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"Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide. *Duh doom tshhh*"


OMG! All of this ^^^^ Especially agree with #1. AO boss battles were great!

Also to point #5, i always felt as though Batman carried the Joker out because he felt as though he failed. Batman saves everyone, that's a sorta rule of his, sure he's ensuring that they continue their evil ways by simply locking them up in Arkham or Blackgate where they could escape but he knows full well that killing or letting anyone die would or might lead down a much darker path. Just lo... #1.2
Haha hardcore! x) Talk about taking immersion to the next level! Tempting but i think i'll settle for my bedroom. #4
Agree completely. I hope the Resistance franchise doesn't die out now that Insomniac have decided to jump ship. I hope Sony find another good dev to continue the franchise. #3.1
Haha oh no! I'm getting very vivid flashbacks of Snake eraser! XD #6.1
I feel as though Lordran had much better atmosphere. I heard they said they built Lordran first then decided how you'd move about after. It worked very well. Especially in the beautiful yet eerie damned city of Anor Londo. Climbing all those support beams with the archers still gives me the chills. Many of my blood stains were left there. While i love Drangleic (Dragon Aerie, OMG gorgeous!) it just didn't get imprinted in my head the way Lordran did.

Lordran > Nexu... #1
It's Oliver Queen! He's brainwashed by Scarecrow's fear toxic! He see's Batman as a warped psychotic part of himself that stayed on the Island for much longer, left, and is now wrecking havoc in Gotham! This'll lead to a Green Arrow game by the Arkham origins dudes. LOL.

Just a theory from a fan, don't flame me! xD #4.1
Yeah!!! F@@k Gtav too! I'm gonna learn how to rob real banks! I'm being sarcastic by the way.

On topic: I would kill for another Rock band. Like straight up MURDER someone! He'll I'd even take Guitar hero... :( #3.1.1
But Ghost wasn't silent or a protagonist... #8.1

I hated him either way. In the first Dead Space everyone acknowledged our dear little rusted tin man like he had any kind of voice or personality. And we were suppose to feel bad because HIS WIFE DIED!!! That's like feeling sorry for scuba diving suit after it's owner died.

I hated the guy in 2 because of the reasons you stated.

I hated him in DS3 because the game existed :/

But if i had to... #6.1
The Elder Scrolls/Fallout characters might not have a voice actor but they definitely aren't silent. You choose their responses. They have whatever personality you want them to have.

By silent you'd point to something like Dishonored, Borderlands or the earlier Cods where other characters talk to your character, call him by name and generally seem to know him quite well. Which surely means he/she must have spoke at some point to introduce him/herself....
Well see that's different. AC has different protagonists. Altair, Ezio, Connor, Edward, Desmond, Aveline, etc. All a believable massive bloodline. It's how AC has always been. Uncharted just has Nate who isn't getting any younger. And him having a descendant would be like scraping the bottom of the barrel to keep the series going.

I'd rather it just have an epic ending. #7.1

On topic: I do want the Uncharted series to have an epic finale whether in U4 or U6 so long as there are stories to tell and it isn't dragged out for the sake of making more.

Just please. PLEASE NO PREQUELS! While i loved the GoW prequels (COO, GOS, & Ascension) they weren't as good as the main trilogy. Period. #5.2
Nah, keep me comin!!! Nice vid. #1.1.1
"It would be cool to see Bethesda go the extra mile with FO4."

Agreed. I'm sure they will. Skyirm was miles better than Oblivion in the fluid animation department. #11.2
Wildlife documentaries?!?? You mean the ones with all the talking! xD Haha. Also i think you took the "blow" thing a bit too literally. #15.2
Thanks for sharing bud, knew all except for the pink herb one! :D

I read somewhere that Capcom couldn't use Biohazard due to the name being taken by an American band. Biohazard (Band) started in 87 so it makes sense. A similar thing happened to a game called The Witch and the Hundred Knight, the lead character in the Japanese version is called Metallica. It was changed to Metallia in the American version.

Also, LOL at the last one! xD #2.1.1
That Resident Evil 4.5 artwork is cool, thanks for sharing. And yeah it's a shame we got Anderson & Jovovich's crap. Blame Capcom though, they gave Romero the boot in favor of Anderson's since his (Anderson) was alot less like the games -_____-

I've read Romero's script & honestly it wasn't great but it was better than anything Anderson's written. #3.3
You must be one of those vow of silence guys who hate when others talk. Or maybe you just don't like character development idk.

Quick Q, don't get offended. Would you say Expendables & Transformers are your kind of movie? JUST ASKING! Don't blow up in my face. #15.1
I agree with the mo-cap. And i'd add those creepy blink-less blank stares npcs gave you when in a conversation to the list aswell.

BUT, i disagree with immersion. I was still plenty hooked in the irradiated goodness for 300+ hours. #11.1
This actually only served as a reminder that my Playstation 4 is sitting there without a Fallout 4 disc inside it. So thanks... Ugh, this wait will be the death of me.

Oh how i miss the tingly sensation of radiation poisoning in my stomach from eating too many radroaches, or getting shot in the head & just sleeping it off :( #5
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