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It's not THAT addictive but it's a nice little game. I just wished there was something more to it. I've only tried this and that Guacamelee shit, and it's a clear victor in that duel. It's good for when you want to jump into something quick and just play. #1.1.1
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Why in the world would you do that?! Especially considering you obviously want to play the Uncharted series and Uncharted 4 is coming next year(?).

You get no sympathy from me though... But I love my PS4. #43.1
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What game is this MCC?

Nvm, figured it out when he said Xbone. :D

I couldn't agree with you more. The game was such a major overhaul over the PS3 version. I was very impressed. #1.7.3
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Look at the ground. #8.1.1
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You will get to play it, but you will most likely be let down by the end result.

Ubisoft in a nutshell. #21.1
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Just use the USB Music Player. #5.1
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Samesies! #7.1
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Might be the best looking game I've ever seen. It's damn impressive! Especially when you get to look at the overview of the tracks before the race. It just blows your mind! It looks so realistic at times.

And if you ever find your way into the garage... Be ready to have your mouth drop! #10.1
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I find the AI driving a little too perfect, too the point where it's impossible to get passed them. I had one race where the same two cars were driving together in one path almost. They were glued together the whole race like that. #7.1
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Really good prize. I've been waiting for the free version to test it out first, but I'm definitely going to buy this now. #9
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Yep, that's what I'm looking forward to. #1.1
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One of the best games I bought for PS4. It's up there with The Last of Us and Infamous for me even though it's a completely different game of course. Chasing those records sure is fun. Everything about the game is well made. You can't wish for a better arcade experience then Resogun. #7.1
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Maybe a hide button for all those previously downloaded games/apps since Library has basically taken over for the well-hidden Download List of the PS3? There's nowhere else on the system to see what you've downloaded in the past. #2.1.3
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I signed up to PS Plus late so I didn't get Resogun, but don't think that stopped me from playing this amazing title! Easily one of the best games on PS4! #1.1.3
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I wouldn't show off that comparison model if I were Naughty Dog. It looks absolutely dreadful compared to the other photos and the in-game model from the gameplay trailer. #7.2
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...or the messaging #19.1
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I like it! #4
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You obviously have no idea what a bad game is. #20.2
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Interesting... #3.3
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That's what I really like about Playstation Plus. Everything is automatically downloaded and installed, and you can just jump directly in to games without needing to wait for an update.
You do have to manually install system firmware updates like this though, but at least they're downloaded beforehand. The installing never takes no more then a few minutes anyway so it's not really a issue for me. #1.3.4
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