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Pretty sure Capcom created their own problems with Street Fighter V releasing with so few features and launching with broken online.

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I think this is what Indivisible is aiming for.

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Hey, I think you've mixed this up? Peter isn't referring to game sales, but game budgets. Examples of mid tier games, that aren't as big as the biggest AAAs, but make up for it with creative ideas are Dark Sector and Darksiders.

Peter isn't even the first person to say this. Someone at Ubisoft did early this year http://www.develop-online.n...

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Thanks for the concern Flash. there's overlap but I made it clear my article was buidling up to this quote, which speaks volumes about the industry

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I just shared mine, AFAIK sharing Mario codes here doesn't break the rules just go ahead LOL

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Hey guys so wanna share course IDs over here? F9A1-0000-0063-657F

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It does seem like a miscommunication, but until more people pay attention to this and get Sony or WB moving this poor fella isn't getting his skins

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The translation is very basic, but this seems like a red flag that Intelligent Systems and Shin Kibayashi (the writer) made mistakes in their LGBT representation.

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I agree, it's unusually self destructive and continues to baffle me.

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All the Dragon Quest games had their characters designed by Akira Toriyama

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They made the 3DS and Vita spinoff. It was not received well.

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You've mixed up the actual first day launch with the first NA, aka North America only, server test. The latter happened a few hours ago, and was deliberately constrained just so that Capcom could get servers running, and that worked.

If you live outside the US, you should get beta access in the next few days since they're extending it.

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The logic is Valhalla owns the game but Nintendo paid to finish it. Nintendo may still be paying Valhalla to polish this up.

Nintendo allowed Valhalla to bring the game to PC, and the two set terms on how this is going to happen. The PC version isn't just multiplayer only, it's free-to-start and 'tailored for the platform'.

Expect the PC version to be very, very limited, compared to the premium Wii U version.

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I'm sorry about this, the game's been out for a while but I should have also remembered some gamers, particularly on PC, still haven't had the chance to play it. I'll try to remember this and put spoiler warnings for next time.

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THanks for clarifying! I obviously did not know Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate had that option :P I guess I'm interestedin getting that game again

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Apparently so. It will be the first Wii U game to support USB keyboards

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this was already confirmed a while back in a video promoting the Unity engine of all things

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I'm glad these are still coming!

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sigh. I'm spoiling my own article here but the issue is new Tekken and Street Fighter games are coming out and Harada wants to avoid cannibalizing sales between the three of them

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