I dream of a world where a chicken can cross the road and not have his motives questioned!
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Difficulty options are the same thing in this example. If a developer wants you to play a game with a specific story path in mind or a specific difficulty then that isn't a fault. That's a creative choice. Can you imagine playing InFAMOUS2 and doing both the bad aaaand the good ending simultaneously! That would be preposterous! And would ruin both experiences for the sake of fulfilling some form of A.D.D.

Also what you are saying sounds more like a cheat code if I'...

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"So it's my problem that I can't talk my way out of situations and because of how much I've put into my skills can not talk factions down to resolve things in the way I want?"

Yes. We gotta stop meeting like this! :D

The way I see this is exactly the way I see the article we had up yesterday. An opinion piece on how all games should be forced to have a difficulty option. A developer's creativity should never be forced to do anythin...

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Mind Blown. That actually sounds really good.

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Damn, I thought MM was way harder than OOT. :( I wish him luck aswell and I'll await his MM article in the next five years.

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In agree completely. God of War is one of my all-time favorite franchises but I struggled to finish Ascension. I feel as though Kratos has reached his peak. I do think they CAN breath new life into him if he is taken forward but enough with the prequels. As for the a new direction, I remember a bad guy in Ascension called The Amazons. They were spear wielding women. I thought they were really cool and thought it would be cool to play as something like that. Anything drastically different. I w...

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I hope so! :D Thank you Kojima!! XD

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There's already a RDR2. It's called Red Dead Redemption. And it was amazing. :P

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Controversy has rarely stopped Rockstar. I doubt they are scared of anything that may come from the media's mouth regarding a game of theirs.

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He never argued against that point.... you and Dee_Blessed up there ^^^ didn't read did ya?!

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I feel quite the opposite. I love Nathan Fillion so much that Halo 5 is now a better game for it in my opinion. XD

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Go watch the video a youtuber by the name of Jeremy Jahns made, in it he gives his take on what the ending means. If he's right then the ending is pretty genuis. Like many the ending kinda irritated me and wasn't what I expected but this made me appreciate and maybe even love it.


Here's a link to it.

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I love how DD just marks every single baddie from the get-go. It really helps. I also love how the bad guys just try and shoo him away when they see him! XD a lot of one eyed dogs with sneaking suits and goggles must wander into their secret nuclear bunkers on a regular basis lol.

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"Who is champ?" :0

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Wow. Sounds like absolute hell. I'm surprised they made it as far as they did while ruling the entire company with an iron fist.

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Humanity is doomed to get that wrong till the end of time. Kinda like Skyrim 2.

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Maybe they just assumed he was speaking for humanity?!? :0 That's an easy mistake to make.

This is probably my most hyped game to date though, and this news only makes the wait even more excruciating!

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Eh, not really the same. Hogan used it in a derogatory sense. Vince used it as a way to seem "hip". The acting in that clip is atrocious though. The guys "mad" face is priceless. I think they are going overboard with this. What Hogan did was wrong but to try and wipe him off the face of the planet is insane.

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^^^^ Wtf?!?

I'm not planning on buying an xbone so the fact that they are handing us this game a year after and at full price is absolute poo. I'll probably even have Uncharted at that point. You've lost me on this Square.

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The guy from Arrested Development? No way lol. His comedic style is very dry and i can't see him doing all the stunts required at his age. Add that to the fact that he looks nothing like Nate and you have a bad choice.

This one is tough to cast indeed.

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Not at all. Nolan is just as much the creator of Nathan Drake as Naughty Dog is. He poured his very soul, his charisma, and personality into the character. It's like someone saying Mark Wahlberg is playing Nolan North. Obviously he'd know if he was right or wrong for the part, and obviously and understandably he's very protective of it.

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