated the guy in 2 because of the reasons you stated.

I hated him in DS3 because the game existed :/

But if i had to... #6.1
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