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My favorite is Code Veronica. That "Holy sh*t" moment of seeing Wesker still alive & infected. Seeing one of the protagonists of RE1 (Chris) & RE2 (Claire) in one game, meeting on screen for the first time was epic. And when you first get to play as Chris, last thing you see of Claire's chapter was her getting attacked. You get switched to Chris who's trying to find her and isn't even close, not knowing if you'll even find her alive @_@

Gut w... #3.1.1
Wanna taste it? Go to any store & buy a bottle of Coca-cola. Shove it in a microwave for about uh... 4,000 hours and voila. Nuka-cola quantum. For that radioactive fizzy kick xD #5.1.1
Thanks for sharing.

I loved both. #2.1
Haha that sounds so mean. Agreed. #1.1.1
THAT would've been a better title!!! Great to hear, Mgs4 had a great soundtrack. When I think of CoD music, I think of Eminem...

*See's op name* Oh... (,_, ) #1.3
Agreed about Hayter but everyone who? Downes as Kaz?

Hey here's a question for Mr. Troy Baker, why isn't your name Patric Zimmerman. :( Luckily Troy is a great actor who i think can blend a Josh Keaton/Patric Zimmerman Ocelot voice quite well. I'll give it a chance, although it's pretty weird hearing Bauer Snake. #3.1
%100 agreed. Also what's up with the first line. "Gaming is no longer confined to guys living in their parents basement." What a terrible stereotype :(

As a gamer who lives in his step-parent's attic I find that stereotype very offensive. #4.1
You know how a creepy pedo tells a child that there's candy, toys, & a puppy in his car if he gets in just to lure him in... ah you get the point.

But, I hope i'm wrong. Although I doubt it. #18.1
And owners of both get... (wait for it)... BOTH! *Mind blown*

I fail to understand why many people (Even very close friends) drop last gen completely the day a new console gen starts lol. Oh well. #5.2
Brag?? O_- Brag what? Completing a game?

I have 79 plats. All from games I enjoyed. I've been %100-ing games far before trophies & achievements were implemented. I've always completed every challenge and found every collectible (unless too annoying & boring of course). Trophies are just a checklist. That's all. Like finishing a grocery list to the very bottom, you got/saw & did it all. You got your moneys worth.

Although there are ga... #3.5
Wow what a pompous... Can I use the Oculus rift to play Playstation 4 exclusives like say for example a new inFAMOUS game, GoW, or maybe The Order on my Ps4?

No. I cannot good sir. I CANNOT.

"Why people acting like"

That's why. And people aren't pretending anything. We're all fully aware of the Oculus Rift exists. But it's really only PC thing which us console gamers couldn't give 2 flying f**ks about. This page... #7.1.1
Although i can see how lockpicking would get annoying. Especially if you have sh*tty eye vision (,_, ) or Parkinsons D:

Not complaining so long as carrying 17 wheels of cheese doesn't get tedious. :D #5.1.1
"people disagree without stat(ING) why"

Because the thought of tying chains around my Move controllers & flailing my hands with reckless abandon gets me all sorts of excited. It would relieve stress, gimme a workout, satisfy my inner gamer, keep murderers off the streets AAAAAAAAND I can have sex orgies with hot greek Cgi women in a god-like hugely proportioned "I'll never look like that" body.

Why not again?

Als... #3.1.2
Haha hellz yeah!!! Let's watch em together. Then we can cry about how Paul W.S Anderson single handedly neutered the Resident Evil film franchise. :( #6.2
Those were really good. Better than...
***flashbacks to watching Resident Evil: Retribution*** @_@ AAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!! Dx #6.1
I didn't hate Super Mario Bros. but it's something I never wanna watch again. Loved SH, SH2 was a guilty-pleasure (Maybe because i love anything SH related XD).

And i second Blaze929's comment, I loved the Prince of Persia movie. I'm really bummed out about the negative fan reception. And that it barely broke even. It was really good, it did a good job of copying the exact PoP1 story but molding it into something new. I was able to appreciate the effort. Stil... #3.2
^^^^ This please. #4.1
You should, we're both terrible people now xD Haha jk. On a serious note, what a pathetic list. Just for clicks. What an arsehole. #6.1
I play so much that I literally don't even have time to call myself "hardcore". Is that hardcore? :0

Also I ate a beagle once during a TLOU all-nighter. Dammit! #1.1.5
I'm still waiting for the 64GB mem cards Japan got T-T #2.1.1
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