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Just because it's on Ebay doesn't mean it's sold for that money. Many bidders are trolls and digital products are not protected by Paypal so scammers can take accounts without paying anything.

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Click-bait. That's why.

And if they truly wanted to import it from Europe, despite it releasing locally in America, they would know that Amazon does not charge VAT, which means it would be 15% off the price tag.

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He did 2 years ago. He said two things:

"I don't know why Iwata is still employed" - Iwata should go (which he did by natural causes)
"Nintendo is missing a huge opportunity to bring new gamers into their brands" - Nintendo should take on the mobile opportunity.

So folks, Patcher was right...

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You miss my point, here it is again: "You're on N4G and..."

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Think about this for a sec: You're on N4G and Mobile phone games are now OK

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Haha so true, this is exactly like the little booths called "Exchange" right next door to Pachinko. The Pachinko stores will swear you play only to win toy prizes like plastic medallions and figures.

This mess has being going on for over 2 years, and Valve are only distancing themselves now...

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This will be the only way I can play the game, I'm not going to cave in and switch to Win10 and playing it 360 will be a waste.

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It's OK if 'Gamers' don't adopt VR, I consider myself more a Gaming enthusiast rather than a 'Gamer'.

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Sony shredding assets and divisions is just a sign of the times that from the 50's onwards they thrived on the 'hardware' generation. Now we are entering or have entered the 'software' generation. Playstation, movies and music are Sony's highest grossing divisions simply because that is what makes money these days.

Not a reflection of their other products, they are still class leading stuff, just that the 'magic' behind top quality flagships...

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Just residual files of internal prototypes that will never get the green light because Valve aren't interested in making money the traditional way. Screen grabs showing L4D3 files on employee computers were also leaked 3 years ago but nothing became of that. I would not get my hopes up for this.

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I was at the Bandai Namco VR popup store in Tokyo. Whilst they used Vive to show off demos, VR is definitely a new genre I would wholly jump into or recommend to friends, the interactivity of it is simply amazing.

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"Specifically in the online role-playing games."

Nah these aren't the games we're looking for.

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Nah, I'll buy this still. Gamespot gave Tales of Zestiria 6/10 with similar negatives but I found it still a pretty decent slow summer season game.

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Good choice, they likely needed an experienced actor for voice work and motion capture.

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If you consider the context of E3 being media/invite only, this is pretty shameful. E3 is the biggest gaming event of the year and you would expect journalists to do their duty to cover all aspects of the event, especially a game that has been featured prominently by a major publisher. It really doesn't matter whether you are interested in the game or not.

But to be honest, i've noticed that the 'English speaking' media has been pretty terrible at reporting ...

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Holiday 2017 means the Neo will be 1yr ahead in mind share penetration and price drops. We all know what happened to the 360 when the PS3 was 1yr behind.

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Isn't Mighty No.9 published by Deep Silver?

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VR doesn't belong at an E3 presentation, they can give it an honorable mention and show a clip or two but VR either needs it's own show or be focused on the show floor where people can go hands on. The success of it will be through word of mouth, not through a trailer or some jetlagged overweight man flailing on stage.

It would be a mistake for Sony to dedicate significant time on stage for VR.

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Not sure many people will miss this feature (or were looking forward to it). But surely this would point to a new cheaper Xbox without the HDMI passthrough feature to be announced eventually.

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Funny how you joined this site back in 2007 and yet don't see the patterns of opinion. The users simply follow the dominate platform of the generation, think back 8 years ago and you could easily say N4G was very pro-Xbox, and for good reason: the PS3 didn't get it's crap together.

In otherwords, there are more users of the PS4 here simply because it's the highest selling console and makes most headlines related to the growth of the market. Pretty simple log...

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