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This on PC in 1440p or 4K would be Amazing.

To bad there is no PC port. #5
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You can sugar code the truth however you want.

But, it's pretty pathetic that a brand new console can't do 1080p and 60fps. It can't even do 64 players at it's already reduced resolution.

This system is supposed to last a whole 7-8 years? Games are only going to get larger, more complex, and more graphically demanding.

With 4K just around the corner that's pretty pathetic.

Microsoft should just delay the X... #53
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That's why I love Steam. You don't have to deal with any of this bullshit, or lines. #74
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Prease, undah, stand, #17
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Fuck Pacher!

Fuck everything he says, everything he is apart of, and everyone associated with him.

He has not been, and never will be a gamer! Therefore he represents everything wrong with the industry. Suits talking about something they know nothing about. #13
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I'd love to see a new un squadron #9
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The pre orders where high from all the resellers looking to make a quick buck. When they found the demand wasn't there they returned the systems, or didn't bother to pick up any systems they had on hold. #4
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This is a bunch of bullshit just like the 49% of women are gamers.

That's not exactly true they usually play bullshit casual games facebook, ios, wii games.

There is over a 10,000 to 1 ratio of male to female players in hardcore games. FPS, RPG, Action, etc.

We like tits and ass let us have it. We buy and play the damn games. #18
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This article sucks. I loved Dead Island on Pc. Just needed a few tweaks. It's one of my top games of the year. I played 83 hours so far on steam. #2
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This game is fucking AWESOME!!! I won't lie I downloaded it from a torrent site, beat two levels and liked it so much I had to buy it. That was before there was full 3D support. Now there is no reason not to buy it. To me it's like playing a fast paced shooter in blade runner setting. I'm only playing on hard, and its a really good challenge without being to cheap. #2
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If you want an additional $5 credit use my link:


and here is a working coupon for 20% off

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Why cheat yourself out of a good experience by being overpowering? If that's the case just adjust the difficulty to pussy (easy) call it a day.

I actually raised the difficulty. I like a challenge. #3
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Teaser trailer #28
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