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OK here's some info from what I read:

- Planned March 2015 release
- Costs ~$20,000 USD for the machine
- Two pedal system, step on left or right to turn your character
- Same old controls, lift pedal to go into cover and 2P coop.
- 3 stage vairations: Rampage through a resort, wreck havoc riding on a heli and high speed bike combat
- Masterful and breathtaking scenario
- 2 X 55 inch monitors
- button on gun to chang... #4
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Don't need to reason with the PC elitists, they probably think the original drawn concept art shown 4 years ago in this aspect ratio is one giant conspiracy to get the 360/PS3 to render less. #5.1.1
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It's called "Enable HDMI Device Link".

No need to waste money. #48.1
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Personally I'm not too hooked up on the whole resolution thing, I'm much more critical if the game delivers or not.

But to say you can't see the difference between 900p and 1080p, you must be playing on really bad hardware #41
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The size it's reported to be, it may as well be your breakfast plate. #2.1.1
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You missed the part where this story is tagged with 'FIFA 15'.

Spain + FIFA 15 =? #4.3
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Guys, I'm sure he's referring to the old switching consoles and losing your downloads because of a lack of account system.

Not deleting and redownloading. #2.3
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" "Revelations 2" will see initial release in episodic installments, once a week. Gamers can purchase a season pass up front and have automatic access to every episode as it is released, but they can also buy the whole experience at once after all episodes are out." #2.1.2
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I think it's 1 episode a week (4 weeks) and then the retail release with all episodes on disc. #2.1
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Yes lot's of people will enjoy Alien because the concept is very strong. #4.1.1
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It's not a great game, it's stuck with many unpolished mechanics. Full of tension, but never horror inducing. However at the very least it's playable unlike that disappointing Alien Isolation. #4
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That's a pretty moot point, anything is 'fun' provided it appeals to you. #5
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From your view, I'm only being evasive because I didn't answer it with what you wanted to hear.

In fact you failed to pick up the general theme I made with every single answer to your questions of "Why?".

The short answer is simple: It's because the public doesn't need to know how companies deal with companies, you see it as all irrational except it all becomes rational once you figure out it's profitable or strategically viable... #30.2
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1. Sony doesn't pay for other companies' investments nor comment on information not bound for the public, especially when they too will receive mutual benefits of having the game launch on their platform. Conversely one could throw the same rhetoric at you about why MS or Sony hasn't commented on the lack of 1080p in this game.

2. Why would a developer risk alienating the larger fan base? I don't know, maybe you should ask Eidos about their Tomb Raider 2 game... #30.1
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This isn't DLC, this is a way to get around censorship in Japan. The international version includes this as standard. #1.1
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Although he never admits it, he is a notorious pirate and shows it off here on N4G with his 'worlds best' Trophy score. As you can imagine The Evil Within is his next target. #15.1.1
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Irrelevant to me, the game wasn't going to have any chance for my money until the PS+ edition, so I treat it as not having been released.

The gameplay I tried at TGS a year ago was enough to convince me that it wasn't going to satisfy anyone due to it's half-half arcade to sim approach. #8
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Alien Isolation was my most disappointing game of 2014, such a basic stealth game and they couldn't even implement Alien AI competently and that how do stuff that up when the character's destiny was already pre-written. #41
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Shhhh, there are certain devs/studios you just don't knock, Rockstars a big one and another one that can't do 3's. #22.2
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Haha you are just backing yourself closer to a wall. Did you not read the article? VR features were tested since the PS3 game and only implemented on PC on a basic Beta level that isn't even readily accessible to the public.

Therefore no money has been wasted, because it's already coded into the game.

Cool reading. #2.3
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