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Doesn't mean it has to be titled 'Prime 4'. The ending is just an element in the universe's story. It's no different to one of the logs making reference to Metroid 1, you can't call them all Prime just because they use elements from other sources.

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After Overwatch winning 2016, it's only natural to choose PUBG.

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How is this domestic abuse when the killer is a robot?

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Nope, many countries have challenged that and personal back ups are very much legal.

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"probably going away on a 5-20 year timeline"

Maybe if you probably bet on something with a long enough timeline it just might sound credible enough to happen.

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For the record, that would mean Dead Space weren't 'linear' either. The missions allowed you to back track to collect resources and there were distinct side-missions.

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They must have pretty f'ked up perspective on the market. If the Dead Space franchise selling millions was not enough to save the business model, then it's not the market that is changing but your budgets that need adjusting.

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"So why they MUST pollute every article of the PS? "

Because it's the only chink in the PS4 armor:

2013 - Shit online - fixed
2014 - No games - fixed
2015 - No USB music/video - fixed
2016 - Not enough horsepower - fixed
2017 - GT Sport won't sell - nekmnit Forza bombs in sales

Easiest to attack PSVR because it's such a niche accessory. But reality is that it's a quiet achiev...

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Would rather they be upfront about the true cost of the game instead of hiding behind convenient season passes, 'director cut' DLC, preorder bonuses and 'expansion' packs.

That way I can choose to see if it is worth my money.

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Here's a hot tip, how about concentrating on making a good game worth $$$ rather than thinking about how to "make a dollar per entertainment hour".

A bit like counting your chickens before they hatch.

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I hope this gains more momentum, it's a big finger to gaming's plague: EA, Activation-Blizzard. Valve.

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I have no problem with it, but it is demeaning. As long as there are consenting fools to be exploited, then anything goes on the internet.

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I'm not sure the concept of 'value for your money' can ever be antiquated.

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My thoughts exactly.

To rub salt on that, it's a multiplayer only game. 10 years time you can bet the game will be dead or in a completely different state.

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People forget that GT in the end is a sports game. Just like FIFA the people that buy those games don't subscribe to N4G, they are different community.

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Indeed, I'll see you on N4G in 5 years time.

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What were people expecting? Like every other Battlefront it's just a bunch of multiplayer maps with bots tied together with some story.

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Haha we see this type of article everytime a new Forza comes out. Rinse and repeat, in 5 years time when Forza 10 is out, you'll see the same debate.

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The course of time will answer that question, and the answer is obvious.

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Ummm...PSVR is one third of the entire VR market share. Yes that $400 dollar thing, has one third of the market where it competes against $2 cardboard and $99 Day Dream.

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