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Is Zelda playing Zelda the most obvious casting choice ever though #1
more like are adults spending too much money on video games #1
No dude sorry but Street Fighter 5 outside PS4 and PC ain't gonna happen. That deal got set up because Sony paid for it, if ever, that would have to happen after 8th gen #1.1.2
I hope this means Capcom will add a Street Fighter game to the Wii U library. Technically, there are VC games but, you know, Ultra Street Fighter IV is just there. Not under any exclusivity contracts. #1.1
Blazblu and P4A purposely added one button combos, King Of Fighters has the option for simple inputs for supers, Smash has has C-sticking since forever, practically every modern fighter has input latency, etc.

To say that this is not an issue is to say it's OK to charge for what fighting game developers should be doing for free, to appeal to more players and not the older niche fanbase the genre has.

But if you prefer to convince yourself you're doing... #3.1.4
The title is misleading, EA Access isn't the same as launching first on Xbox One. It amounts to subscribers getting to play the six hours first five days before the actual launch.

If Star Wars fans do not post objections to this now, this will happen to Star Wars games for the rest of the Xbox One's lifetime (EA's Star Wars contract is ten years). #19
If the deal pushed through, the PlayStation would not have been a hub for indie developers small and large to thrive in, and the industry would be in a completely different shape and form today. The Nintendo monopoly would have still been in effect, with Sony acting as their field marshall.

I'd been thinking about the possibilities of this deal for some time and I think this is what would have happened. The PlayStation's biggest value wasn't in creating a platform... #2.2
Video games are a waste of time, and it's OK to say this, and we shouldn't have to hold this up as some point of contention against movies or other media.

I honestly don't understand; why are people so insecure about video games? It's not 1985 or 1993. Video games are in the mainstream, and one of the biggest entertainment industries alive today. #2
Er, the description points that out? I couldn't fit every point in the headline. #1.1
This isn't all the cars in the film, but it has most of the cars you want, from the best scenes. #1
This starts out really strong #2
Sorry guys, we earlier misreported this as Yokai Warriors when it's actually Yokai Sangokushi/Three Kingdoms, based on the Sangokushi IP. So, a Yokai Watch tactical strategy wargame. #3
It's not clear yet if this game will continue Professor Layton's story. It could be a spinoff which retells the story, but with new game mechanics.

I personally think it could be a Hearthstone copycat. #1
Haha we don't know yet. These games were just announced. Level 5's plans for Yokai Watch in the West are ambitious though. #1.1
One of the devs said his playtime is now at 300 hours. 300 hours is too long just to be able to use Fashion Equipment. #1
For some reason Tiz is getting a new sexy costume. It will probably be part of the story too, since the sexy costumes in Bravely Default where used in the story.

And Square will probably censor him when the game goes stateside too. #1
It's good to have that choice. #1.1
You obviously didn't understand the article. Harada felt the need to speak out because the fans are embarrassing him continuing to harrass people. #5.2
I felt it was particularly irresponsible knowing people were riled up about the issue. #2.1
I've seen this play out online, and frankly, the fans are being stupid by overreacting. Harada is flabbergasted that they're still going after the NCCA after they kept repeating they did nothing. #1
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