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Bought it last week because it was in the bargain bin....oh boy how the reviewers are wrong, the game is good but not great. To pass on this game because supposedly there is no 'gameplay' when clearly there is an average amount to get into is simply wrong. And if not for the gameplay, then sitting through the art work, voice acting and graphics is already worth the ride.

Disservice to the gaming industry to ignore The Order 1886. #16
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Nah it still didn't top Yakuza 2 IMO. It did get back to a lot of the good stuff, but the story with the two protagonists just didn't converge well. #6
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Yes never mind the Xbox version runs at 900p uncapped where as the PS4 is outputted at 1080p with 30fps cap. #2.3
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Oh god, this is exactly how Star Wars fans ruin Star Wars games. They demand playability with everything from vehicles to characters. How about concentrate on getting a game with solid Stormtrooper vs Rebels gameplay first.

The last thing I'd want from Battlefront is a return of the original titles, they were good for the sheer novelty of playing through memorable Star Wars sets, but the gameplay was far from being balanced or intuitive. If anything you can bet big money... #3
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OMG OMG let's all overreact at something we don't know about.

Because RE Revelations 2, a brand new original core title wasn't just release less than 3 months ago.

Clearly HD remasters are hindering new title development. #42
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Gosh people are so quick to react and make judgement, let alone on 37sec clip of cutscene type footage.

DOOM2 was set on Earth, if you were to remake it for today why would it not just look like a post-apocalyptic city? Any deviance to the original look is merely because the original was limited by technology to realize the scope of DOOM2.

Digressing, what's the point of judging it based on so scarce information, if you only played the first hour of DOOM3... #16.1
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"From a financial perspective this is the best choice to make."

From a financial perspective, it's dumb to put all your eggs into one basket. Especially one as volatile as the mobile market. Need I remind anyone, the fate of companies such as Zynga, Rovio, Zeptolab who were all skyhigh unlimited in profit only 1-3 years ago, but are now struggling to find an identity today.

You only need to look at EA Games stocks today to see that it's very... #7.1
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The question is what will that achieve, I have one of those Panasonic cables, but it's just a glorified proprietary USB cable. #2
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There were no space 'battles' in The Empire Strikes Back. #5.1
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This is one of the best in the series, they finally go back to a lot of the things in Yakuza 2 (the best in the series). I just felt overall it was weak in trying to make a story about Majima and Kiryu, I guess they couldn't overstep boundaries of a 'prequel'. #7
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You heard it here first folks, when it hits January 1st 2020, we're all going to wake up and suddenly have the urge to play mobile games. #43
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An easy mistake for Sony to make is hanging too much on showing Uncharted 4 or a Tomorrow Children walkthrough on stage. Those can be pushed on to smaller show events or hands-on floor events. #22
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You can be sure there will be another 99999+ Romance of the Three Kingdom clones. #3
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Nothing, that is what DRM free means. Conversely what you describe is exactly what will happen with Steam. #4.1
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Well then clearly you are a boring photographer. There is nothing to 'avoid' in photography except your own lack of imagination.

If you do not get the appeal, then you have no artistic vision.

...oh yeah I do photography too, do I get to claim false sense authority? #5.2.2
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My friends girlfriend used to stream LoL, as soon as she let slip she had a boyfriend (my friend), her average viewership halved from the week proceeding it.

Just goes to show there are many who use the gaming stream service like some proxy cam-girl service. #6.1.1
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For every 5 big name Kickstarter success stories out there, 100 others will fail and never make it to the front page of the news.

The only thing Kickstarter has proven, isn't that publishers are wrong, but rather you put enough energy into a pitch and there will be someone out there willing to throw you a coin.

Conversely did anyone stop to think that the majority of successful game Kickstarters (let's just take Bloodstained as an example) all had en... #10
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Gosh people, have a closer look at the kickstarter info, this is going to another Mighty No.9 bait 'n switch all over again. Koji Igarashi probably has the most minimal of input into the game and just paid to endorse this thing. The actual developers are not who you think: INTI Creates (Lolwut?).

As if the concept art didn't already raise alarm bells, when was the last time Koji Igarashi made a game that looked like it was made in Flash.

Of course giv... #18
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Sigh, obviously the dev referring to 1080p/60 as a 'starting point' relating to 'power' he was not referring to computational ability alone. What is 'power' anyway? Is power when you have good games? is power when you have a competent network to support features? Is power related to the value of the platform?

Honestly I get a good chuckle when people start debating on 'power', childish at best.

Here watch this The Final Bosman... #13
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This is why I don't subscribe to comic book super hero universes, they don't commit to hard hitting stories except rehash BS fan pandering. I mean FFS, if you're going to res him, DON'T KILL HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE. #21
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