Waiting patiently for GT5. Very patiently.


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Not a chance. Whoever wrote this must have had a gun to their head, that's the only reason I can think of for this article existing.

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"The story borrowed heavy from every zombie flick out there."

So? What zombie flick IS entirely original? It's not the story alone that makes it great, it's the INCREDIBLE acting job. Hell, just the fact that you are comparing a video game to actual movies shows that ND did their job.

"The gameplay was super linear"

Once again, so? This isn't Grand Theft Auto or Skyrim. It's a linear game in a linear genre ...

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I would totally import all of the games shown so far from Japan if these translators were the voice actors.

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@Strikepackage Bravo

Tell that to active duty military members, or people who live in rural areas. Just because YOU have a stable internet connection doesn't mean everyone does.

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Why does it matter? Shipped is sold as far as Sony and Microsoft are concerned. They don't make any money off retailers selling to consumers, they make their money from selling ("shipping") to retailers.

Attempting to track units actually sold to consumers, if that's even possible, would be almost useless. It's good for determining how well a console is performing, but you can make a pretty accurate estimate from the shipped numbers anyway. If a high nu...

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I don't think the point of Call of Duty is to be "realistic"...

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Tacking on multiplayer? What? The multiplayer in IV was EXCELLENT and if they manage to make even slight improvements on that for V the multiplayer will be amazing and definitely not tacked on.

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Hey guys, just so you know, this "leak" was copy-pasted directly from a post on the GTA Forums. It's more than likely fake.

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There are still people making quips about reviewers being paid off? Opinions are subjective. Just because you think the game doesn't deserve a 10/10 score doesn't mean that nobody does.

edit: intended for Awesome_Gamer

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These people have an inflated sense of entitlement. Guess what, the intended ending is the intended ending. If Bioware were to create new endings, they would strictly be fantasy and not canon, making them useless. I don't care if the alternative ending is "better", it's still an alternative.

I don't like the endings to many movies and games, but that doesn't mean I whine like a baby and demand that it is change to suit MY vision, instead of the CREAT...

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Holy crap, you sound like a freaking marketing exec for Turn 10. Here's a hint: nobody is paying you to write out PR reports for the public, you don't have to act like a tool.

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You would make a big scene because the chef added a single spice to your dish? I hope you know that you're one of those douchebags that ruins everyone else's dining experiences, as well as probably pisses off the waitstaff enough for them to spit in your food.

Your analogy sucks. Whatever your complaint is with the setting (how convenient, you didn't say), it's probably unfounded too.

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To those complaining that setting it in the American Revolution wouldn't be "unique" enough:

...When was the last time you played an open world game set during the American Revolution? Yeah, never. That's pretty damn unique. I'm not complaining for sure.

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Isn't it funny how 90% (I'd estimate) of the American people (regular citizens, not corporations) don't want SOPA (I literally have not seen one single person in support of it since I started following SOPA in the news), and yet there is still a chance that it will be passed because our government represents the CORPORATIONS, not the PEOPLE.

So much for representative democracy, huh?

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To be fair, if you're playing Oblivion on a PC with HD texture mods and environment mods (as it should be played, you're missing out on a good chunk of the Oblivion experience otherwise IMO), it looks a hell of a lot closer to Skyrim than these shots do. But of course if you're comparing vanilla graphics, especially on consoles, Oblivion is going to look like garbage compared to Skyrim.

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I don't understand what you're complaining about. You can do all of that in GTA. Except run around with the dildo. But why would you want to do that anyway? I mean, unless you're twelve or something, which seems to be the demographic that Saints Row appeals to.

GTA has always been a mature game for mature people. Its witty and emotional and critical and substantial, which is more than can be said about Saints Row.

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I don't think the author has to worry too much. Going from the trailer, it seems as if R* is going for a balance between maturity and fun.

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No... This game has no relation to GTA IV, therefore it is a whole new game and deserves a whole new title. If they used your idea, then it would be an expansion like TBOGT, which it obviously is not.

Graphics aren't the only things that make a sequel. There's obviously going to be some pretty massive gameplay improvements to justify it.

Use your brain, sheesh.

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Agree, all that gangsta wannabe crap really put me off the original San Andreas. Glad it's going for a more mature IV-like story, while seemingly retaining the fun gameplay of San Andreas.

edit @ below: Yeah, wannabe. I don't think real gangsters flew around in jet planes and snuck into Area 51 using a jetpack.

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Why are gamers suddenly accepting this whole online pass garbage? I remember a few months ago everyone was up in arms about it, and rightly so. And suddenly there's no issue with it? Let me tell you, there IS an issue with it and those of you who simply accept it are the ones that are slowly leading gaming down the continuing trend of having to pay for things that used to be free, that SHOULD be free.

I'm with lelo2play and solar, I refuse to buy this new out of princ...

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