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...fair point, but that doesn't explain why so many people are downloading it. Clearly it demonstrates that vast numbers of people (even if they aren't a majority by any means) have 'chipped/modded/whatever' their 360s.

Ignoring the issue won't make it go away. The 360 could easily become as plagued by piracy as the PC is - although the whole thing is far more complicated than people suggest.

For a start, people pirating a game wouldn't necessarily have bought the ga...

3440d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment can you say that? There is flip all information other than it is coming.

So what you are basically saying is "It is coming, so it must be looking good".


3441d ago 2 agree1 disagreeView comment saying you'd rather have sex with Peter 'the Cat' Criss?

And yeah, Laura Croft? Is there some obscure reference I'm missing here?

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Best to leave the series on a 'high' rather than slip into the gentle valley of churning out rubbish year on year.

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...what Molyneux thinks about the fact (yes, fact) that, overall, the fact the PC has the most games released for it every single year. You can check the figures - in terms of grand totals, which is what Molyneux is talking about - the PC has the most and it also has the most over the Christmas period.

Molyneux should stick to over-hyping his games before the inevitable backlash as most of the features are discovered to be pure window dressing and absolutely irrelevant to the mai...

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The original was style over substance. Epic seems to have forgotten how to make a quality game (original Unreal Tournament). Now it is just fixated on buffing the shiny armour on their ridiculously bulky space marine-type heroes.

Perhaps if CliffyB etc. spent as much time on the game itself as he does talking to the press, it might actually be a decent game.

As it is, GoW2 will be a glorified patch

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...and yes, people are going to really love it. I can see this kick-starting a new wave of modding and user-created map designing, personally. People know how to use the Source SDK etc. and it just fits right into the whole user maps vibe.

It is great four-player too - but it is difficult

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Hasn't had a good exclusive? Pssh, who cares about whether a game is 'exclusive' or not. It doesn't make it any better, unless you happen to think that the amount of hype a game gets correlates to its quality.

The fact is that the game shops et al still haven't caught up with the digital age - as has been said, lots of people playing, say, MMOs will be downloading a client and then buying the game online, never once stepping into a shop.

It is what I did with Vanguar...

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Nicely written review there, it is definitely a love it/hate it kind of game. Some parts of it, when you whack the settings up, are really nice looking, I have to be honest.

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