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Character design screams battle royale incoming. But EA Games couldn't possibly be interested in that....

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You can't imagine all the bullcrap spin stories about this and that ethics 'n morals? I mean GTA got hammered for what it wasn't but fortunately it was a popular enough game for people to smell through the trash, this I can't imagine anyone raising their hand to spell the truth given subject matter.

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He put all his eggs in one basket for a quick buck. And this is what happens.

Should've started with something simple to build a brand for his studio first, like a spiritual successor to Jazz Jackrabbit.

Now he has lost reputation, made a soulless game nobody wanted and has taken two steps back.

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I don't think Sony has the appetite for another handheld. The audience has moved on and I say this as one of the first Vita owners from 2011.

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Mines still sealed in the box, won't open it till Metroid.

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Bingo, they need to create real content and unlocks, not pad the game with different variants of the same arrows.

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Yes, all the little bits teased in Manking Divided are pretty big.

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Fundamentally had the mix to be a good game, but it was simply not a finished game. You look at the history of Free Radical around 2008 and there was no way it could've lived up to the hype.

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Not really if you look at the big picture, selling and distributing programs to assist in cheating is conspiracy to cause economic loss. The culture of cheating breaks the ability of PUBG to operate as a game, which is loss of money.

Sometimes you've just got to praise Chinese law enforcement for their no bullcrap policy of calling things out.

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Yep exactly, N4G can bitch all they want. The negative signals are falling on deaf ears.

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"Some" willing? I think you'll find the minority is the gaming community with the rest the majority. Their stock prices don't lie, people are buying their games by the truck load.

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There you go a confirmation that Battlefront Elite Squadron is Battlefront 3 but salvaged. I remember all the dumbarses who tried to deny the bleeding obvious.

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Sea of Thieves missing the mark as a MMO is because it's not an MMO.

Just food for thought for the day, enjoy.

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Here comes all the Nintendo apologists. Not sure what sick logic you need to over come the fact that if you put a UNIVERSAL serial bus port in a product it's a basic expectation that your devices shouldn't be harmed so as long as it's not shoddy made one.

If Nintendo were truly worried about infringements to IP (ie unlicensed products), then why didn't they put a proprietary port. You can't have it both ways, it's not as if Nintendo isn't already pa...

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Eye of Judgement is 4D, if you define the 4th dimension as space/time, then the fact that you have physical objects that can be played and manipulated outside of the running game is 4D.

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Very sad that it takes a President to make an executive order to ban an accessory. What happened to Congress? What do they even get paid for?

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All Google products are a failure, not because they aren't innovative or appealing but because Google loves abandoning things or have last minute shooting one's own foot sessions.

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"about $2 billion of the revenue from microtransactions came from King"

Well it basically means microtransactions in full price games didn't make more money than selling games. Because all King games are free, so you can assume 99% of other sales are attributed to selling games.

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Buying any big publishers portfolio doesn't fix the first party problem, it just robs everyone's chance to play 3rd party.

Nothing is solved, what was available as 3rd party will now be a sticker on the cover saying 1st party. There is no value to the Xbox owner.

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Yes, I've heard Last of Us in documentaries, Gravity Rush in commercials and Uncharted in almost everything.

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