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You live under a rock or something?

Around 13% of people in the US have been defined as living 'below the poverty line'. That means their daily income does not afford them basic necessities. That's 40 million people living in the worlds biggest economy who are living at 3rd world country standards.

I'm not some lefty socialist, but that is pretty disgraceful considering the US has several companies bigger than countries in this world.

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Incredible turnaround, stock prices were as low as $8 back in 2012, but now at peak 90's level.

This is what happens when you have a CEO that cares about the company and not some schmuck who's just there to make money.

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It's bad, but Destiny has been designed with unethical game design from the beginning in true Activision style.

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Ahh the big fat giant woolly mammoth in the room, it really needs to be said.

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Hahaha the 'towers'. They'll probably put some other artificial progression limiting device like memory unlocking artifacts or random outposts etc

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We call these 'stealth trolls' or 'concerned trolls', they masquerade as someone trying to discuss things but are actually trying to steer things towards the negativity. Come the same topic on their preferred platform you will see the goal posts move.

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Amazon doesn't charge for preorders, only when shipped. So there is no risk of locking in a price as you can cancel at anytime.

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Lmao Gamingbolt, they got everyone triggered.

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Just a sad state of gaming that the premier title is a low rent multiplayer game with superliminal microtransactions.

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I can understand personal satisfaction but reading this article makes me think he has some recognition obession.

Also Sony does't owe recognition to anyone who just consumes product, they thank fans equally and all are welcome to the numerous shows around the world. If he truly wants Sony's attention then he can start with something more constructive.

I don't even play 1% of his games but Sony has before invited me to a few closed door events...

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This is always the case with mobile games: there's a huge influx of players, players play then realise it's an extremely shallow excuse of a game and more of a slot machine and finally players who refuse to pay drop off leaving the fat whales still playing for god knows why.

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Discontinuing it was a brilliant move, the fact that all you guys are groveling about it is exactly why they did it. They will re-announce this pre-Christmas and you will buy one.

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...And then in years time when you think back how and when gaming took a wrong turn, you can remember games like Overwatch.

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What can I say, they make quality products. Hard to not have them at least on your comparison list.

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Currently playing it and I think compared to the Japanese dialogue it is about 85% accurate. Best example is Ann's English script feels more bratty compared to the Japenese she speaks, which should be not be the case because her true personality is more reserved compared to her juxtaposed foreigner image (Japanese perceive blonde hair as rebellious).

Another thing is the quiz questions related to Japanese idioms are completely impossible because you cannot know meanings...

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'Victim of success' is a saying, it doesn't mean it's a bad thing. Success can build reputation for something but have unforeseen consequences in forcing you down a path. This article talks about had the devs and fans not been fixated on using Banjo as a model Yooklaylee could have been improved in many areas.

Call of Duty is the perfect example, I am sure the developers are more than capable but when it's main audience expects certain things from it, th...

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Time to start now then, Falcom have been making JRPG for 35 years for good reason.

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You sound like you've never heard of Falcom nor the 'Trails' franchise.

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Having Persona 5 as one last big game is a good way to send it off.

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Looks like a good package, price will be the only barrier.

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