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"Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide. *Duh doom tshhh*"


Poor Uwe, who without his crappy adaptations would starve,

If he hasn't already. #2.1
I disagree, Wolverine and Deadpool are immortal and they've both had pretty fun games (Well at least Wolverine has, debatable). All you need is a good developer to work it out, give it a few tweaks and VOILA!

Batman had a few crummy games before Rocksteady got their Midas-like hands on it and turned it into GOLD! They respected the Batman lore on every level. I'm sure they could figure it out! Hell $5 says they're already working on one. #1.1.3
MUST NOT WATCH!! Guys! Don't let me watch it!

Edit: F**k -_-"

Agreed %100!

So who's face do i have to throw my hard earned money at to get a copy of this game!! :( #4.1
I love the Darksiders franchise but why did they change the horseman line-up?? Who are Fury and Strife!?!

Were Famine, Pestilence or Conquest not available that they had to make up horsemen of their own? :l

Imagine watching The Avengers with only half the line-up being from the comics... No matter how badass the new team members, it would feel like awkward all the way through. #8
"why did you pick a stupid name to begin with? "

Sorry for BEING 15 AT THE TIME!!! lol. I picked my name really liking it. But apparently to alot of people it sounds feminine (,_, ). So i get confused for being a girl alot. It's really awkward. There's been a few times where guys don't believe i'm a dude and continue to hit on me and ask for my age, name & a topless pic... SO THAT'S WHY! #1.2.3
Well HURRY UP!! I'm friggin itching for that final Wolf Among Us episode!!!! Dx #1
"Red Dead Redemption, Halo 3, GTA V and COD 4."

eeeeeeeeeh... no. Your personal opinion. I get it. I respect it. It's cool but slapping a CoD up there with TLOU is a tad bit, uhm, i can't even find a word for that... #9.3
Far Cry 4 is gonna be alot of fun just like all the FC's before it but it's basically a run-of-the-mill open world FPS. Very fun but brought nothing new or breathtaking to the sandbox or Fps genre and the boss fights were super lazy. The last of us was on a whole other level and really tried to raise the bar in tps.

If it is allowed it has a good chance and that would be hilarious (although personally i think it shouldn't). Getting beat by a last-gen game might al... #2.1
Haven't watched the video so I'm not sure here. But in the main storyline in Fallout: New Vegas, No spoilers, there's a quest where you have to find a guy. You can do like 10 quests that lead to clues on where he is OR if you know his location you can just run straight there skipping all of those quests lol. Not sure if there are other missions where you can do this later on to speed up the process. I personally don't recommend it as Fallout: New Vegas is a great game.
... #5.1
^^^ haha ok maybe I overreacted on that. I'll probably still get it if my budget allows. But I still don't like the Cena cover very much. #3.1.2
No it's not. I don't want Cena's big meaty pudgy face watching me untill WWE 2k16. Like others have said, i'm tired of Cena. I think i'll skip this one. #3.1
You can expect that Porcelain_Chicken guy to get it. And you can expect him to waste weeks of his life on it..

Third-person commenting. #4
I feel like Superman would better left to Rocksteady. Warner Bros. Games Montréal should do a Green Arrow game. Although i wouldn't say no to a Suicide Squad game.

"Just hope they get better on a technical standpoint"

Agreed. I feel as though their creativity was really bound by "keep it Rocksteady-ish" and "it's a prequel". I think they would really shine if they were allowed to do their own thi... #1.1.1
Holy chicken poop!!! You spam bots are at full steam today aren't ya!?! Since you aren't technically human i can call you an a-hole & not get reported. BUT... I'll be the better chicken here though and not stoop to that level.

On topic:
"How to get more fans and move up the lists"

Easy, make a s3x tape. Wear yoga pants everywhere despite not doing yoga. Start a crappy reality show about who gives a f**k with equally attention... #5.1
somewhere in the world, Dwayne Johnson is calling his lawyer. #13
Haha xD That's exactly how i played Sims 3. Good times. #10.1
Microtransactions confirmed that's why... F**k you EA. Only you can ruin great things. #2.2
I actually got a chance to play it. It's actually pretty straight forward. You start a new game, you Create-A-Kardashian, set 1 of 3 preset personalities (B*tch, attention wh*re, or fat one) then you make a Q.T.E styled sex tape and BAM! Credits roll.

I hear that a sequel is in the works where you'll get to Q.T.E through mobs of paparazzi and try your hardest to keep your dumb reality show relevant. It ends with you coming up with the best baby name possible while bei... #4.2
Haha thanks for reminding me! Although i already knew, and i didn't even need to pay anyone or use wiki and google to tell me! [INSERT TROLL FACE HERE]

Oh and i'm a chicken BTW so the word c*ck doesn't really bug me, just saying.

Anyways... de-bubbling in 3.. 2.. 1... #8.3
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