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I've mentioned this before, USB-C doesn't mean anything on recharge times, it's the input ampere. But this makes sense, they want the hardware to last for years with minimal degradation, the best way to protect batteries is to slow down the recharging.

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Generated about $29 mil in market revenue, but that's shared among all partners, publishers, distributors and retailers.

Still a game like this would really cost $10 mil at most because it took so long. I think peoples perception of game budgets have been skewed by AAA titles because they include all that bloated Superbowl type marketing, a Japanese game like this doesn't do that.

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Depends, the current Rainbow Six has nothing to do with the games of the past yet people seem to enjoy it.

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They didn't learn anything from their $349.95 3DS launch price debacle.

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If anyone thinks the game is going to change dramatically, they're going to be bitterly disappointed. You can't patch the inherent structure of the game, if you played it you will know it can make certain sections more streamlined but certainly you would still have to go through some of it because it is part of the story. And also DLC is just DLC, just more of the same content that isn't part of the main game.

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I don't think it's so much 'winning' but more proving to be the leader in the market to everyones benefit. The fact that Lenovo has just debut their headset with an eerily familiar PSVR design speaks leagues about how everyone's eyes are on Playstation.

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You haven't quite grasped what I'm referring to, having some fancy feature still makes Forza a 'game', GT on the other hand has become a multimedia franchise that combines games with real world events. There is good reason why GT continues to sell much more than Forza despite reviewers thinking they did a good job giving a 7 or 8 score, because GT appeals to enthusiasts. This is an audience that games can't be marketed to. Read interviews w...

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This is what reviewers and 'gamers' don't understand, GT has a huge community beyond gaming. There are people who don't identify as gamers or have any interests in games except they play GT simply because they like cars. Similarly there are people only play FIFA because they like Football but not anything else.

Reviewers bang on about how Forza has strong community features built in so they raise that as a positive, but the thing is they don't understand...

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Ive got 3 years of prepaid usage but I have't subscribed in 2 years. That's how non-value adding the service is to me.

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The 'narrative' out side of the game isn't a narrative, it's a back story. The narrative is what you see in game, it's the story Noctis and his fate, not all the other stuff that happens.

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Correct, just under half of this 35billion is from Chinese PC market and we all know well they sure aren't playing the likes Battlefield 1.

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Reasonably quality titles like Hitman, Lara Croft, Deus Ex GO are $5 at launch and often 0.99c on sale. There is no way this Mario game with less content can charge $10.

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Price will be everything, the original 3DS launch was disastrous enough for Iwata to come out apologetically on launch because of that.

If the full bundle's going to more than $299 than it's going to be case of positive reviews all around but no one's going to put the money where their mouth is.

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If you had to argue that based on twisted arm logic of somehow digging up trash and treasure parts and grey market steam keys you've already lost the argument. PC's are mostly better because they're more expensive, it's as simple as that. I bought a EVGA GTX1080 FTW just to play Deus Ex because I wanted the best graphics not because it was cheaper, whilst I always regard PS4 to be a better experience when you consider othe...

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The setup and presentation was excellent, however it was let down by the action focus and ending. That's why when Remedy revealed Quantum Break focusing on action was a disappointment. Remedy should stick to narrative and adventure in their next game, it's their strength.

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The whole Android fragmentation thing is a load of bull crap perpetuated by speculation. Seriously I can name a whole dozen of apps that claim they don't support X version or Y phone, yet when you side-load it they work perfectly. I'm not sure why Android is suddenly treated as it's like super complicated to deal with when Windows software has been dealing with hundreds of thousands of hardware configurations.

The truth is the Apple user base spends more than t...

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Just play the damn game again and enjoy it for the replayability. It's no different to playing a game with multiple endings or story changes due to play styles, stop being so melodramatic about free content.

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C'mon you are making too much sense, obviously it must be a negative completely imaginative reasoning like FF13 causing damage to the franchise for the Japanese.

Otherwise the haters have nothing left....big sales in the west and now they are looking at making Japan sales relevant again just to prove a point.

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Here we go more the same old boring 'back to roots' type comment. If good old turn based type game play is the answer to lifting sales, where is the record breaking World of Final Fantasy sales? Can you remind me when I Am Setsuna sales is going to hit at least 1mil?

So where are these fans?

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Both the last guardian and FF15 were in development for well over 5 years. They're not going to wake up one day to 'screw' people over, why would they screw 95% of the PS4 population... very dumb. It's just the case that both games were destined to not prioritize frame rate in the first place, and seeing the PS4 Pro handle the issue better simply band-aids over the issue.

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