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It really doesn't matter how 'powerful' a platform is, if ti doesn't nurture the right culture of developers you end with trash games after more garbage. Just look at the recent SuperData Research on top 10 games and compare it to the 'old' consoles.

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I've got 3 copies of the game.

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The NES is discontinued, that's why Think Geek can bundle in stuff at that price. No other reputable store will have it.

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That top 10 list....

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Well you can either pay them ~$200 with the NES and some included garbage and guarantee yourself a clean brand new console or you can pay $300+ on Ebay and risk dealing with a scalper.

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This generation has been slower than I thought in heating up. Considering these consoles are supposed to be 'easier' to program for and the online network has matured through last generation, I would have thought there'd be megatons almost quarterly.

Still better late than never, PS4 is still rocking and it does't look like they're giving up!

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You're asking N4G to read beyond the headline...tough call.

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You are right, Persona 4 is much superior to 5 in almost every way from characters to story. Persona 5 is more refined in presentation but that is to be expected from a game that has basically 10 years on Persona 4.

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What I'm saying is the original movie shots which is ultra wide screen is a 'bigger' frame than the 16:9 and 4:3 than what we have standard on televisions.

What you see 'letter box' is the shrinking of the larger picture to fit in our television screens, not the otherway around, there is no cropping. 1886 you are seeing more picture than if it were a 16:9 game, because FOV has been adjusted for the movie aspect ratio. The downfall of fitting it on 1080p ...

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And it is about time Nintendo realized their roots as a toy company comes first, they are making big bucks now because they finally got over the stigma Iwata left about licensing out their IPs. Disney's done the same game plan and they've doubled their stock price since, I'm sure Nintendo will be next.

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That's incorrect, movies are not shot on 16:9 ratio, movies are 1.85:1 and 2.39:1. Letter boxing exists because TV formats are 16:9 and 4:3, this then allows those movie ratios to be viewed without stretching or zooming.

When you correctly shoot a movie at 1.85:1 and 2.39:1, you aren't seeing less picture compared to 16:9 or 4:3. People often mistake seeing black bars are seeing less picture, but in reality the movie ratio means the camera lens used is ultra wide an...

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This guys gone senile, he comes out of his hole every year around this time and makes the same completely irrelevant blanket statement. Has really become a big wank now, just like Peter Molyneux, all talk and nothing to show for it decades after initial success,

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This is a spin article, Ebay isn't targeting SNES scalpers, it's been a policy years that you cannot list items that you can't deliver in 30 days. By August you will see these flood Ebay soon enough.

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This topic is getting bigger for really no reason.

Why are we talking about 'cross-play' as it's some sort of universal feature, when every platform is only making token efforts towards this.

Until you have 'cross-play' in games people really care about, and you well damn know which games I am talking about, then the whole feature is just drop listing games for the sake of arguments.

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Playstation doesn't need Mobile, because Sony is taking care of Mobile. They've made their millions with Aniplex and now are proceeding with Forward Works.

Playstation does what it wants to do, whilst their parent company nickel and dimes the dumbass casuals. This is a good balance, no need to dilute the brands.

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Sega Forever is designed to tap in to emerging markets where F2P is dominant. In China a ghastly version of Contra is a top downloaded game, simply because it is 'free', Sega have clearly identified there is a market on mobile for retro type games.

For consoles and PC, the market is OK paying some money for retro titles, the same cannot be said about mobile. If you can't identify these trends, you shouldn't making the suggestion. Mobile is the best place to laun...

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Stop taking the bait from this joker. He is definitely in the 'concern troll' category, comment intentions are never about the topic. He will flip flop, goal post move as long as it is pointed squarely at Sony.

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Awful 'trailer' because 5 minutes long video is not a 'trailer'. But there is nothing wrong with the game, will be another fine addition to the genre.

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People should start considering who breathes down his neck. Nadella has never been a fan of the Xbox division since day 1, his focus and turn around on Microsoft is to reduce the old style of big investments to make products and instead do smaller products that sell as a service.

Now think about the Xbox transformation: console and PC on one platform, Xbox game subscription, less focus on singleplayer and more on repeatable multiplayer content......


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This is one of those 'limbo' development hell games, but they may as well just release.

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