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Considering we have now moved on to a new generation you would expect more deals on PS3 and 360 games. This CM sale is very disappointing, I had expected better from the biggest online retailer. #4
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I stopped reading at NEXT SLIDE. So tired websites hiding the story behind layers of advertisements. #6
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True, but Sims fans eat this stuff up like it is candy, and they beg for more. So this is one case where EA would be crazy not to give them what they want. I am sure EA wishes all gamers were as devoted as the Sims fanbase. #1.1
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I agree that many companies do this, but I think that the reason that MS got such a backlash is that most gamers are sick and tired of being nickled & dimed around every corner, and we are sick of the way that game companies are slowly striping away all of the basic rights we have grown accustomed to as consumers. I think that a lot of gamers are fed up, and the arrogant Xbox One announcement was simply the last straw for a lot of us. #1.1.2
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The problem with digital is the consumer has to store them on their hard drive, the consumer never really owns the digital content, and yet the consumer is still paying roughly the same price. Plus it is generally cheaper to buy a physical copy of older games, because you have a better shot at finding them on sale. I buy digital only if it is my one and only option, or if the sale price is so outstanding that it too good a deal to pass up. #7
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You make a great point. A perfect example is all the bickering that goes on at BSN. Every fan is different and everyone has ideas of what needs to change, but every opinion has an opposite and it falls to BioWare to make the call on which direction is the better route for the series.

Hopefully they will be smarter this time, and do what is right for the series, at least we know they are not rushing things this time, and that gives me hope.
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I think that BioWare had a plan for that at the end of DA2, but I get the feeling they canned it when they dropped the expansion. We might get a cameo of Alistair, but if we do hear from the Warden or Hawke again it will most likely be in rumors. But I kinda hope I am wrong, because I liked them both a lot and would not mind meeting up with them again. #2.1
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I don't know how you got 'multiple-story sequence' from the trailer? But maybe I missed something.

I suspect that BioWare has a pretty good idea of what they did wrong with the DA2, and while that doesn't mean they will fix those things, I honestly think they are trying to make DA3 a good game. The question is will they succeed.

I say lets wait until we have more information before we judge. That trailer was simply not enough to prove anyth... #1.2
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And bunnies will fly out of Major Nelson's butt tomorrow too. I'll believe it when I see it. : ) #31
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How can you not hate something that is so blatantly and arrogantly anti-consumer?

Once upon a time companies at least pretended to care about their customers, now we live in a world where companies think it is acceptable to shit on your customers (and employees too) all in the name of the almighty dollar.

Well, guess what? Some of us are sick of greed. We have been dealing with it for far too long, it is our local gas station, our utility companies, our... #25
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Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah...

Don't even want to hear it MS. I actually liked my 360, but your greed and nonsense has turned me off of Xbox One, no way in hell am I going to support your anti-consumer pro-greed machine, since doing so would only encourage more greed in the gaming business and we already have enough thank you very much. #20
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The trailer looked very interesting, I am cautiously hopeful. #5
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I am a multi-console gamer, and when my consoles are not in use, they are unplugged, because saving energy and protecting our planet is something I care about. I also have a life outside of gaming, so there are periods where I go weeks without gaming. So nope, I won't be buying an Xbox One if it is required to be always on and always connect. #19
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I enjoyed reading that. Thanks.

Unfortunately, for every gamer who is smart enough to see that Xbox One is bad for gamers, there will be another who doesn't care about gamers rights, because they just want to play Halo/Gears/Kinect.

It is unfortunate that Xbox One's success or failure will effect the entire gaming business for better or worse. I don't want to wish failure on any game system, but I do have to say that if any game system did des... #12
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So lets look at the ways game companies save money this generation:

1) Make shorter games, cutting content & characters from the game to sale separately as overpriced day 1 DLC.
2) Spend less on quality control by using the gamers who paid for their buggy games as beta testers.
3) Online passes
4) Overpriced weapon and costume DLC packs.
5) Season passes as a way to sucker the foolish into committing to DLC upfront, at what point they can... #53
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See I wondered about that, since I also have a DS and found the touch screen to be very distracting. I actually have a few series like Fire Emblem that would make me consider picking up a Wii U eventually, but I am very unsure about that controller, so it is good to hear that works better than the wiimote. #7.2.1
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I actually didn't know that, so thank you for the info., it is good to know. #7.1.1
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I have owned every Nintendo console from the original to the Wii, but I honestly hated the Wiimote with a passion, so buying another Nintendo console with a fancy controller was not in the cards for me. Gimmicks don't cut it with me, I want good games, and I want a controller that I don't have to think about. #7
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So basically you were just being a troll? Noted. #1.5
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Since I am a gamer, and I am interested in a next gen 'GAMING' console, I think I prefer a poll that takes into account the number of GAMERS that want the Xbox One.

Here is another poll, one from GameFaQs.

It covers all three systems, and interesting enough the Xbox One is in the very last place.

PS: This poll... #44
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