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Dafuq are you on about.

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Square Enix are smashing it these days.

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Apples and Mountain Dew

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This model only works on EA games because they are so insistent on trashing the value of their own games with community splitting DLC, premature sequels and lack of support. May as well move to a subscription base if the game is going to a bargain bin for $5.

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Nope, either you preorder one now or you buy one on auction as soon as possible. Getting one before Christmas will be impossible.

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Didn't have any problems running on GTX1080. Only caveat is if I alt-tab out of the game and it is stuck in windows mode, but that is a none-issue.

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Why do people always cry about a game they won't buy or care about. It's like if you just stopped for one second cleared your mind space of it you'll live just that much longer.

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Far Cry 4 doesn't even belong anywhere in top 500. It's just a generic shooter with some gimmick shock value.

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That's the point, his looks and name (literally number 1) are contrast to the characters backstory of a dumpster childhood and good for nothing lifestyle.

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I'd rate Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 4 the lowest for gameplay. They both had bullet sponging invincible side-steping enemies, that's just not acceptable especially with Uncharted 4 being such a late game. Uncharted 2 had the best balance but Uncharted 3 just had a perfect aiming system but spoiled a bit by slight input lag, 3D was amazing though.

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That's extremely high for a RPG. You look at something like Witcher 3 and the completion rate on PS4 is around 30-40%.

Just goes to show despite the haters, there is a silent majority who simply enjoyed the game.

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At the PS Experience we will see Last of Us 2. No one will care about hardware.

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The 'Prime' discount was a scam to begin with, before that they offered 20% discount for all preorders irrespective of being a Prime member. You'd think by being a paid Prime member your discount would be cross-subsidised by other members...but I guess this is what happens when a monopoly realises it no longer needs to compete against themselves.

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FIFA is important for handheld. There are communities that absolutely love playing it on Vita that they hacked the game to fuse FIFA 17 rosters with FIFA 15.

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They went with the cheapest possible obsolete screen for their console, that no one else will buy. That means for every year that passes it gets more and more expensive to keep a factory running specifically to make outdated screens for a single client. That single client will then naturally drop price of the console and further squeeze the profit margins (or increase losses to look at it another way).

Business 101, who's surprised?

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I'm just laughing at all the haters back in 2015 who could apparently judge the game based on 1-2 secs of cutscene and the game having a close camera to the character.

Who could guess that maybe reserving judgement until more concrete info would be such a hard thing to do.

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If it is like the Evolution remakes with more side-quests, artwork fixes, full voice work etc then yes.

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I don't really like "the other guy reviewed it" excuse when it comes to reviews. Reviews are editorials, period. If they are not skimmed through by a head editor, then either the website has consistency issues or it should be downgraded to a blog. Nothing wrong with an opinion piece rebutting a websites own content, but opinion pieces should be labelled as such and reviews are most definitely editorials otherwise there is no integrity in journalism.

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I hope this sends signals to other developers out there to try new IPs.

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It really doesn't matter how 'powerful' a platform is, if ti doesn't nurture the right culture of developers you end with trash games after more garbage. Just look at the recent SuperData Research on top 10 games and compare it to the 'old' consoles.

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