I dream of a world where a chicken can cross the road and not have his motives questioned!
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Very nice!! Now you can put that money towards a copy of Nioh!

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Horror. Wether it's SURVIVAL horror remains to be seen. They are finally dropping the action cover based shooter BS and you're gonna give it crap because of a camera angle?! Jesus you're truly never happy are you Fox lol?! Personally I need to see a bit more, I don't want a run and hide game but the atmosphere is there. The feeling of isolation is all there. Now I just need the feeling of desperation and I'm set!

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The butthurt is real. Not sure about him but it must really annoy you that he liked the game. And so did, I'll be buying this if it turns out to be a thing. Sorry... boo hoo I guess, :/

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Doesn't InFAMOUS have a comic line with DC comics?! Would that get in the way of a cross-over? Not I would ever really want one to be completely honest. Both great characters in their own right.

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You work at Ninja Theory don't ya Mr. Luffy123? XD

I don't mind digital copies at all but do love me steel cases with my Collector's editions! This is a weird thing to do. The rest of it would have to be pretty sweet.

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I lol'd so hard at that! XD And I accidentally hit the damn disagree button!

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Lol, Deathblow. XD I laughed harder than I should have at that.

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I'll give you graphics and gameplay. And customization for whatever reason. But a better story above all past MGS games!?! It did not have. It felt unfinished and rushed. Best story is always gonna come down to personal preference but I have to go with MGS4 on this one. It wrapped up everything! Literally. From Vamp, to Raiden, to Rosemary to Big Boss and Zero... It gave closure to absolutely everything and didn't feel overstuffed which was quite the feat.

It also ha...

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Aura!? You lost me. My point was saying he is terrible after making ONE game that obviously disppointed you is kinda silly. This is the first time he took a crack at making an open world game so I didn't expect the world to be perfection. The game itself was still fun and allowed for a variety of ways to complete a mission. Believe me though, I do understand where you are coming from with the "repetitive" argument. I just don't think that means he suddenly lost it and we sho...

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Are you judging Kojima's entire body of work based on MgsV alone!? Arguably, it isn't in the top 3 of most hardcore MGS players. That's rough man. I'll admit I didn't think MGSV was all that special but it certainly wasn't bland, and his other games are definitely amazing and highly detailed.

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"That's not help, I remember EVERYTHING NOW!"

Way to finish off a game. :( If I could play anyone game before I die, it would be a sequel to Psi-ops: The mind gate conspiracy. I can't believe nobody bought the franchise when the company went under.

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Deadpool has been done and Daredevil is too close to Batman, at least gameplay-wise. Green Lantern would be amazing but I feel like no matter how hard they'd try, the ring with it's unlimited potential would feel limited. :( Which sucks because I would love a good Green Lantern game more than anything.

Booster Gold, Punisher, Green Arrow and Blade have so much potential and lend themselves well to a video game. I could see Constantine working closely to The Witcher. ...

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Ouch. I struck a nerve. Call an ambulance!! Not sure which paragraph that was directed towards but I'll assume you meant all of them. Anyways sex toys have existed LOOOOONG before you, so yeah. Not a new concept BUT keep telling yourself that until you believe it (but I am the "idiot" though).

Anyhoo... no need to be such a prude. It's what is wrong with society nowadays. Showing glorified slaughter is perfectly fine but showing breasts is the ultimate sin and ...

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Yeah!! And while we're at it screw GTA! Let's rob real cars and kill real people. And screw Rock Band let's all form real bands and become famous and sing Beatles songs in perfect octaves!! I have no interest in this. Just showing how silly your comment sounds. You're entitled to your opinion but that was just worded in the most ridiculous way possible.

Me personally?! I wouldn't stick my chicken in this. I don't trust my penis in any sort of machine. ...

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Double post-- deleted.

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This game is gonna be UUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!!

Sorry I couldn't resist. Carry on.

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Difficulty options are the same thing in this example. If a developer wants you to play a game with a specific story path in mind or a specific difficulty then that isn't a fault. That's a creative choice. Can you imagine playing InFAMOUS2 and doing both the bad aaaand the good ending simultaneously! That would be preposterous! And would ruin both experiences for the sake of fulfilling some form of A.D.D.

Also what you are saying sounds more like a cheat code if I'...

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"So it's my problem that I can't talk my way out of situations and because of how much I've put into my skills can not talk factions down to resolve things in the way I want?"

Yes. We gotta stop meeting like this! :D

The way I see this is exactly the way I see the article we had up yesterday. An opinion piece on how all games should be forced to have a difficulty option. A developer's creativity should never be forced to do anythin...

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Mind Blown. That actually sounds really good.

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Damn, I thought MM was way harder than OOT. :( I wish him luck aswell and I'll await his MM article in the next five years.

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