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Thanks to the Troll who incorrectly 'reported' this story, thus not allowing it to be promoted like the dozens we have submitted beforehand. Is there any way to remove an incorrect Report?

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Was it really worth the trouble to type that out?

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Word to the wise: this isn't a news piece, but an examination to why this happened, why it shouldn't have, and a cautionary warning to Nintendo for future plans to curry favor with their 'community'. Conversations on the subject are very welcome. Thanks.

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How many times you someone use "great" in one paragraph, anyway? :)

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Our friends at Pocket Gamer has a trailer up now! Check it out!

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This story is NOT a duplicate, and the game is indeed headed to all the platforms listed. Please remove the flag. Thanks.

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It's finally out! Great job, Joel!

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Well, from what we've seen it's still a pre-release beta that really functions as a proof-of-concept, that this style of motion-control can work on phones/tablets without needing extra hardware.

Can you imagine Fruit Ninja using real swipes? :)

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p.s. hey guys, for whatever reason the actual title of this article seems to have been changed. It was original submitted under the title of:

"PING/PONG: Sony's Unnatural Disaster - PSN, Anonymous, and the Despicable Breach of Trust"

...not sure why (or who) may have changed it to the lackluster one you see above. Apologies for that, as it gives the wrong impression of what the piece is really all about. Thanks for understanding.

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(cont) or, to be fair, about Sony's future trust issues with the public-at-large:

"Sure, it sounds great on paper: The world’s biggest orgy, filled with the world’s most beautiful and desirable people, and Sony’s giving you the freedom to ‘play’ with anyone you want. Only a few of them have herpes, and you can’t tell who’s got it."

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Not pointless when you've got selected gems like this. About Anonymous:

"At best, they’re a group of electronic tricksters whose biggest claim to fame has been producing annoying online screeds and issuing digital fatwas against anyone who threatens to keep tabs on their amateur lolicon porn collections, although I don’t think they’ve ever been that successful at anything more than the occasional (and completely fixable) denial-of-service at...

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@ MultiConsoleGamer

Unfortunately, no, the Headbanger doesn't work with any WiiSpeak compatible games at all. This is more a reflection on Nintendo than PDP, and we're all hoping that patch(es) are issued to help alleviate this quickly.

Its best that you direct your queries to PDP themselves, as they have promised to list all compatible games on their website. It would be great to see ALL past games, including Monster Hunter, get patched soon!

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@ InfamousHero

Instead of just skimming through the article, perhaps you should have actually read it, as the first sentence of each paragraph has the numbers you were looking for. While its nice that N4G allows posts as yours to join the others, there's a bit difference between stating FACTS and simply trolling for attention.

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"The iPhone and iPod Touch may not be the most successful smartphone and multimedia devices in history, but they're certainly the ones with the biggest buzz."

Aah, Gawker websites and their troll-stirring ways. I wonder how the author defines 'success'? By the number of actual units sold or by how many advertisements its parent company buys for their own website? Considering the source, probably neither; facts can be very difficult things. :)

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It would be nice if just one gaming website would delve into what 'facts' like "biggest entertainment launch of all-time" actually means instead of simply re-pasting the same tired, played out story over and over again.

It's a well-tread road by now, but is there anyone out there that didn't expect to see this 'story' days after the game's launch? Higher prices, higher-priced bundles, accessories, etc, should result in bigger tallies in ...

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You should have seen the alternate versions! :)

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This article may be a 'hate article' designed to 'get hits for its website', but you could describe just about any opinion piece here. While we may or may not all agree with the position they've taken with the Kinect (which is, again, just an opinion, as the device hasn't gone on sale yet) we must respect their fair use of this system here.

Perhaps the way articles are tallied and 'approved/reported' should reflect this, and not simply allow t...

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