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He is right though. Anonymous rumors suggested a 50% power difference, right? That should have been ignored but it wasn't. You can't tell him it's a sop story when it's a legitimate criticism.

I brought up the Wii U power rumor as well. It sounds like a very similar issue. It's not a sop story, it's an untrue rumor that people were choosing to believe anyway.

Yes, there are reputations and perceptions. But the fact is these rumors were...

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Wow. I really can't stand this fuckball stupidity anymore. This community is just retarded. Plain and simple.

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It's ALWAYS Nintendo's fault, right Abort? Lmao

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9 disagrees? You have got to be kidding me. The Wii U sold, what, 2 million units in its first two months? All the fans who were going to buy one bought one then. Are you people really this uninformed?

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At this point Telltale can do whatever the heck they want. As long as I get to play their games, I'm cool.

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Well, it seems Pokemon and GTA are still selling nicely. I imagine the new numbers will explode in a few weeks though...

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So basically anyone who disagrees with you is a Nintendard? Really? That has got to be the most asinine and immature thing I've heard all week.

The Wii U is not selling well, but don't think for a second the public is not buying one for the same reason you are. Not by a long shot. The Wii U is not selling because hardly anyone who Nintendo wants to buy it even knows it exists. The rest are just waiting for the content. There are core gamers practically tapping their ...

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Probably because they already own one? Where does a dumb assumption like this come from? I've had one since launch.

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Well, at least you corrected yourself. Sorry for getting fresh with you in my reply. And just to be clear, yes, I am fully aware and able to admit that Wii U will not be anywhere close to Xbox One and PS4's power.

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I think games like this proves that beauty comes from a great developer as oppose to great hardware (not that the hardware didn't help). I can't even think of a game that looks this realistic.

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Yeah, because everyone said it would be. /s

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It basically went when people started getting angry at others for liking different things. Which is stupid.

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Can't say I don't agree with some of your points here. Bottom line, Rich shouldn't have cited anonymous sources. It was a mistake, for sure. Hopefully the response he earned will make him think twice the next time he makes a news video without a credible source.

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You're a gamer on the internet, right? You keep yourself well informed, yes? What is stopping people from doing a simple google search on the issue and not provoking the guy? Problem solved without annoying Kamiya and without earning one of said tweets.

Kamiya's been at this longer than the issue at hand. The only thing stupid here is people taking offense to his otherwise regular behavior. You have a problem? Don't follow his twitter. If this was about a Playstat...

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Really? Just felt like insulting someone for no reason, huh? Also, off-topic.

Edit: Can't even be bothered to explain how exactly I'm delusional. The Wii U is not weaker than the 360/PS3. Confirmed eons ago thanks to Need for Speed, a port of a generation seven game that looked better on Wii U and PC and Nano Assault Neo, a game that only uses a SINGLE core in the Wii U's three core CPU and was confirmed to not be able to run on the older hardware. The only delusi...

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How about you guys use some critical thinking skills and understand that my analogy was to say people asking you the same thing over and over is irritating? In Kamiya's case, he's probably been getting it since Bayonetta 2's announcement. Simple.

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Can't say I agree or disagree entirely. Rich's videos have been perfectly sound and have always included the source of the news up until this point. Rich made a naive call to use anonymous sources in that video (especially considering the following day it was debunked), but it isn't the first time it's happened with game news. I wouldn't call him stupid, but he definitely should not have done this video, especially if he didn't want the backlash he took.

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"No. I'd rather not have Male WFT in the game at all."

Well... he IS in the game. On that front I think you're boned. Let's just hope he is considered a palette swap for the girl version.

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If some shmuck knocked on your door everyday asking if you take a crap on a golden toilet, I'd imagine you would get annoyed and tell him to "**** off" too.

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"At the end of the day it was just a business decision."

Well aren't you just the media genius of the day. Thanks for figuring it out for the rest of us. *slow clap*

No crap it was a business decision. The point is if you're going to ask anyone about it, you should probably ask Sega. Because thanks to Nintendo and Kamiya, for whatever the reason might be, that sequel is now happening and it's exclusive on Wii U. Period.


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