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All of a sudden people care about this game, why am I not surprised? #16
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"Just have all your bills auto payed and go outside, meet people, hang out, get laid, and so on"

Did you read the Tweets? That's exactly what he was doing.

You should have said instead he should use his money being productive. #6.1
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How are you able to live under a rock and yet be a member of N4G for over 2 years. #9.1
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But still willing to play it and feed online statistics to Konami so they can boast about player count to investors. Yeah that'll show 'em who's boss.

Who's the winner in the end?

I'm going to buy it and play it, your loss. #17
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"Plus, endless expository dialogue is just weird...No people behave or talk like that"

I had a 30 minute detailed discussion about mundane gun laws and the effects on society over lunch with my boss today, would that be too long for your attention span. #11.2
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"Kojimas games lack cohesiveness, and real story"

Yeah I mean, his game's just transcended 20yrs of history, can't possibly be because the story is good.

"Hes basically the guy that tells the coders what to do."

So he's a director/producer? #16.1
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They don't count because....because... they don't have the Nintendo quality seal, yeah that. #39.2.1
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You know TBH, I don't think Konami has 'changed', it's more like they're restructuring and their message is a bit mixed at the moment. Give them a year or two and suddenly they'll come out like Sega with the old 'winning back your trust' announcement. #7
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So who actually thought a decent micro projector was going to be cheap? #14
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You save money on having no games too. :p

Gosh I hate tribalism based on platforms. #10.2
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TBH the game looked interesting on it's debut. #3
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Well done to all the libertarians out there that have upheld the rights of virtual women. They have created a new world full of freedom and justice, enough so that we now have a case of self-censorship for fears of the social media lynch mob. #12
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Does it matter? That's like crying because you came in 2nd place whilst wiping your tears with those Benjamin Franklins. #33
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When I was a 6yr old kid, I was doing Simpsons Doom. Now that was scary.

This is like some cheap product of the mobile phone type market, where kiddos see it on the app store, and when suddenly something is slightly above average from the usual trudge sludge F2P they're used to, suddenly a title like this is god-tier level. #5.1
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"MechWarrior, is back with the first turn-based BattleTech game"

Interest just flew out the window. Should have been a Mech Commander reboot. #2
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^ WTF, do bots have opinions these days? #3
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Yes, I keep my old stuff so I can one day laugh at my gaming tastes from a decade ago. #10
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Don't care who makes it as long as it's good, also willing to be surprised like Lords of Shadow games. #10
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I think SE tried to be too smart about this, they thought they could get free ride by competing as a platform alternative to Uncharted4 in 2015 then capture the PS4 audience in 2016. Ironically with Uncharted4 delayed they'll be competing with it directly on the same platform at a time when nobody cares anymore.

Honestly if they knew Uncharted4 was a 2016 title SE would have never made deal, except their plans have now blown up in their face. #11
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I have everything running through my receiver and all the basic PS4 functions like D-pad, accept, cancel work through the generic TV remote.

Your receiver must be CEC compliant for the signal to pass-through. #1.4
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