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Good choice, they likely needed an experienced actor for voice work and motion capture.

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If you consider the context of E3 being media/invite only, this is pretty shameful. E3 is the biggest gaming event of the year and you would expect journalists to do their duty to cover all aspects of the event, especially a game that has been featured prominently by a major publisher. It really doesn't matter whether you are interested in the game or not.

But to be honest, i've noticed that the 'English speaking' media has been pretty terrible at reporting...

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Holiday 2017 means the Neo will be 1yr ahead in mind share penetration and price drops. We all know what happened to the 360 when the PS3 was 1yr behind.

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Isn't Mighty No.9 published by Deep Silver?

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VR doesn't belong at an E3 presentation, they can give it an honorable mention and show a clip or two but VR either needs it's own show or be focused on the show floor where people can go hands on. The success of it will be through word of mouth, not through a trailer or some jetlagged overweight man flailing on stage.

It would be a mistake for Sony to dedicate significant time on stage for VR.

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Not sure many people will miss this feature (or were looking forward to it). But surely this would point to a new cheaper Xbox without the HDMI passthrough feature to be announced eventually.

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Funny how you joined this site back in 2007 and yet don't see the patterns of opinion. The users simply follow the dominate platform of the generation, think back 8 years ago and you could easily say N4G was very pro-Xbox, and for good reason: the PS3 didn't get it's crap together.

In otherwords, there are more users of the PS4 here simply because it's the highest selling console and makes most headlines related to the growth of the market. Pretty simple log...

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Easier to be an armchair expert focusing on negativity and criticism than to be constructive and proactive.

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You joined N4G 2hrs ago just to troll? So sad.

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The joke is Overwatch getting away with a lack of content yet at full price. I would suggest people should instead spend their anger at how these publishers are walking over us, but time after time they instead feed off their marketing stunts. And this Gamestop video, no how much you 'hate' on it is still attention to both Overwatch and Gamestop, thus the only loser is you the gamer.

After 20 years of gaming, I am positive that gamers are Masochists. But yeah feed o...

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"they've been creaming off the cash grab microtransactions market"

Sadly Randy Pitchford was right when he said it's "really dangerous for the rest of the industry to allow Valve to win.” some years back.

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Just because you like something doesn't mean it should cost that. Otherwise I'd be OK if Nintendo priced the next Metroid at $200 because that's how much I like it or some mobile gamer pumping in $100 for some crap slots F2P game. The 'cost' discussion should be objective, and logic would say something like Overwatch should not cost $60 as it does not have the content to back it up, and the truth is it started it's life as a F2P model game, so what are we getting that...

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Nintendo have a lot of brand building to do in the next year. They haven't captured my attention in a long time, which is such a contrast to 9 years back when I was willing to pay $450 to scalpers to get a Wii early, times has changed.

But the past can be easily made up if they deliver this time, except with the two generations I can't help but feel skeptical.

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That's what makes Persona games great, 20th century mechanics unmolested by trends and fads.

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UHD + HDMI 2.0 + HDCP 2.2, you can quote me in a few months time.

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This guy knows what he's talking about +1

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"you'll know how 1080p streaming makes a world of difference than 720p streaming"

It's the otherway around with streaming, resolution makes very marginal differences in picture quality. Every difference you see is down to the bitrate of the video stream not the resolution. A 1080p 24mb/s blu-ray video is still miles ahead of a 4K 12mb/s Netflix stream.

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The platinum demo was a throwback to the old days where you got true demos that were self-contained experiences away from the full game. It's all this negativity that we don't get demos like that anymore, instead we get canned demos disguised as mulitplayer "Betas".

To hate on something so honest and rare, you must either hate the hobby of games or are just dead inside.

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Looking at the way you spell, it's you who needs to 'finish first grade'.

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Thanks, I'll go preorder it then.

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