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Lol notice how almost all of these are Sony exclusives

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This list is more proof that Ps3 and Nintendo caters to gamers who enjoy terrible writing and teenage angst.

Do you see Halo, Gears of War or Fable on this list? Nope. Didn't think so.

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Anyone surprised? I'm not.

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LOL. Heavy Rain could have sucked and it DID suck.

Tell me ONE gamer who would force themselves to endure such a painfully bad story with HORRIBLE voice acting and some fo the worst writing to EVER appear in a video game when they can be ACTUALLY PLAYING a video game like Halo or Call of Duty.

Same thing with MGS4. You're watching, not playing.

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Really figured this Playslave and Wii hugger would neglect all the awesome Xbox 360 games that have unfairly been overlooeked in favor of a bunch of shovelware for the Wii and PC.

No one played these crap games cuz they were all playing games worthy of gamer's attention like Halo. Duh.

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Forza will be better.

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Things you would never hear any gamer say:

Hey let's go read Sarcastic Gamer.

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Should be titled "Ten reasons why Halo: Reach: is better than Call of Dooty: Black Oops.

If you have skill, you play Halo. I LOL at the people who think KIllzone 3 or this game is going to be able to topple Halo. There's no chance --sorry, the best FPS of 2010 and 2011 already came out.

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LOL @ this guy trying to make these garbage shovelware Wii and PS3 titles look good.

It's the 360 exclusives that are going to sell this holiday season.


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LOL the better question is: Incipio r u mad?

ur getting awfully worked up about some random article. u write for this web site or something bro?

C'mon, come clean. You shillin for dem?

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I tried the beta. It's nothing special. Clunky controls and terrible frame rate.

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Gran Turismo should be on this list, but LOL it got delayed because there's clearly something wrong with it. it's a game for car nuts, but the real racing is where it's always been --with Forza on Xbox.

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Yeah right.

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Psh. PS2 might have sold more, but Xbox had games that were a hundred times better than this garbage list. Halo, KOTOR, Jade Empire, Fable > PlayStation 2's library.

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GOTY confirmed

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I hear the framerate for the PS3 version is a lot lower and that load times are alot slower even with install.

Is that true?

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Who the hell keeps approving Now Gamer's pointless and horrible articles?

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Wow, look, Attack of the Fanboy reviewing pirated games again, just like Fallout: New Vegas

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Wow, every lame "amateur" video game website sure looks really stupid right about now.

You guys know who you are.

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