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Why even bother with speculation on reasons when the reason is right there: Sony haven't released a dedicated 4K disc player.

There is no reason why Playstation should damage the brand of Sony Electronics, by undercutting themselves by price. When the Sony Electronics division release their reference and ratify properly Dolby Vision, then Playstation has room to move. All blu-ray players are not made equally they are different in playback quality despite what people thi...

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They can be if they just stop screwing people or screwing themselves.

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They did a good job on headlight rendering.

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Critics and haters were hung up way too much on the 'stealth' sections of Lord of Shadows 2, I had a preconception before playing the game that it was going to be horrendous so I was constantly guessing where it was in the game. After playing through 80% of it I finally Youtube'd it because I didn't notice anything wrong, and really once I knew what IGN et al were talking about it's a real shame.

Really wasn't fair Mercury Steam got bashed for things...

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It's polygon, even if they were playing a mobile endless runner game, they will find a way to run backwards.

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Many people are confused why there is no UHD drive and it's pretty simple if you stop looking at Sony as just Playstation and look at it as an electronics conglomerate.

They have yet to release a standalone UHD player and have not fully adopted things like Dolby ATMOS nor VISION. It makes little sense for them to launch the product on Playstation first. A standalone player is not due until 2017 at the minimum and they are more interest in looking into HDR.

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I think you went full retard there.

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Early release and price is always an advantage over features that the mainstream can't differentiate.

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You are all forgetting that this will be $349 by the end of next year. People shout at clouds that they want more power but don't want to pay more than $399 for it, and this is what you get. The sales numbers don't lie, and Sony would be stupid to not play that strategy of ticking the price box.

These are good specs for the price, there's no question. I would easily accept it if this was $599 again, as I'd rather pay for something good, but I'd never den...

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That's not how history went, people are so quick to accept that features were 'removed' from the PS3 on subsequent models. When really how can you call features removed when the base 20gb model never got BC, only had 2 USB, no memory card slot, no Wifi and no shiny finish? The launch 60gb that everyone uses as the golden standard, was and always had been a premium model.

But to go with the perspective that a Slim model must mean removed features, the PS3 Slim h...

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And this day has finally come. That's why I snatched used ones 5 months back for $10.

30d ago 5 agree1 disagreeView comment's looking more and more like a mobile SoC

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No need, there's The Playroom for that and it is free to download.

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Let's face reality here, the real point of the Neo is to turn the standard PS4 into a price leader hence the minimization of the slim. I would not be surprised if it goes $199 with 500gb by the end of next year and at that price I'm not sure how anyone can compete unless they have some serious software lineup.

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Don't care how much it is, if the quality is good then they can charge anything, but as it stands it was already $49.99 too much let alone $59.99.

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Might be a shit MGS game, but ignoring that it could be a good base building survival game. Because TBH the only base building survival games are indie or low budget titles, there are no AAA focused ones.

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The game was riding on space travel hype 2 or so years ago introduced by Star Citizen, when simply 'jumping' in your ship and flying away was enough to warrant applause from the crowd. The reality is that this is an indie game through and through, a game based on a thought bubble at best, intriguing enough for just one weekend perhaps.

Perhaps if it was sold at the usual $10,15,20 price tag on every other indie game, it would be decent, but instead it's a full $...

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Is this actually a trend or a 'self-fulfilled prophecy'?

Take a look at every other platform: PC, Mobile etc

Now tell me, if not for digital, what options are there to purchases physically.

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What makes you think VR will make the game feel 'lacking', RE6 was already lacking by simply being a core focused game.

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Just because it's on Ebay doesn't mean it's sold for that money. Many bidders are trolls and digital products are not protected by Paypal so scammers can take accounts without paying anything.

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